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Reinhard Heydrich's outstanding contribution to the National Socialist Movement is the Security Service!

The Reich Leader of The SS recognised Heydrich's special gifts and particular abilities very quickly, and the particularly difficult special sphere was assigned to him as early as 1931. This was truly the right man in the right job. Only a perfect National Socialist, a man with great force of action, a man whose ability to grasp situations was as sure as it was clear, could do the duties assigned. Reinhard Heydrich distinguished substance from appearance, weakness from true corruption, with piercing intelligence and unerring instinct. His clear judgement and infallible instinct were particularly successful in detecting and pursuing enemies of the Party and the State. Heydrich considered the enemies' every possible course of action in the shortest time imaginable; spread those possibilities out before the Reich Leader of The SS as neatly ordered as a fan, and reported Mission Accomplished! usually in record time.

Only someone who has had repeated occasion to observe the activity of the Reich Security Main Office on the spot can form a conception of how carefully and painstakingly Reinhard Heydrich worked, how extensively he laid the groundwork for all the work done in his office. Untiringly, and with almost unbelievable dedication, Reinhard Heydrich worked to perfect his tool. Recognising the magnitude of the overall task which lay before him, meant, at the same time, recognising the magnitude of the work assigned to him personally! Seeing that The Leader allowed himself not a moment to rest, he permitted himself neither complacent self-satisfaction nor ordinary relaxation; instead, his creative spirit worked unceasingly.

And yet, even in the midst of his most difficult tasks, Reinhard Heydrich remained a cheerful, dynamic optimist at all times. How many human weaknesses, how many shortcomings and vices, he, of all people, was in a position to see! Yet he remained at all times a carefree National Socialist: happiest in attack, a man whose belief in the fulfilment of his task could simply not be shaken!

Upon assuming these responsibilities, Reinhard Heydrich was first confronted with the challenge of investigating the spiritual background and international connections of all enemies of the Movement and combating them with the knowledge gained thereby. It was not simply a matter of ensuring the external security of the State; rather, and most importantly, it was a matter of protecting the National Socialist Movement and ideology. He recognised that combating the enemy was only part of the task of building a National Socialist Greater German Reich. He knew that in the long run, the existence of the Nation could only be assured when the enemy was defeated spiritually, when the ideological unity of the German Folk was guided to fulfilment through the positive work of the Party. Thus, Reinhard Heydrich became one of the most active fighters for the eternal purity and security of the National Socialist ideological heritage.

Reinhard Heydrich created a Security Service which watched over the security of the Reich as its ideological fighting formation openly and firmly, in crass contradiction to the services of other countries. Every member of the Security Service had to be strengthened in his ideology and character so as to be able to fulfil this difficult and often thankless task without suffering damage as a human being. The conditions for this were laid down by the laws of the SS. He succeeded in inspiring many young men from party backgrounds, men with the most widely varying occupational skills, to do service with the Security Service. Many gifted young people were thus inspired to make valuable contributions which, had they followed normal professional careers, would never have been made in precisely those crucial years of construction.

What these men actually achieved on many occasions, silently, and usually without public acknowledgment, is exemplary even in the history of the Party, a history filled with service in honorary offices. Heydrich demanded the highest standards of efficiency from his men, and succeeded in supervising and creating a leadership cadre which will carry on the work which first took shape in his mind.

The Security Service of the Reich Leader of the SS, responsible for obtaining and processing intelligence material gathered in the service of the Party, became the political intelligence and defence arm of the Party and of its member organisations and associations. As a party organisation, the Security Service laid the groundwork for extensive exchanges of information. The Security Service did not restrict itself to the reporting on the activities of the enemy to Head Office; rather, and more importantly, it reported constantly, extensively, and continually, on all areas of racial community life.

The deliberate use of the Security Service in all areas made it possible to bring wishes and concerns from all parts of the Reich and from all walks of life to the immediate attention of the highest offices of the Reich. In addition, the supervisory work of the Security Service contributed to a full and positive enthusiasm for the work of the Party.

Anyone who worked with SS General Heydrich always took pleasure in his attitude, the attitude of an athlete and a soldier, combined with an extensive knowledge and clear judgement.

With unerring firmness of purpose, he stuck to the ideological line which he recognised to be correct! No matter how flexible his methods, his National Socialist attitude remained as hard and stubborn as ever. Acceptance of responsibility meant, for him, constant dedication!

The National Socialist German Workers' Party lost one of its best in Reinhard Heydrich!

Reich Leader Martin Bormann, Leader of The Party Chancellery

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