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A weighty year of German history is at an end. The mighty uniqueness of the events, its revolutionary significance for the future development of mankind, will in its full magnitude first be known to later generations.

But we who experience this era cannot resist the impression that the governing of Providence is stronger than the intent and will of individual human beings. The gods do not only strike blind those destined to perish, rather also force those called upon by Providence to strive for goals that initially lie far outside their original own wish.

When the German folk, after years of collapse, morally most deeply humiliated, economically impoverished and decayed, united by National Socialism, found the path of its rejuvenation, leadership and folk were determined to shape the nation’s future through the means of peaceful work and through the appeal to the others’ sense of justice.

But already before the assumption of power took place in the year 1933, the Reich’s enemies proclaimed in numerous written and oral proclamations their decision to want to prevent any resurrection of the German folk by all means. After January 30, 1933, they immediately put this warning into action. Without any reason, only out of their infernal hatred against the German folk, they began with their new, wild agitation and called for a boycott of not only German wares, but, above all, also of German man. The democratic newspapers of even the smallest lands viewed it as their privilege to cover the leading men of this folk with insulting expressions, to either mock or slander the regime and to incite to military acts of violence against the Reich.

Every attempt for an agreement, or even an armaments limitation, was rejected with rage and scorn by the criminal elements of the capitalist democracies. Every demand for the German folk’s equal rights was refused with unconcealed cynicism. For fifteen years, they had previously undertook to hold down democratic Germany, which only whined for mercy anyway - instead of demanding its right - and plundered and extorted it with the whole ruthlessness of plutocratic, political and economic swindlers. The new Germany, which was determined not to tolerate any longer this blackmail leading folk and land to total ruin, hence awakened special rage and hatred. Unprincipled emigrants joined with Jewish parasites leaving the Reich, accused the German folk and its leadership, and thereby helped to produce that psychosis, which sooner or later had to lead to war.

For centuries, a few folks - at their top the English - have ravaged the world with their wars and robbed by force whatever they could get their hands on, subjugated and impoverished folks of millions and in this manner built their so-called world empires out of blood and tears. So they established that world order, which, according to their own equally ice-cold as well as scornful description, consists of haves and have-nots. Although they themselves are actually in possession of the great natural resources of the world, they do not even manage, in the process, to become master over the distress in their own folks. In states which have to feed hardly ten people per square kilometer, which call all the world’s raw materials their own, there are ten and twelve million unemployed, this means, people excluded from human happiness, and this that only because creed, corruption, lethargy, but also the stupidity of the rulers in these plutocratic democracies reject all methods and measures that could impose inhibitions upon the boundless egoism of the individual in favor of the life of the totality.

These elements, who as leading political personalities in the democratic lands are simultaneously also owners and shareholders of the armaments industries, further believed - and still believe it today - that war brings with it the greatest business opportunities. Above all, a long war. For it lies in their capitalist interest to amortize the investments of their monies over the longest time possible. So it is understandable, if, for example, one of the chief armaments industrialists in England, the now deceased Mr. Chamberlain, from the first day on immediately declared that this war for England must last at least three years. So it is understandable, if other democratic rulers likewise see in the economic side of participation in the war the greatest chance for their lands and make no bones about it that they hate any peace through agreement, this means, a reasonable balance of the interests of the folks, because this would remove from the dividend hungry armaments interested parties the substantial prerequisites. These democratic hypocrites are totally indifferent toward the folks themselves, however, today just like previously. So it is also understandable that my attempt in the year 1939 to prevent the outbreak of war with France and England received in the whole democratic world not only icy rejection, rather triggered a downright furious storm of indignation.

For them, the capital meanwhile invested in armaments factories was at risk as well as the concern to see profits melt away again due to the absence of additional orders. In order to mask their intentions in the process, they had to organize with the help of their press an incomparable campaign of lies and of making stupid. For if the folks would comprehend that this war was not necessary at all, that neither England nor France had received the slightest demand, then the danger could raise that the folks, having regained their sight, would hold their democratic spoilers themselves accountable. So one had to, and still must, approach the folks with the equally stupid as infamous lie that the German Reich or Italy wanted to conquer the world, while, in reality, the actually already existing world conquerors needed wars in order for their capital to bear even more interest than previously.

These world conquerors, however, are precisely those states that declared war against Germany. Germany itself has not made the slightest demand to either France or to England. Still on October 6, 1939, I invited France and England, together with Germany, to lay down the weapons, and instead of destroying and making bleed dry the Europe continent in the interest of extra-European factors, to strive for a reasonable reconstruction in shared work. This remained futile.

We thereby entered the now ended year. It hence also belonged to the practices of the democratic war criminals to portray any German step for peace to their folks as weakness from the start. When we for years left the constant democratic agitation attacks unanswered, one declared Germany did not dare in enter into even a controversy with the powerful states of the west. When the constant war threats found no reply from Germany, one said this is a sign and that Germany is unable, as a result of its internal weakness, to wage a war at all. When we left the boycott agitation, the continued attacks against German consulates, the tearing down of German flags etc. unanswered, one tried to explain this as a sign of the rejection of the present regime by the German folk.

