The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) and Islamic Relief USA - two American-based groups - have announced a new joint “boots on the ground” initiative in Greece to help non-white invaders get “asylum” in Europe.

(The New Observer)

According to a press release issued jointly by the Muslim Islamic ReliefUSA (IRUSA) and the Jewish HIAS, the two groups “today announced a joint initiative to provide legal services” to the invaders in Greece who are trying to get into western Europe.

“Islamic Relief USA is honored to be partnering with such an esteemed and effective organization like HIAS to protect refugees who are in great need of assistance,” said IRUSA President Anwar Khan.

“Our shared values have always been to help some of the most vulnerable populations around the world. With recent incidents of people not gaining access to essential services, and many of them having their rights violated, we will work to put a stop to these disturbing trends and promote the legal rights of all refugees.”

The statement said that in “Athens and on the island of Lesvos, this interfaith partnership will ensure that the most vulnerable refugees in Greece benefit from legal assistance, strategic litigation, and advocacy to advance refugee rights.

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“The HIAS-IRUSA partnership will help refugees navigate the constantly changing asylum procedures, increasing limitations on movement and employment opportunities, lack of police protection, and inadequate medical and mental health services that are available to them.”

President and CEO of HIAS, Mark Hetfield, was quoted as saying that “HIAS is incredibly appreciative of Islamic Relief USA’s partnership.

“Acting on the tenets of our faiths and historical experiences, HIAS and IRUSA are uniquely positioned to address together the mounting risks faced by refugees in Greece, and potentially offer a valuable model for similar joint efforts.”

HIAS Board Member Sandra Spinner celebrated the teaming up of the two groups, saying that this “powerful alliance between Jews and Muslims demonstrates our shared commitment to refugees. In this time of divisiveness, I am pleased that we have come together to address the critical needs of the refugees in Greece.”

HIAS and IRUSA have been collaborating to advance refugee rights for several years. In June 2017, IRUSA honored HIAS with its Courage Award. Upon accepting the award in Washington, D.C., Hetfield noted, “All the Abrahamic faiths are united by the value of hospitality and welcoming the stranger as ourselves, for we were all once strangers in a strange land.”

* This “welcoming the stranger” does not apply in the Jews-only ethnostate of Israel, where that government refused to take in any Syrian “refugees” at all, built a wall to keep all non-Jews out, and has started with a program to deport around 40,000 African invaders who entered that country before its walls were complete, back to Africa.

It seems that IRUSA has no problem with this blatant Jewish hypocrisy, and is quite content to co-operate when it comes to destroying Europe through mass Third World immigration.




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