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Translated from the Original Third Reich Book “Die Schutzstaffel als antibolschewistische Kampforganisation” by Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler.

Today much is said about Bolshevism. Most people think Bolshevism is phenomenon that emerged during the present time. Many even believe that Bolshevism - this Jewish organized and led struggle of sub-humanity - is totally new in world history.

We believe it is important to establish that as long as there have been men on earth, the struggle between humans and sub-humans has been the historical rule. This Jewish led war against the folks has belonged to the natural course of life on our planet as long back as we can see. One can comfortably say this struggle for life and death is as much a law of nature as man’s fight against pestilence and the attack by pestilence against the healthy body.

It is hence necessary to study a few very clear examples of the methods of their struggle from the past to our present time in order to recognize the tactics of the Jewish-Bolshevik enemy.


The Bible gives us one of the historical examples of the radical annihilation of an Aryan folk by Bolshevik-Jewish methods. Read this a part of Jewish history where it is written that the Jews were distributed among the Persians, in all cities and villages and in the capitol Sufa. The Aryan Persians recognized the danger posed by these Jews. The will to solve the Jewish question in Persia was personified by Minister Haman. The king, who the Bible calls Ahasveros but who was really Xeres, was separated from his Persian wife Basthi by the extremely clever intrigue of the court Jews. The king was influenced by Jewish girls, especially by the Jewish harlot Esther.

We read how, against the will of the folk-oriented and racially-conscious Minister Haman the elaborate Jewish intrigue ended with the unscrupulous and blinded king delivering the loyal Minister Haman to the Jew Mardochei to be hanged. This detestable practice is also seen later throughout history. Mardochei was made a Vice-King. He issued his orders with that cold-blooded, sober and pitiless calculation typical of Bolshevism. He had the most noble Persians and all enemies of the Jews in the towns and cities murdered by Jews protected by a king’s edict on a specific day. The Bible says 75,000 Persians were butchered that day. This was crowned by a royal edict making the 14th and 15th of the month of Adar a holiday. To this very day this holiday is celebrated as Purim, the great Jewish victory festival.

It is obvious that the ancient Persian folk never recovered from this blow. One can see the entire tragedy in that this folk, struck and destroyed by Jewish Bolshevism, did not only lose it high, pure religion of Zoroastrianism, but also its native language. Only after two thousand years were German scholars able to translate the ancient Persian language into German after painstaking, scientific labour.

This is always the path of Bolshevism: A folk’s leadership is cut down. It falls into slavery: economic, scientific, cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical slavery. The remnants of the folk, robbed of its own value and degenerated by endless race-mixing, disappears within the historically short span of a few centuries. Later one only knows that such a folk once existed.

Other Examples

How many other tragedies - completed or not - have occurred on this earth, we do not know. In many cases we can just suspect that the eternal enemy of all of us, the Jew, had his bloody hand in the game in one way or another. Throughout the ages we see the executioner’s sword fall again and again as in Cannstadt and Verdun. We see the burning stakes where tens of thousands were martyred - the mutilated bodies of the mothers and girls of our folk burned to ashes. In our mind’s eye we see the tribunals of the inquisition that depopulated Spain just like the Thirty Years War that in the course of one lifetime reduced our blooming German folk from 24 million to a half-starved remnant of four million.

The French/Freemason Revolution

Now I pass over to more recent times for the sake of a certain European completeness. The methods of the terror regime of the French revolution reached full-scale Bolshevism in the Jacobins and in the time of the law “for the removal of the suspicious”: the slaughter of the blonde-haired and blue-eyed, of the best sons of the French folk. For the sake of truth it must be mentioned that the French Revolution was solely the revolution of the order of the Freemasons, this distinguished Jewish organization. The Freemasons have not only admitted their “glorious” revolution, rather they praise it as their triumph in every lodge throughout the world right down to the most harmless German lodge.

The Russian Revolution

I now come to the Russian revolution. It is not my task to once again repeat the dates. Instead, the important thing in this context is the reference to the methods.

