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The Soviet Union was in fact a paradise for one group: the Jews. Even at times when for foreign policy reasons Jews were less evident in the government or when they ruled through straw men, the Jews were always visible in the middle and lower levels of the administration.

During the whole period of the red dictatorship, they were the beneficiaries. This was clearest in the small nations that the Soviet Union was using to prepare for its attack on the Greater German Reich after the outbreak of Churchill’s war, above all in the Baltic states.

Aside from their unlimited desire for money, their dirty behavior and their perverse thirst for revenge, our soldiers above all encountered Jews as the sadistic organizers of mass murders and atrocities. Many details have to be eliminated, since they cannot be printed in Germany. But this will be an idea of what was the routine day, and even more at night, in the dungeons of the Jewish GPU commissars.

The Jew was a Bloodsucker

Medical corporal Paul Lenz, Military Post Number 7 14 628 Posen, to the local group of the NSDAP, Arneburg:

Only a Jew can be a Bolshevist; for these bloodsuckers there is nothing better to be, for there is then nothing to stop them. Wherever one spits there is a Jew, whether in a city or a village. As far as I know (we asked the people, wanting to know the truth) not a single Jew every worked in the workers’ paradise. Even the littlest bloodsucker had a post with big privileges. He lived in the best buildings, if one can call them buildings. The real workers lived in small buildings, or better, in animal stalls, just like day laborers in old Russia. It makes no difference whether one is in a village or in a city like Minsk with over 300,000 inhabitants, the stalls are everywhere. Even before the war, most workers knew nothing but hunger, misery, and slavery. Some may be interested to know that there were theaters, operas, etc., even big buildings for them, but only those with money got in, and they were the bloodsuckers and their lackeys.

Only the Jew Lived Well

Soldier Reinold Mahnke, Military Post Number 02 179 to Supervisor Borrmann at the Otto Kloss Company in Hamburg:

Dünaberg, 8 Aug. 1941

Dear Hermann,

You have to have seen what people called the Bolshevist Paradise! It is poor, Hermann, incredibly poor. Only Jews and functionaries lived well. The people didn’t earn enough to buy a pair of socks or anything like that. They earned 1 ruble a day, about 10 German pfennig, and that for a full day’s work. Only the Jews lived well. Each city is about 40% Jewish.

The Jews and Bolshevists hauled every Latvian who was still around out of his house before the Germans arrived. They stole the valuables, doused the houses with gasoline, and set them on fire. The Latvians who did not want to go with the Bolshevists had their hands and feet cut off, their tongue slit, and then were left behind. They nailed men and even children to the walls.

These are things we have seen.

If these criminals had reached our country, they would have torn us apart. That is clear. But the Latvians did take their revenge.

The comrades from the Kloss factory should come here and see what 25 years of communism have done. There is only poverty, misery, and more misery. Old sod huts, a cow and a pig, that is all they have. In Germany people talked about how good the workers here had it.

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