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Today more than ever it is a difficult duty to care for the party and its future. It is the primary demand of our present time that the subdivisions of the party be closely united.

We have to understand that despite our different functions, we are all National Socialists and party comrades. The members of the political organizations, the SA and the SS, the Labor Front, the Hitler Youth, the Women’s Association, the Unions of Farmers and Workers, they all are but fighters in various detachments of the party.

They all have to support the new German confederation that will provide guidance for political life in the German nation. The harder this unbreakable community is, the easier it will be to control all those giant organizations that are necessary for the political, social and economic ascent of our nation. As soldiers and officers of a spiritual Weltanschauliche community our members are responsible to educate the entire nation according to our ideal. They have to educate the young generation, integrating them into the state of today and tomorrow. They have to provide the Weltauschauliche structure and impetus for millions of workers and farmers. In all important national and economic positions, they have to enforce and secure the dominion of the National Socialist idea.

This will only be achieved if among themselves they form an eternal blood brotherhood, chained together by mutual trust and obedience.

They must not demand more virtues and sacrifices from the nation than they themselves are ready to do, give and fulfill a thousand times. They must not presuppose more idealism in the nation than what they themselves reveal and carry in their hearts. They have no right to count on the self-sacrificing spirit of the nation if they are not ready to serve as an ideal, sacrificing all they possess. Most of all, they cannot expect that the nation’s belief in the National Socialist idea will be stronger than their own trustful devotion to this idea.

They must acknowledge certain principles as basic and as a foundation that must never be given away.

If you break with the loyalty imposed on you, you no longer have the right to demand loyalty from your subordinates. If you don’t obey, you no longer have the right to expect obedience. If you abandon comrades, you must not be surprised if one day you will find yourself alone, betrayed and abandoned too.

Only if by the help of everybody, we can realize a true embodiment of National Socialist spirit and value in our party will this party be an eternal and indestructible pillar of the German people and Reich. Then there will come a time when next to our magnificent, glorious army (the traditional and proud armed forces of the nation) our party will stand, traditionally equal in firm political leadership. Then, these two institutions will educate and strengthen the German man and carry on their shoulders the German state, the German Reich.

Source: The Führer at the last day of the Party Congress during the Party Day "Triumph of the Will" on 10 September 1934

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