First the discontent of Russia’s socially suffering folk is systematically exploited and used for revolutionary propaganda. A number of Russian leaders who wished to abolish serfdom, especially Minister Stolypin, are eliminated before they can carry out their reforms for Russia’s benefit by Jewish anarchists. All possible means are used to agitate Russia into war against Germany. Remember the role of Jewish/Free-Mason activity to start the World War.

The next phase of the Bolshevik revolution then starts in Russia. Freemasonry calls this the shift from the “system of the yellow flag” to the “system of the red flag”. In parliamentarian jargon: rule passes form the democratic- bourgeois parties to the moderate socialist party - by us the social democrats and over there the Mensheviks. At their head stands the Jew Kerenski, a man whose treatment is a classic example of Aryan kindness. His Jewish mother - if I may here insert this instructive episode - had been sentenced to death because of involvement in anarchist attacks, but she had been pardoned by the father of the last Czar, because she was pregnant with Kerenski.

Precisely this man, who owed his life to Aryan kindness, deposes the last Czar and paves the way for Bolshevism.

But there were still too many forces of resistance left in Russia. This folk is again cold-bloodedly agitated into an offensive. Once again, Aryan Russians are sent to the butcher’s block. The final dissolution is made possible. There is another change, to use the Freemason’s jargon, the “system of the red flag” is replaced with the last system, the “system of the black flag”. In parliamentarian terms: rule passes from the moderate socialist party into the hands of the radical socialist party, the Bolsheviks. Nothing more stands in the way. With the full power of the state the Jews complete the radical slaughter of the good blood that resists them. All the others bow in fear and terror. One could quote from the Book of Esther where it says: many Persians become Jews out of fear of the Jews! In the system of the black flag All of the non-Jews of weak character defect to the Jews. They become executioner helpers and helpful spirits, informers and spies against their own people.

The perfection of these methods of extermination can be seen from the tactics of the Russian secret police. Again and again, they themselves systemically organize rebellions with key agents against their own regime in order to again and again find the leaders who would participate in such an uprising and neutralize them. Every resistance leader - every one in this tortured Aryan folk still able to think or even become a leader against the Bolsheviks and Jews - falls.

If you examine the Russian revolution, you will find many parallels to the German revolution of 1918. The only difference here was that a benevolent God, a kind Providence created a DAM and summoned resistance forces. At the right time, in 1919, Adolf Hitler started his work.

Looking at everything, you can add countless more evidence, minor and major, for this blood picture of Bolshevism in the history of nations.

I hardly think you will disagree with me. I ask you to look - not at specifics with exaggerated Aryan/German objectivity - rather at the general line. you will see that - in Jews, sub-humans and their auxiliary organizations - we are confronted by skilfully opponents. They are clever and capable in the organization of destruction. They know how to use every opportunity and possibility, in the saloon or in the chamber of the state minister or monarch. They master assassination, poison, direction of lethal steel, starvation of entire undesired population segments, intrigue, defamation of individual leaders, playing personalities against each other (who should be friends to the death), the fight on the street and in the comers of bureaucracy, uprooting the peasant and misuse of religion. They realize better than we that there is no key to peace in these battles, rather only victor and vanquished and that defeat in this conflict means the death of a folk.

You will also note that this enemy has won not a small number victories. He could write the names of the nations destroyed by him on his flag of destruction.

All of you should never forget that these observations deal not just with the Bolshevism of the past and present, but also of the future.

Our Folk

How great our folk was, how lofty its thought was and how perfect its jurisprudence was, all this is always revealed to me by the following fact:

Germanic Law

Ancient germanic law prevented any unauthorized individual from destroying anything in nature that is holy for all men and created by God. Until relatively recent times it was forbidden in Germanic settlements to cut down a tree within the village without the agreement of the other peasants. If a tree was cut down, this was tied to the obligation to plant three new young trees.

The Divine Order

This concept of law included the holy conviction of our ancestors that everything in life and on earth was created by God and had a soul. Silly, malicious and stupid people have twisted this into the fable that our ancestors worshipped gods and trees. No, according to ancient knowledge and ancient teachings, they were convinced of the divine order of this whole world, of all of the plant and animal kingdoms.

