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The revolution we carried through is a complete one. It has affected and completely reformed all aspects of public life.

It has completely changed and rebuilt the relationships between individuals as well as the people’s attitude towards the state and towards other existential questions. In fact, it was the breakthrough of a new Weltanschauung. After 14 years of opposition it could use the power it had fought for to stamp the German nation with a new national spirit. Everything that has happened since the 30th of January 1933 is the visible expression of this revolutionary process. The revolution however, was not started here. It only came to an end in this way. It was the existential fight of a nation that with its traditional way of life and antiquated views, was close to collapse.

Revolutions follow their own pattern and their own dynamics. Once they pass a certain point in their evolution they are beyond human control and exclusively follow the laws according to which they came to life. It is the nature of any true revolution that it only knows do or die, without compromising.

It either intends to advance right through to its goal, in which case it will last and endure, or it is satisfied with half-hearted successes, in which case it would be better if it never started. Revolutions are never a matter of mere politics, but they reach out to all fields-of human life. They affect economics as well as art and sciences. This is politics in a higher sense than the usual sense.

Any revolution has its tendency, a goal it establishes and strives for in passionate efforts. It will not rest before this goal is achieved and once it is achieved it will jealously watch over its growth and security. In this case however, the word „tendency” means much more than what is conveyed in the trivial sense of the word. A tendency as such is neither good nor bad and it may be affirmed or denied. What is decisive is its goal. If the goal is magnificent, then the tendency will share this magnificence. If the goal is insignificant then the tendency will fade away to a mere phantom. Revolutions that bring about a historic change of immense dimensions reveal a tendency of equal magnitude. It has to be accepted if the revolution is accepted. This means that anybody who objects to the tendency, objects to the revolution and will sooner or later be drowned in its whirlpool.

It is the purpose of our revolution to unite the German people as a nation. For a period of more than 2000 years all righteous Germans yearned for a completion of this process. Many times they tried to reach this goal by legal means but all those efforts were in vain. Success came only after a passionate eruption of national feelings. It was a spontaneous and breathtaking eruption that became wilder the longer it was held back with artificial dams. What was not possible and not even wanted at the top, we carried through from the bottom up. At one time the German nation was the most disorganized nation of the world, dissolved into its elements and almost atomized by political parties and opinions. Germany had no influence whatsoever in world politics. Since 1918 it had been disarmed and it had no will to stand up against the other nations. This German nation then arose in a unique manifestation of a powerful national belief and it carried through a unification that only a few people thought possible. Others had smiled at it and called it highly unlikely or against all experience and historical precedent.

Today we cannot yet assess the historical importance of this process of a nation growing together. Although we prepared the ground for this process we now stand in front of it marveling in admiration and without any conscious knowledge of its magnitude and its importance for the future. Through our revolution we have overcome Germany’s powerless past: The German nation found itself again in this revolution that added a new trait to German nature. It will never again be possible to talk about Germany without taking this revolution into account.

If we remain strong the people remain strong. As a nation we are safe as long as the party stands firm and strong. But we should not wait for a miracle: miracles in this sense do not happen. Rather they are caused by idealism, sacrifices and devotion. Our slogan today is the same as yesterday and always: March On! If we are confident with our power, then others may do as they please while we build our creation, the Reich!

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