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The NSDAP is a movement initiated by the Führer and aimed at the renewal and preservation of the German nation and its living space, according to the principles of the National Socialist view of the world.

National Socialism realizes:

Its legal claim for the sole leadership of the German nation from 14 years of fighting of the Führer and his followers, from the mission of the entire German nation and from the great achievements National Socialism has brought about in all fields of life since the day it came to power.

Its power to complete this mission from the sacrifices of those who died for the Movement and those who fell in the German wars for freedom.

It creates its faith in the German people from German history and the achievements of people of German blood in the past and present and from the eternal Germany.

It is the Führer’s will that the best Germans shall be National Socialists and the best National Socialists become party members. Therefore, the NSDAP is the ultimate political and racial elite of the entire German nation. Admittance to the NSDAP does not include a legal claim to remain a permanent member.

Party members are bound to the following duties:

The National Socialist observes the commands and demands of the Führer in blind trust and obedience.

You represent the party, act accordingly.

You can only become and remain a party member if you meet the requirements and if you are willing to unconditionally follow and with all your heart represent the National Socialist Weltanschauung in private and public life, in steadfast loyalty to the Führer.

The party program demands your utmost devotion to the Movement. As a party member it is an honor for you to incessantly serve the national community and to fight for the National Socialist Weltanschauung, regardless of all your personal career goals and if necessary, sacrifice your life. Make sure you understand that you are more than what you seem to be.

The behavior of a National Socialist is self-confident but never arrogant. Daily performance only qualifies you to wear the party’s emblem with pride. The party member practices strict self-discipline and dispenses with luxury. The party member meets his superiors in an upright and disciplined manner. Your health belongs to the German nation. The party member is modest and cares for his health. The physical, intellectual and mental energy of a man are diminished through the use of enervating drugs and enjoyments. The results are decline of character and damage to health.

As a party member you carry the flag and lead the way for others. Aggressive courage and faithful confidence displayed in a party member’s behavior and actions produce an electrifying example that encourages others along. Happy optimism is more convincing than furious argumentation. In moments of great difficulties and frustration it is courage, confidence and persistence that are necessary to win through.

Loyal comradeship belongs to the National Socialists and comradeship is among the oldest virtues in political armies. Comradeship proves its worth in everyday life and business life as well as in a fighting community and not only in saloons. Therefore, we are responsible to set the reluctant companion back on the right track, if necessary even by the use of force. Personal differences are settled between the men themselves or with the aid of their leader; presenting a united party is our most important role and must be the mission of everyone.

A healthy, large family is the greatest good. The party member chooses his wife early in life considering the principles of National Socialist racial selection.
Many children are the party member’s greatest contribution. Be an ideal for the whole nation. The life of a National Socialist is simple and modest. The party member is careful in his judgment and he detests lies. Loquacity is beneath a man’s worth, extravagance and carelessness damage the party’s image.

Let your thinking and acting be clean. The party member fights obscenity. Without being asked to do so, he stands up for a woman’s honor always and everywhere.

National Socialism serves eternal laws. This requires acceptance of the eternal laws to unselfishly serve the community and the welfare of the German nation and to live according to the eternal laws of our blood as they are expressed in the National Socialist Weltanschauung. This is where the party member seeks and finds the purpose of his existence ultimately expressed.

For a National Socialist, living means fighting. The party member fights inexorably against all enemies of the Reich and against all theories that endanger the living community of our National Socialist people. Our entire life is a fight for the German nation, for the Führer! We belong to him and his National Socialist Weltanschauung is our highest command in this world.

Long live Germany! Long live the Führer!

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