The Right of the Animal

Only the Aryan, Germanic man, could include animals - who have no rights in countless other lands of this world - in his jurisprudence. Here, too, we find remnants into the late Middle Ages. Even in cases where the damage done by animals was obvious, for example a plague of rats or mice, we know from historical accounts that the city council could not without further ado order the extermination of these small, but for humans destructive animals. For they were anchored in the divine order and had been created by God. So they were put on trial, and the decent German even provided the small defendant with a defence attorney. Only after legal proceedings and proof that the small rodent had harmed the order and harmony of this piece of earth could the campaign against them be ordered.

Today we might laugh at these ancient, by our standards childish views. It be better for us men without piety of the modem time to bow our heads to the depth and greatness of this world-view, of this deeply rooted faith in God and in this order based on God.

Cultural Finds

I may show you other pictures. When we dig into German earth here and there along the edge of the field, we find, just a few hand-widths beneath the surface, precious copper, silver and gold pieces. the quality of their workmanship, artistry and classical beauty is hardly achievable by us modem, technologically so advanced men.

Veneration of Ancestors

We stand in front of a giant stone graveyard and call up the thought within us about people in distant millennia before us. They were not miserly like us, who build cemeteries that have to be cleared after a few generations, the bones put into a chest and then demolished. Rather our ancestors built a memorial for millennia, before which we today reverently stand. Perhaps the idea again dawns on many of us today that the veneration of the ancestors is a source of strength for a folk, that each one who reveres his ancestors also measures his own greatness and his own importance with the correct measuring stick.

Courage and Strength

Or I can again present the Roman writers’ description of the first tribes entering Roman history, the Cimbem and Teutons. They were large, very strong and beautiful. Their attack was impetuous and their inexhaustible strength smashed one Roman army after another until they fell victim to our ancestors’ mistakes. Then they were defeated and annihilated by Roman discipline and military order.

Knowledge of Astronomy

I can offer you a peaceful image. When we today look at a map and draw in the old settlements, we see that they form a harmonious pattern far beyond what is visible by the naked eye. They were organized with an unprecedented knowledge of astronomy unsurpassed to this day. They were founded by men with the deepest reverence for the divine being who created these stars as well as our own.

The Oldest Plough

Another peaceful example is the plough, our folk’s oldest weapon, that is known to have been drawn through our soil five thousand years ago with an unprecedented, sensible order of the cultivation including crop rotation.

We wish to remember and stress that we did not acquire the plough from others, rather that the romans adopted the improved plough from our germanic ancestors.

The Alphabet

A final example is the runic alphabet, the mother of all writing symbols for probably most folks. The earliest ancestors of the Aryan/German folk consciously conceived and created it. We still have a few specimens from prehistory thought to have been devoured by nature, namely the cliff writing. We know Karl the Frank collected countless other writings, but his Jewized son Ludwig the Pious in union with an intolerant church burned them almost without exception.

Our Folks’ Tormented History

That was, briefly summarized, our folk. But when we view the history of this folk, we see for the past 2000 years the most tormented history that a folk - blessed with all gifts of spirit and body - could have had.

We ask the great question why?

Here, too, I wish to limit myself to just a few examples from the many in order to then attempt an answer.

Hermann the Cherusker

The liberator of Germania from roman rule was, as is known, Hermann the Cherusker. He was killed by men of his own clan, of his own blood, after his father-in-law delivered his own daughter, the liberator’s wife, to the Romans.

The Germanic Secretary

I remind you of the last few centuries of the Roman Empire. Caesar’s closest co-worker was a Germanic man who organized Gaul for Rome. From that time onward, the splendour and greatness of the Roman Empire was again and again secured by Germanic creativity, Germanic leadership genius, Germanic leadership ability and Germanic soldiery serving the decayed and racially doomed Roman state against its own blood.

Widukind’s Desperate Battle

i refer to Widukind’s desperate battle that was doomed, because the nobles of his own tribe and of his own folk, people of the same blood, could not unite and later stabbed their duke in the back.

The Aleman Battle

I refer to the above mentioned aleman battle that was lost, because the so free Germanic men could not bear the sight of their dukes, men of their same blood, on horseback, because that would make them taller than the others.