When finally the war was supposed to begin, my final efforts to preserve peace were dismissed with the triumphant cry that it had now been proven that Germany was unarmed and that one could hence now or never destroy it with ease. Yes, when finally the first of the states sent ahead by the democratic arsonists, Poland, was beaten and destroyed in eighteen days and Germany again expressed its wish for peace, then precisely proof was seen precisely in this peace yearning that Germany itself was in doubt and looked ahead with trembling fear to the British-French attacks in the west. That was how it was, and so it is still today. Whether we undertook our peace steps in 1939 and 1940 out of fear or out of a sense of responsibility, has meanwhile been sufficiently clarified world historically. The year 1940 has brought decisions such as had never before taken place in the history of folks in the similar magnitude and tempo.

Mr. Churchill’s attempt through surprise to firmly establish himself in Norway, which, thanks, above all, to his talkativeness, came to our knowledge at precisely the right hour, led to the collision in this land.

In a few weeks, the German Wehrmacht, our soldiers, solved this problem. Although the French and English invasion troops - under the most unfavorable conditions for Germany - where utterly defeated there, too, and driven out of Norway, British propaganda, above all, managed to portray the fight for Norway as a German failure, yes, to see in it downright proof for the inadequate equipment of the German soldier, for the lack of striking force of German formations, for the poor leadership of the German Wehrmacht and for the declining morale of the German folk.

So deceived and swindled, the Allies, in the beginning of May, went about occupying initially Belgium and Holland in order to carry the war to the German border. On May 10th, the German Wehrmacht opposed these tricks, filled with the decision to now force the final decision in the west. Already five days brought Holland to capitulation, after another ten days, the Belgian army laid down its arms. Six weeks after the beginning of the western offensive, however, there was no longer a French army that would have been in the position to still offer some kind of resistance. If the British propagandists try to present the situation as if France had broken off the war totally unnecessarily, then only the following is to be said to this:

The first formations that broke off the fighting were the English divisions. From the moment of our attack in the west, this British army had only one thought, to evacuate the continent as quickly as possible and, for this purpose, to secure the necessary cover by Dutchmen, Belgians and Frenchmen. Just as a few weeks earlier it had viewed the Norwegian army in Norway only as the guard troop for its own retreat, so now its allies in France and Belgium. When the French government requested peace, there was no longer any French troop, but, above all: there had long already been no English one. Precisely it had, while France still fought, as the first quickly tried to flee via Dunkirk. Otherwise as well, the propaganda house of lies of the democratic war agitators collapsed over the course of this historical conflict. While a few weeks earlier they still assured that there were over a million Englishmen on the continent, it then turned out that instead of a million it was 12 ½ divisions. So did they deceive their own people and the folks of their allies.

The campaign in the west proved not only for another seeing world, rather also for the German leadership and the German folk, the quality of the new German Wehrmacht. The German soldier is today, to a heightened degree, what he always had been. Army, navy, Luftwaffe and SS-formations competed with each other in action and in accomplishments. Leadership was up to the highest demands. The valor of the German man was, as in all times, sublime above all praise. Just the homeland as well has a large share in this mighty success. All organizations of party and state proved themselves to the maximum.

Numerous helpers stood in the service of our war conduct. In addition to the huge organizations of the Reich Work Service, of the Organization Todt, of the SA, of the Reich Air Defense Federation etc., there were the no less large ones of the Red Cross as well as of the National Socialist welfare formations. The War Winter Aid Work 1939/40 is a document of a social folk community such as nothing similar exists on earth. The War Winter Aid Work 1940/41 will - this can be stated already today - only reinforce this impression. Just the Work Front in the homeland as well has carried out huge achievements. At the top stands here the army of millions of our armaments workers and of our rural populace, and, above all, the army of millions of women active in the war.

Immediately after the end of the campaign in the west, I again directed - this time to England - the wish to end the senseless war and spare Europe and its inhabitants the further suffering of such a conflict. The reply corresponded to the interests of those who gave it. A wave of rage and indignation gripped the capitalist war profiteers of all democracies, the idea of an agreement of folks, which would have ended their war and armaments business with a single blow, agitated them so much that the British main speakers dismissed the idea of a war end with that hatred and rage with which the finance giants fight in every era, when their most sacred good that they possess in this world is touched, namely the interests of their capital.

And if they now promise their folks, gradually becoming restless, that, after the war, they will also not be disinclined to stand up for something like folk community, or to concern themselves with the interests of their own impoverished masses, then this only proves the unscrupulousness of these democratic war criminals, with which they promise, at least for the future, something that they have never known in the past, and do not know in the present, rather so hate that they have for this reason declared war against Germany.

Hence the war now finds its continuation to the destruction of these responsible elements. That the German Wehrmacht is good, it has proven, but that it will be even better in the coming months, is our decision. It will be achieved with fanatical conscientiousness and with tireless industriousness.

