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Anton Drexler founded the German Workers’ Party (DAP), which preceded the NSDAP. In the early years he mentored Adolf Hitler, who would take over the leadership of the NSDAP.

Dear Colleagues,

It is a workmate who is speaking to you — one who still stands at the lathe.

What he has to say to you might seem rather strange and surprising, since it sounds very different to what you are accustomed to hear. I am a socialist like yourselves, and want manual workers to gain equality with other creative groups, as well as the annihilation of layabouts and drones, and the confiscation of profits earned without work or effort.

I still hope for a true and just form of socialism, the salvation of the working masses, and the freeing of creative mankind from the chains of exploitative capitalism.

But I am convinced that we are not on the right path to reach this goal.

Many of our leaders are indeed honest men, and want the best for the workers. But there are also a number who are in the service of a foreign power.

They have used the workers’ movement as an instrument for certain special interests. They have used the workers’ organisations as a bodyguard for unproductive stock exchange and loan capitalism. As a result of my investigations, I am convinced:

That there is a secret work conspiracy which, while speaking much about humanity and tolerance, in reality wants only to harness the people to a new yoke;

That a number of workers’ leaders, being big capitalists, belong to this group;

That 300 big bankers, financiers and press barons, who are interconnected across the world, are the real dictators; they belong almost exclusively to the „chosen people“; they are all members of this same secret conspiracy, which organises world politics, namely, the international Lodge Of Freemasons; their aim is


These bank and stock exchange dictators do nothing openly, for they have their agents in the workers’ movement, and they pay them well. They turn the people’s resentment, from against themselves, onto the small property owners, the factory owners, and the farmers, who with all their money could hardly pay the interest owing to the big bankers. The House Of Rothschild alone owns more capital than all of German heavy industry together.

When will we finally see through the false friends of our movement? The Jewish big capitalist always plays our friend and dogooder; but he only does it to make us into his slaves. The trusting worker is going to help him to set up the world dictatorship of Jewry. Because that is their goal, as it states in the Bible: All the peoples will serve you, all the wealth of the world will belong to you. In the Talmud it says: A time is coming when every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

Comrades, do you want to be Jewish slaves?

An end to false pride! We workers always give it out that we have created all human culture with our bare hands. But is that right? What about teachers, inventors, artists, researchers and technicians?

Are the middle classes, the bourgeoisie, and the farmers not productive? And do they not also suffer under the dictatorship of big capital, just like us? Would it not make more sense to offer them our hand and together turn on our common enemy? It is the particular trick of the capitalist exploiters that they are able to play the workers and the bourgeoisie off one against the other, and thereby keep them powerless.

Shake off your Jewish leaders, and those in the pay of Judas! And one final point: Do not expect anything from Bolshevism. It does not bring the worker freedom. In Russia the eight hour day has been abolished. There are no more workers’ councils. All cower under the dictatorship of a hundred government commissars, who are nine tenths Jewish.

Bolshevism is a Jewish swindle.

Anton Drexler, toolmaker,



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