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On the anniversary of the death of Heinrich Himmler, both the Daily Mail and the Mirror have articles about the bravery and devotion of his daughter. 

Of course they refer to this bravery as evil and hatred and so on. But the girl truly does have an amazing heart, which should serve as an inspiration to all of us. Gudrun Burwitz, who was once called Gudrun Himmler, remains defiant and unbroken.

The children of Rudolf Hess, Martin Bormann and others turned their backs on their fathers and denied their legacies. Gudrun did not.

Seventy years after her father, Heinrich Himmler, allegedly killed himself with a cyanide tablet after being captured by British troops, she continues to defend him.

From the time of his death when she was 14, she kept a scrapbook of every newspaper picture she could find of him.

She still have a manuscript, which she says demolishes the lies told about her noble father, which remains unpublished, presumably because it would be illegal to publish it.

To this day, she works to help the German and other Axis victims of Allied aggression evade torture and imprisonment.

She runs an organization called Stille Hilfe – “Silent Help” – which has help SS soldiers escape to South America.

In 2010, the organization paid for the legal defense of Samuel Kunz, an SS man accused of murdering 437,000 Jews at Belzec.

She also recently helped Dutch SS man Klaas Carel Faber live out his life and die peacefully in bed.  He died in 2012 in Germany, never extradited.

To this day she denies the official story of her father’s death, saying that the picture of him dead had been altered.

(Daily Stormer)

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