The Peasant Wars

I finally refer to the peasant wars where a heroic struggle was accompanied by great disorder, splintering and lack of discipline. The pure desire and the wisely conceived vision of a German state - thought up by the best minds of the peasantry - sank into the grave along with the bloody corpses of incurable, foolish Germanic men after a lost battle. At the end only the tragic and insightful wish remained that the grandchildren would fight more successfully.

Our Virtues and Faults

Certainly, one of our best virtues is our mighty will for freedom! Certainly, the selection of our blood is the best blood that remains preserved to this day as the goodness of our race. However, both alone are not just incentive and drive toward cultural greatness and heroic struggle, rather also obstacles to the creation of a great state of all germans and hence also the cause of all the defeats we have suffered throughout our entire history, century after century.

The excessive valuation of the value of the equally good blood, of the proud self, made it impossible for a nobleman to obey somebody else, for a duke to remain loyal to another, for one to subordinate himself to another. Germanic men of the same blood never made it possible for their own leaders and rulers - who no doubt existed, from widukind to florian geyer - to create a german state. In the final analysis empire after empire fell into ruin because of these faults - the empires of the goths, vandals, burgundians, alemans and others.

When germans could not create a state based on germanic spirit, other germans forced them with a mailed fist to accept a state based on foreign spirit - with bloodshed, tears and misery.

Each time we see the same story: disobedience, non-subordination, underestimation of the enemy and an unrealistic desire for conditions, for political situations and factors that simply did not exist. Again and again an enemy in whatever form confronted us who calculated coldly with the realities of political conflict on this earth. He advanced step by step and again and again defeated us - despite lower quality, inferior blood and poorer culture.

Our own fault

Thus has our folk - we wish to ascertain this for us germans - traveled this difficult path for the last 2000 years through our own fault. Do not reproach any enemy because he has defeated us and demanded our blood. For the law of god’s vast world, the law of this earth and the law of nations does not calculate who meant well in his big heart, rather it counts who triumphs.

Many will silently and resentfully raise the question: why this terrible determination of fault and mistakes despite all the virtues? Can we have faith for the future?

We wish to here freely and openly state that nothing strengthens our faith in our folk’s and our blood’s future like the fact that, despite all the mistakes and despite all the suffering, our folk still lives and has today again achieved greatness. We believe in the destiny and in the task of our blood. In the history of the past two thousand years, we see not just defeat and misery, rather the path to learning that is necessary for our own preservation.


The Path to Obedience


Service to the Church and the Teutonic Order

At the beginning of this millennium, in accordance with the church’s command, almost all not first born sons of the best German clans entered the service of the church as priests and church officials. Many took up the cross and went on the crusades of German blood far eastward into the desert sand. Some of these crusading knights were organized in various knightly orders as knight-priests. They brought with them German courage, German leadership and German incorruptibility. They learned obedience, subordination and state authority - itself even older than the church - in the order of the Roman Catholic Church.

The State of Frederick II in Sicily

This knightly order participated in the creation of the first modern state, based on principles of government administration and authoritarian obedience, that was founded by Frederick II in Sicily. Filled with this knowledge, the order was transplanted to the German East by the politically wise priest-nobleman Hermann von Salza in the first half of the 13 century. There it founded the order’s German state in the east so well known to you.

The Teutonic Order‘s State in East Prussia

For the first time it was then easy to introduce obedience into german territory. in addition to the absolute rule of the Christian religion came the fact that knights of the racially best German blood - men from the noblest clans and proven in combat - formed a ruling class over folks and mixed- bloods racially not equal to our folk. The values of achievement and personality stood next to obedience to the church.

The Prussian Army

From this East Prussia, that was taken over by the Electors of Brandenburg as the Kings of Prussia, the principles of organization of administration, of cleanliness and above all of unconditional obedience were adopted by Prussia. The Prussian Army with its mercenaries became inside Germany the first great school of absolute discipline. Back then this discipline was not based solely on the noblest motives of the human soul, rather indeed in many cases on the might of the stronger, the state, on gold and livelihood, and on fear of the sergeant’s whip.