The year 1941 will see the German army, the German navy and Luftwaffe assemble with mighty reinforcement and improved equipment. Under its blows, the last slogans of the war criminals will collapse and hence the prerequisites finally set in for a real agreement of folks.

National Socialists!

Your know the history of our struggle. Here as well, certain strata first had to be eliminated before a real cooperation of people in our land could take place. Externally, it is no different, unfortunately. The democratic war interested parties, who for many decades put the world in turmoil and plunged the folks into ever new crises, must be destroyed!

It is our unshakeable decision to let this trial take place so that Europe again finds its internal peace. Whatever may set in, Germany will take with cool determination all steps that are necessary for the achievement of this goal. Any power that feeds from these democracies will die from it. If Mr. Churchill and his international democratic comrades declare today that they defend their world and that their world cannot exist next to ours, then this is only their own misfortune. The German world, just like the Italian one, has overcome the era of the privileges of a few plutocratic capitalists and replaced it with the era of the folk. If Mr. Churchill and his capitalist entourage now declare they are not able to live in such a world, then they will thereby destroy not the German world, rather their own will sooner or later collapse in order to give freedom to their own folks there as well.

In the struggle of plutocratic privileges against National Socialist folk rights, the latter will be successful! In this faith, we enter into the year 1941.

On our side stands, since the beginning of June of this year, Fascist Italy. It is just as determined as we are to take up and carry out the war declared by a stubborn democratic upper stratum against the Italian folk. Its struggle is also our struggle, its hopes are ours.

The belief of the war makers to be able to somewhat change the outcome of the conflict through individual actions is childish. Mr. Churchill has already won a large number of so-called “victories”, which later always revealed themselves as his failures. Mr. Churchill, after all, was also the man who suddenly invented unrestricted air warfare as the great secret of British victory. For three and a half months, this criminal had German cities hit with bombs in night attacks, dropped firebombs on peasant villages and - as the inhabitants of the Reich capital know, designated especially hospitals as targets. That the German Luftwaffe did not respond for three and a half months, confirmed in the brain of this man the opinion that he now finally had the method in which he was superior to Germany and with which the German Wehrmacht could not reply to him. For three and a half months, I looked on at this human cruelty, which militarily was just nonsense.

However, again and again with the warning that one day retaliation would come. The democratic arsonists only had their old, well-known laughter for this warning. They spoke of the “charming war” that “made happy” and “on which one could only congratulate everyone”. They brought detailed English portrayals of the effect of their bombs on the German economy etc.. The sole effect of these attacks was just the gradually escalating bitterness in the German folk, which hoped that one day retaliation would come, and, in the leadership, the decision to finally put an end to this one-sided war conduct. In the month of May, England began with its attacks against the city of Freiburg. For months since then, one mocked in the circles of the British war agitators about Germany’s inability to do something similar. Since the middle of September, it has probably become clear to them that is was only humanitarianism, which held us back for so long from responding to Churchill’s crimes.

But now this war, too, will be waged to the final consequence, this means: for so long until the criminals responsible for it as well are eliminated.

And it is not a slogan, rather bloody earnest, if we assure that for each bomb ten or, if necessary, a hundred will be dropped in return. So even today, they may again temporarily, already for propaganda reasons, like already so often, speak of a “turn in the fortunes of war”.

But they may note one thing: In this war, not luck, rather right will finally triumph for once. And right is on the side of the folks that fight for their threatened existence. And the struggle for this existence will inspire these folks to the most tremendous accomplishments in world history. If in the democracies, the driving force for production is the profit that the individual industrialist, the bank people and bribed politicians rake in, then in National Socialist Germany and in Fascist Italy, it is the realization of the millions of productive people that in this war they are being fought against, that the democracies, if they were ever victors, would rage with the whole capitalist cruelty of which those people are capable, whose sole god is money, who know no other human rule than the passion for profit, and who are ready to surrender to this passion any other nobler idea without hesitation. National Socialist Germany, Fascist Italy and Japan allied with us know that in this war, the fighting is not about a form of government, not about whatever international constructions of the future, rather exclusively about whether this earth is supposed to exist only for the one and not for the others.

An American politician has coined the clever concepts that, basically, it is simply the attempt by the have-nots to get something. This can only be fine with us. While the other world goes about stealing away from the have-nots the little that they still possess, like before the assumption to power, we oppose the possessing world with the decision to win for the have-nots the common human rights and to secure for them that share in life that they can claim on the basis of this right.

The struggle is not an attack against the rights of other folks, rather only against the arrogance and greed of a thin capitalist upper stratum, which does not want to see that the time is past in which gold governed the world, that, quite the opposite, a future dawns in which the folks, this means, human beings, are the determining force in the life of nations. This realization is what gave wings to the National Socialist army in the past year. It will prepare victory for them in the coming year as well. But in that we fight for this happiness of the folks, we also believe most readily to earn for ourselves the blessing of Providence. The Lord has previously given our struggle his agreement. He will - if we fulfill our duty loyally and bravely - also not abandon us in the future.

January 1, 1941

Adolf Hitler

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