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What was really at the core of Hitler’s being? It was to do God’s work to help Whites evolve as part of God’s Plan.

If you think of Hitler and the German National Socialists only in terms of politics or the war, then you are making a big mistake. And the enemies of Whites want you to keep thinking in that mistaken way.

However, if you even cursorily study the rise of Hitler and the National Socialists you will be struck by the fact that what they were about was improving White mankind by doing the things that would help our evolution along much faster than just the blind hit-and-miss slow workings of Nature.

Look at the various rituals and symbols and ways of the National Socialists, and especially of the SS, and you can see that the movement, in addition to being secular, had a spiritual and religious core — that Whites can feel in the very essence of our beings — and it was based on doing what God wants for White evolution.

During the time in which Hitler lived, almost nothing was known about DNA, and the study of biological heredity had just begun. In addition, White nations such as Germany had relatively few non-Whites living in them other than Jews and Gypsies.

One of the laws of God for Whites is that we are to live as a separate people and not mix or miscegenate with other kinds. For this reason, Hitler was duty-bound to expel non-Whites from Germany so Whites could be separate and evolve as God demanded. To those who focused only on the political and social aspects of the National Socialists, this move to expel non-Whites was seen as a secular move only, and not the religious move that it really was.

Politically and socially, National Socialism was a nascent or “proto” form of White racial socialism or White racial awareness because “national” at that time and place mostly meant White people, even though the Whites involved were seen in a narrow geographical/national sense rather than as a race-wide, planet-wide system for Whites only.

Don’t be put off by the term “socialism” as used in Germany at that time. To be clear, it really meant that what was good for Whites, as a whole, was good. It really had three parts: social, political, and religious/spiritual. The spiritual aspect was the most important, but is the least recognized today.

Today, with many White nations now full of non-Whites, “national” socialism meaning racial socialism — which is what it was in Germany — is probably not understandable to many if put forward as a “national” concept in most formerly White countries today. But White racial socialism, again, meaning organizing, working together, and doing what is best for White people as a group, is definitely understandable, possible, and desirable for Whites who want to survive as Whites no matter where they live.

Although DNA had been discovered in 1869, little was known about it or how it worked until 1953 when Watson and Crick discovered the structure of the DNA molecule. With that discovery, the science of modern genetics was really born.

So, clearly, back in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Hitler and the National Socialists were working only with what was then known about genetic inheritance while trying to improve and evolve White mankind — but they were still on the right track, using what was then understood through Mendel’s work, Darwin’s writings, and common sense.

The reality is simple to see and easy to state: Children tend to look like their parents and have bodies, minds, and personalities like their parents. If a male and a female of the same race and with similar characteristics mate and produce children, the children will often inherit the same or very similar characteristics as the parents and will certainly be of the same race. You don’t have to know anything about DNA to see this and act on it, and Hitler and the National Socialists did act on this knowledge to the great benefit of us all.

The proposition then becomes: If you help the best examples of humankind to mate and produce offspring, and discourage those who are not the best examples of humankind so they do not breed as much, you are helping with Nature’s or God’s work of “natural selection,” by your “direct action selection,” and you are thus helping improve White mankind via evolution — and you are doing God’s work.

And, that’s what Hitler and the National Socialists were doing in Germany.

In 1935, the National Socialists started setting up special communities and clinics called Lebensborn (literally: “Fount of Life”) both in Germany and in neighboring nations, where those who were considered to have the best genetic characteristics could produce children with others with similar desirable characteristics. Lebensborn supported families of the best genetic qualities, and offered support to unmarried mothers and their children also, if both parents were of especially high genetic quality. Eventually, some 60 per cent. of the mothers being helped were unmarried, and the program helped to ensure there was no social stigma in that. Thus the Life Force could produce many more excellent White children, less encumbered by the slow trial-and-error processes found in Nature and even in some cases the slowness caused by the need for marriage.

Scene at a Lebensborn home: We want what the National Socialists wanted — more, and more excellent, White children, raised right.

The goal was simple: Produce the best children. Period. All told, about 6,000 to 8,000 children were born and nurtured in such clinics before the fall of Germany in 1945.

That is what Hitler was all about. That was what was at the core of his being — improve and evolve White people as God wanted. How did Hitler come to this desire to help improve White mankind?

As I have already said, Hitler was touched and influenced by the Higher Power (God). This is clear from watching his speeches. He wasn’t born into the elite of society. He wasn’t any sort of royalty or from the aristocracy. In World War 1 he was a corporal. But when he spoke before crowds, millions were enthralled — because God spoke through him.

Unlike in Hitler’s day, many countries founded by Europeans are now massively overrun with non-Whites, and thus we Whites have to start thinking of themselves as what we truly are: One great White tribe or nation, under God as He truly is. That is what National Socialism has to mean now: racial socialism for our new nation — even if we are a nation, for the present, with no real borders.

We are part of this tribe or nation no matter where we were born or live — our nation is in our genes. We in America who are White are most certainly part of this great White nation without borders. Our continued existence as a people depends on us understanding who and what we are as a distinct human type — and we must avoid blending ourselves away via miscegenation. We must think of ourselves, not primarily as Americans, or Germans, or Irish, or whatever, but as White people.

We must look for the best of the opposite sex of our kind — and we must mate naturally and often, so as to produce children to carry on our evolution ever upward toward God. That is our purpose in being born: To make more like ourselves and evolve ever upward.

One other thing. White racial socialism is more than just so-called socialism — it is also racial egoism. That means we look out for ourselves as individuals — but we also look out for our fellow Whites as well and ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

Source: National Vanguard

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