The Prussia of the Old Fritz

That continued for a time until a heroic spirit, the great prussian king, Old Fritz, led this disciplined army in three great wars. It is probably true that even in the last battles of the third Silesian War the Prussian officer, pitilessly trained for obedience in the cadet corps, stood with his whip behind the musketeer. Nonetheless, this obedience was al- ready ennobled by the love for the leader, by the love for the evolving Prussian fatherland, by the honour of being able to be not just a mercenary, rather a hero of this heroic Prussian army. For the first time a melody is heard in this unconditional obedience: let us be good children of our country.

The Wars of Liberation

The next step, after a terrible defeat, came with the peoples army of the wars of liberation of 1812 to 1815. The bourgeois son and the student already felt honoured to be able to serve with voluntary obedience as militiamen and as soldiers in the Prussian army. History then proceeds with faster steps. More and more, the concepts of freedom and honour, as well as of obedience, come close to the people.

1864, 1866

The Sleswig-Holsteiners, Bavarians, Württembergers and other southern Germans are freedom- loving peoples who have lived in their lands since the earliest of times. Their development was similar in many aspects and not always straight. But with the army of this spirit PRUSSIA could not only conquer and defeat them in 1864 and 1866, rather it could win them inwardly for the order and the obedience of the German Reich and integrate them with inner conviction.

The World War

History advances another half century to the World War. Honour, freedom and obedience have drawn even closer together. Two million of the best Germans reported not only for the fight for freedom, but also just as willingly for service in the order of the best organization, of the German army.

For four and a half years we were forged. Now again, fate showed that we had not yet learned everything. Fate showed it to those who had to command. They often forgot that final obedience at the time of the final, most difficult trial - when crowns, symbols and the external insignia of state authority fade in need, mud and misery - will only be given to their leaders by a folk of the same blood. Even then, it comes only if honour, freedom and obedience stand in harmony. It showed to those who had to obey that any disobedience, even if it appears justified by wounded honour and supposedly violated freedom, always strikes its own master. It is a violation of loyalty, the first sin of the fathers, and it plunges the own blood and hence the disobedient person into the abyss.

The Führer and National Socialism

Any now the - hopefully final - school of our path toward obedience began for our German folk that was coming apart at the seams. Fate sent us the Führer. Himself an obedient soldier of the great German army, he carried the entire knowledge of freedom, honour and blood value of our folk and took us into his school. In fifteen years of struggle and victory he trained first a few, then more and more of the men who loved freedom the most, the selection of the most warrior-like German blood, as National Socialists. Let me today define this concept: As men who are consciously bearers of the value of our race and of our blood who know blood is the most necessary prerequisite for culture and greatness. At the same time he fanned the Flames of will for freedom and honour even among the most fanatical, giving them even more energy and even more unbending will. Finally, he bonded the strengths of equal blood value, mighty will to freedom and a very keenly felt sense of honour with a voluntary - and hence even more obligatory - obedience that stems from blood, honour and desire for freedom.

I believe one can again look with these eyes at German history and the self-caused path of our folk’s suffering. It reveals a purpose according to the eternal, good law of this world. This is at the same time an indication and an obligation. Our folk does not stand at the end, rather at the beginning of its mission and of the task given to it among the folks of this world.


The Schutzstaffel


Now I come to the Schutzstaffel itself. It is a part of this National Socialist German Workers Party created and trained by Adolf Hitler. Within the movement of the Führer, it has received its special task for the protection of the reich internally.

Creation of the Schutzstaffel

The Führer issued the order for the creation of the Schutzstaffel in 1929 and another one in January 29 to expand this formation. It was clear to us in 1929 that this Schutzstaffel could only fulfil its task if it was based to the highest degree on the principles and guidelines established by the movement’s Führer as well as on the virtues indoctrinated into it.

Knowledge of the Value of Blood and Selection

The first guideline was and is for us the knowledge of the value of blood and selection. This prerequisite was valid in 1929 and it will be valid as long as there is a Schutzstaffel.

We proceeded like a breeder who wishes to purify an old, good strain that has become mixed and degraded. First, he visits the field for the so-called seed selection. Initially, on the basis of external characteristics, we rejected those people we felt were unusable for building the Schutzstaffel.

