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Just like the army which not only sustains itself in military leadership but at the same time has the responsibility to educate, train and shape the whole nation according to its military mission, it is the responsibility of a political party not only to be the supporting organization of the political leadership but to incessantly train and educate the nation according to its military opinion.

As a result the party has to integrate in the inner union of the organization, all those fellow Germans who are called upon by fate to take a leading role.

The SA is the party’s instrument of education and instruction in order to strengthen and secure the defense community of Germany.

After pre-military training of the Hitler Jugend it is the duty of the SA to instruct all those men who did not join the the NSKK or the NSFK. Primarily, the men must be educated in a military spirit. They should develop physical strength and become representatives and fighters for the National Socialist idea. Through systematic physical training the German man is prepared to serve in the armed forces. Before he can join the armed forces it is a man’s duty to acquire the SA military badge, founded by the Führer.

Of equal importance is the post-military training and education of those SA members who have completed their active duty. In the SA Military Association they keep their soul, mind and body ready and fit for combat. SA members regardless of their background, profession or social position, are welded together to a firmly united community of comradeship, unselfish devotion and a spirit of sacrifice.

The individual is evaluated exclusively by his attitude and performance. The Leadership Corps, constantly promotes through education and training and guarantees that the tasks given to the SA by the Führer are carried out. Moreover, this Leadership Corps is called upon to provide qualified SA members to substitute for the Führer in political leadership.

SA members are volunteers. It was clear with the beginning of the war when the major part of SA members, including 80% of the SA Leadership Corps, enlisted for service in the armed forces. Since then, numerous SA leaders and SA members were decorated with the Knight’s Cross and the German Cross in Gold. The sacrifices of the SA show its readiness through action. SA leaders and the last SA member fight in the front line together with their comrades of the armed forces. Numerous Obergruppenführer and Gruppenführer and a large number of SA leaders and members gave their utmost for the future of our Reich.

When the war broke out compact SA units were engaged in the fights for Danzig, Ost-Oberschlesien and Southern Poland, and they performed great deeds. A major part of the SA Standarte Feldherrnhalle which is under arms in times of peace, voluntarily formed a unit with the paratroopers. The performance of these men who fought in the Netherlands, in Belgium and Greece already went down in history. The rest of the Standarte Feldherrnhalle formed an infantry battalion that proved its excellent worth in France, when they broke through the Maginot Line, as well as in many crucial combats at focal points in the East. In the traditional spirit of the SA these men will continue their victorious fight under the name Infantry Regiment Feldherrnhalle. In this way the SA once again, just like in the past fight over the political power in Germany, proves its worth fighting in the first line on all fronts. Here and everywhere, the men of the SA, political and armed soldiers, are the Storm Troops of the Führer.

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