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The typical SS Corner showing the family chest which is filled with cherished family and SS mementos. 

Upon the chest in the centre is the Jul Earthenware Candlestick with two Jul Plates, and to one end the Family Book; behind the chest is a wall drape with beautiful traditional motifs; the chest is made to the requests of the family, and can be encountered with carved Runic Symbols

The home of an SS Man should be recognizable through its SS corner which is set aside for special celebrations of his family. In this corner all those things should be kept which remind us of our higher duties. From this Jul corner and SS corner a happy and strong glow should envelope the whole house and all the people living in it. In this corner all those things should be kept which strengthen the voice of our blood and the duties to land and Folk, everything that demonstrates our beliefs.

The corner should be dominated by the family chest, holding any family heirlooms and the different decorations which are used during the year. A small table may be used at first, but gradually every family should have its own chest.

The Jul Earthenware Candlestick stands on the chest all year round, surrounded by the Jul Plates, one for each member of the family, which are being used for all the yearly celebrations as well as for birthdays, weddings, and the day of death. At times the Jul Plates are replaced by the Jul Wheel, which is used for holding the Tree Of Life, Advent Wreath, Easter Wreath, May Wreath, Solstice Wreath, and Harvest Wreath. The wall behind the chest should be hung with the picture of The Leader and the Reich Leader of the SS, family pictures and ancestor's names, memorabilia of war times. The large SS Runes the handsome Swastika must be there, too.

Source: SS Family Handbook – F. Weitzel SS Lieutenant General.