Selection concentrated on those who came closest to the physical ideal of the predominantly Nordic man. External characteristics like size and racial appearance played and still play a role.

I do not have to tell you that this process was improved and tightened over the years as we gained experience. I also ask you to be convinced that we have complete clarity that this selection can never come to a standstill. Year after year, our requirements become stricter as germany’s racial hygiene and the growing understanding of blood and breeding elevates german humanity.

The requirements for our descendants in a hundred or more years must demand much more from the individual than can be the case today. We also know that the selection based on external characteristics - today done with genealogies and examinations - can only be the initial, the very first criteria. Throughout the years of life in the schutzstaffel this selection process must be continued. This must be followed by the elimination of those unsuited to us because of character, will power or emotion and hence blood.

Through laws we have given ourselves we wish to ensure for all future that not every son of an ss family registered in the clan book of the SS becomes an ss candidate or even claims the right to become an SS-man. We wish to ensure that always only some of the sons of these families are accepted by us as SS-men. the selection and the blood flow of the best blood of the entire folk must constantly occur in the Schutzstaffel. This is what i have to say for now about the principle of selection.

Will to Freedom and Fighting Spirit

The second guideline and virtue that we endeavour to promote in the Schutzstaffel as its eternal characteristic for all future is the will to freedom and fighting spirit.

Tests of Achievement

We have always had the ambition to be the best in every fight and in every position. We take pleasure in every man and every formation whose achievements and fighting spirit equals or surpasses our own. For everyone who equals us is a gain for Germany. He is also proof for us that we had too little energy and that we must double our efforts in order to purify our will to fight and to steel our hardness against ourselves.

The most difficult school - that each of us must attend our whole life - and tests of achievement - that each of us must pass year after year - ensure that the courage and fighting spirit of each individual, above all of the leadership corps, are put to the test again and again. These annual tests will simultaneously guard against the complacency in our ranks that has so often become a lethal threat to the German folk. Furthermore, a community that demands physical and will power achievements at regular intervals up to old age will remain simple. In the long run it will automatically reject things that may indeed be nice for a comfortable life, but that weaken our strength for Germany and that could undermine the fighting spirit.

Loyalty and Honour

The third guideline and virtue that is necessary for the development and essence of the Schutzstaffel are the concepts Loyalty and honour. They are set forth in two statements. One statement was given us by the Führer: “My honour is loyalty!” the other comes from Old German right: “All honour comes from loyalty.”

Many things, we teach the SS-man, can be forgiven on this earth, but one thing never, namely disloyalty. Whoever breaks loyalty separates himself form our community. For loyalty is a matter of the heart, never of the mind. The mind might resist. That is often harmful, but never incorrigible. But the heart must always beat the same. If it stops, the man dies - just like a folk dies if it breaks loyalty. Here we mean loyalty of every kind: loyalty to the Führer and hence to the German/Germanic folk, its will and its kind; loyalty to the blood, to our ancestors and our grandchildren; loyalty to our clan; loyalty to the comrade; and loyalty to the irrefutable laws of decency, cleanliness and chivalry. One does not only sin against loyalty and honour if one passively allows his or the Schutzstaffel’s honour to be tarnished. He sins against it above all if he does not respect the honour of others, if he mocks things that are sacred to others or if he does not stand up, manly and decently, for the absent, the weak and the defenceless.


The fourth guideline and virtue valid for us is obedience, the unconditional obedience that stems from lofty volunteerism, from the service to our world-view. We are ready to make any, absolutely any sacrifice of pride, of outward honour or of other things that are dear and precious to us personally. This obedience does not hesitate even once, rather it unconditionally follows every order that comes from the Führer or from any proper superior. This obedience remained silent in the period of struggle when the will to freedom wanted to scream out. This obedience demanded watchful senses directed at the enemy - without moving a finger unless ordered to do so. It also meant unconditional obedience on the attack, even if he perhaps felt in his heart that he was not able to do so.

