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Adolf Hitler once said to the youth of Germany: "Youth must be led by youth". So he appointed a young leader for the Hitlerjugend.

It was Baldur von Schirach, who has proved that he is fully conscious of his responsibility as leader and that he is capable of forming the Hitlerjugend.

Baldur von Schirach has increased the membership of this organisation from 30,000 to over six millions. Convinced of Baldur von Schirachs ability, Adolf Hitler issued the following order, on the 17th of June 1933:-

An office for the whole of the German Reich is hereby created with the official title "Youth Leader of the German Reich". I he Reich Youth Leader of the National Socialist Party, Baldur von Schirach, is appointed Youth Leader of the German Reich. The Youth Leader of the German Reich is at the head of all associations of young people of both sexes and also of the youth organizations of adult associations. The foundation of youth organizations requires his sanction.

The officials appointed by him will takeover the duties of the state and communal committees whose tasks are carried out in direct cooperation with the youth organizations.

By this order the Hitlerjugend was assigned the task in the German State that is fitting for it. The Reich Youth Leadership transferred its offices from Munich to Kronprinzen - Ufer 10, Berlin NW 40.

The first new Youth Leader of the German Reich at once proceeded to complete the extension of his organization. As leader of the entire youth of Germany, he had to create an organization that was capable of including all the various domains concerned with youth.

One of the most responsible tasks is assigned to the staff office which has to select and appoint all the leaders whose names are proposed to it. Welfare, juvenile law and hygiene are dealt with by another department which also deals with all social questions. I he entire business side is managed by the administrative department which includes a vast card index register of the members in which the name of each member is recorded with the most exact details. A special sanitary department is charged with seeing that the young people can obtain every kind of sanitary and medical assistance.

The most important and extensive functions are exercised by the section "education and physical fitness". I his section has to provide the young with that spiritual grounding that is absolutely essential for the existence and future of our nation, for the spirit is the determining factor of the body. To school the young and bring them up as men who will be capable one day of taking over the leadership of the state. To see to the physical fitness of the Hitlerjugend is also one of its tasks. Here sport naturally plays a large part. Not sport for its own sake or for the sake of breaking records but as a means to an end. Schools for leaders train for this task boys who have proved themselves capable of leading others. A Reich Youth Leader School and Reich Girl Leader School complete the work of the District Leader Schools. I he Reich Youth Leadership has established connection with the whole of public opinion by extensive press work. I he entire German press now publishes Hitlerjugend supplements. Besides this, the Hitlerjugend itself owns some all-German and over twenty district newspapers. The all-German newspapers and periodicals issued by the Reich Youth Leadership are published by the Deutscher Jugendverlag, Schiffbauerdamm 19, Berlin NW 7. These include "Das junge Deutschland , the official organ of the Youth Leader of the German Reich, ‘‘Wille und Macht", a fortnightly publication, "Die Fanfare", an illustrated paper of the Hitler Youth, "Der deutsche Sturmtrupp", the newspaper of the German Youth, and "Jungvolk", the organ of the German children in the Hitler Youth. I he press section also cooperates in the publication of the Youth Hostel periodical "Jugend und Heimat" and some others.

In connection with the library of the Reich Youth Leadership is a collection of over 20,000 German and foreign fairy tales and books for children from all over the world and which has been placed at the disposal of the Reich Youth Leadership by Dr. Hobrecker.

Foreign youth work is dealt with by a special department which includes the central office for German youth in Europe.

A Commissioner for Youth Associations is in charge of all German youth associations, also those who have not joined the Hitlerjugend.

Finally, youth hostels are managed by a separate section controlled by the German Youth Hostel Association.

In addition to a Leaders’ Circle, composed of representatives of the various groups of organized youth, the Youth Leader for the German Reich has nominated district and local commissioners for his work in the provinces.

With this great organization, which has not been created for the moment but for the future, Baldur von Schirach, the Youth Leader of the German Reich, will be able to provide those now creating a new Germany with a guarantee for the continuation of the great work that has been begun in our nation. The youth of Germany will follow the path taken by the German nation towards a better future.

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