We are honest enough that we do not claim that every one of us, down to the last man, has fully comprehended all of these laws. But we believe we can say that for the most part the Schutzstaffel has for the past six years assembled according to these laws, that it has been built on them and that it lives by them. We know that we must absorb more and more of these virtues each year, making them the self-evident property of each SS-man. We are convinced that years from now, sooner or later, whenever fate decides and the first generation of this Schutzstaffel is no longer there, we will be able to pass along these virtues as a complete heritage and as the best tradition to those who become SS-men after us.

The Marriage Law

In accordance with these guidelines and virtues we have given ourselves laws and established the life of our community and set the path for the distant future. The first law was established in 1931 as the SS Law requiring marriage and engagement permission for each SS-man. We have drawn the consequences from the recognition of the value of blood. We know it would be useless to collect men of racial selection without thinking of the clan. We do not wish to make the mistakes of the soldier and other male organization that may endure for centuries but then perish, because the blood flow of breeding and the tradition of the clan are lacking. We know from deepest conviction that a community can only succeed in pointing the way to the future if it has reverence for the ancestors to the earliest times and if it lives with the conviction of the folk’s eternal origins. We know that only when the recognition of blood is interpreted as a holy legacy - and that a racially pure clan must be passed along - a race and a folk can have eternal life. We are permeated by the conviction that only the generation that is bedded between ancestors and descendants grasps the correct measure for its task and for its obligation and the minuteness of the individual’s own, mortal self.

Victory of Child

We have learned that only the man with this conviction learns modesty even in times of success and avoids the mistakes of over-confidence and arrogance. Likewise, only such men can bear times of greatest distress with the same iron calm they showed in times of good fortune, living in Spartan simplicity. We teach our SS-men - beyond the marriage law and proper mate selection - that our whole struggle, the death of two million in the World War, the political struggle of the past fifteen years and the expansion of our Wehrmacht to protect our borders, would all be useless and in vain, if the victory of German spirit is not followed by the victory of the German child.

We have made it one of our tasks to do more than talk, rather to proceed through deed and example in our own ranks. We will today and in the future impress on our men that the most holy and valuable person of our folk is the mother who is conscious of her sacred duty, and that the German child is the most precious thing.

The Honour Law of the SS-Man

Another law established by the SS on November 9, 1935 that each SS-man has the right and the duty to defend his honour with a weapon. The law simultaneously defines who is a SS-man in the sense of the SS order. Each SS member must serve as a trainee for 1 14 years, give his SS-oath to the Führer, honourably perform his Work Service and Wehrmacht service and be at least 21 years old. He is then presented with the SS-dagger and is accepted into the SS-order as a full-fledged SS-man. Each of us is an SS-man, whether enlisted man or officer or Reichsführer. We have given ourselves this honour law, because we are convinced that only the man who knows that he can one day anywhere be taken to account for each of his deeds and words will grasp the final meaning of our community and learn to serve his folk as an irreproachable, clean soldier of life. For this honour law obligates him to preserve his own honour just like it demands others to respect him. It imposes principle, goodness and generosity toward his comrades, his countrymen and his fellow human beings as a duty.

Now I may take a stand on a few problems. First: in a booklet entitled “50 questions and answers for the ss-man”, the first question is: “what is your oath?”

Faith in God

The answer is: “We swear to you, Adolf Hitler, as Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich, loyalty and courage. We promise you and the superiors designated by you obedience unto death. So help us God!”

The second question is: “So you believe in a God?”

The answer is: “Yes, i believe in a God!”

The third question is: “What do you think of a person who does not believe in god?”

The answer is: “I consider him arrogant, megalomaniac and dumb. He is not suited for us.”

I have informed you of these three questions and answers in order to clearly present our stand on religion. be assured that we would not be able to form such an ironclad corps, if we did not have conviction and faith in a God who stands over us, who has created us, our fatherland, our folk and the earth, and who has sent us our Führer.

We are piously convinced that in accordance with the eternal laws of this earth we must stand by every deed, every word and every thought. Everything that our mind thinks up, our tongue speaks and our hand carries out does not stop with its execution, rather it is a cause that will have an effect, an inescapable course that will return to us and our folk as a blessing or as a curse. Believe me, people with this stance are anything but atheists. We refuse to allow ourselves to be slandered as atheists - through misuse of the term pagan - simply because we as a community do not embrace a particular denomination or dogma or demand this from any of our men. We allow ourselves the right and the freedom to draw a sharp and distinct line between religious/church/ denominational activity and political/world-view soldiery, and we will fiercely combat any violation. Likewise we teach our men - despite much justified outrage and many bad experiences that our folk has had in this area in the past - to respect everything that is holy to any folk comrade - due to his education and conviction - without any insult in word or deed.

Blood and Soil

The second realization i present to you, German peasants, as Reichsführer SS who is himself a Peasant in blood and in essence. The concept of blood represented by the Schutzstaffel from the beginning would be doomed to death, if it was not inseparably tied to the conviction of the value and the holiness of the soil. From the beginning the main office for race and settlement has set down the concept of “blood soil” in its name in a different formulation, but with the same meaning. I an assure you that it is no coincidence that the reich peasant leader of the german reich has belonged to the ss for years and as an obergruppenführer is chief of this race and settlement main office. It is also no coincidence that i am a peasant and that i belong to the Reich Peasant Council. Neither Peasants nor SS-men belong to the type of people who superfluously say a lot of nice words. It can be plainly and clearly said that, as it was in the past, so will it remain in the future. Where Adolf Hitler’s peasants stand, they will always have the schutzstaffel at their side as their most faithful friend. Likewise we know that where Adolf Hitler’s Schutzstaffel stands, the german peasant stands at its side as best comrade and friend. So it is today and so it will be for all the future.

Security Service and Secret State Police

I know there are many people in Germany who feel ill when they see this black uniform. we understand this and we do not expect that we will be loved by all too many. We should and we will respect all who hold Germany dear. Those who have a bad conscience toward the Führer and the nation should fear us. For these people we have built an organization called security service. As the SS we also provide the men for service in the secret state police. We will constantly fulfil our task of being the guarantor of Germany’s security internally just like the German Wehrmacht guarantees the protection of the honour, greatness and peace of the Reich externally. We will make sure that never again in germany, Europe’s heart, the jewish-bolshevik revolution of sub-humanity is ignited from within or by emissaries from outside. We will become a pitiless executioner’s sword for all of these forces - whose existence and activity are known to us - on the day of even the slightest attempt, be it today or in decades or in centuries.

Bolshevism - Not a Contemporary Phenomenon

I return to the beginning and wish to again stress that Bolshevism is not a contemporary phenomenon that can be debated out of existence or thought away because we wish that. We know him, the Jew, the people comprised of the refuse of all peoples and nations of this planet, upon who it has stamped its Jewish blood kind. Its wish is world domination, its desire is destruction, its will is extermination, its religion is godlessness and its idea is Bolshevism. We do not underestimate him, because we believe in the divine mission of our folk and we believe in our again resurrected strength through Adolf Hitler’s leadership and work.

The Schutzstaffel

We stand and have grown within this resurrected folk as the Schutzstaffel, founded on the Führer’s order. Although I tried today to describe the organization, foundation and task of the SS to you, no one will understand us unless they try to inwardly with their blood and with their heart. It cannot be explained why we, so small in number, roughly two hundred thousand men within the german folk, have this strength within us. It cannot be logically explained why today each of us who wears the black uniform, regardless where he may be, is carried by the strength of this our community. Be it on the saddle of a race horse, fencing in the gym, serving as an official, carrying stones as a construction worker, holding a high government office, doing service as a soldier, creating works of German spirit or standing his ground anywhere like a man, perhaps unseen.

Each of us knows that he does not stand alone, rather this unprecedented strength of two hundred thousand men sworn together bestows enormous energy on him, just like he knows that he is a representative of this black corps of this his community. He must honour it with best achievement at his post. Thus we assemble and march in accordance with inalterable laws as a national socialist, soldierly order of nordic determined men and as a sworn community of clans along the path into the distant future. We wish and we believe that We will not only be the grandchildren who fought more successfully, rather beyond that the ancestors of far future generations necessary for the eternal life of the German/Germanic folk.

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