The sacking of Germany after her unconditional surrender will go down in history as one of the most monstrous acts of modern times. Its excess beggars description and its magnitude defy condemnation.” — Ralph F. Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, 1947.

My fellow Germans! I do not know whether all meetings here are as well attended, but I hardly think so.

The revolution we carried through is a complete one. It has affected and completely reformed all aspects of public life.

The Jews are most unfortunate in their “defenders.” Perhaps the initial misfortune is that the Jewish mind has reverted with automatic directness to the idea of “defense,” and not to frank self-criticism and correction.

Men of the SA! National Socialists! Party Comrades! When we take a retrospective look today, it does not end in the year 1933, but must go back further.

There are different leadership doctrines or theories. That which we National Socialists embrace is known as the “Leadership Principle,” or in German “das Führerprinzip.”

The greatly outnumbered and outgunned defenders suffered about 10,000 casualties, while Soviet losses were 170,000 dead, missing or wounded.

Of humanity's many noteworthy achievements and inventions, few are as evil and as horrifying as biological warfare: deliberate, government-ordered mass killing of people with lethal diseases.

My German Volksgenossen! National Socialists! My dear deceased Party Comrade! It is a painful path the peoples must take to find their fortunes.

A successful labour leader must have a practical knowledge of the conditions under which the workman lives and works, and also of his outlook on life, his ideas, his speech etc.

Just like the army which not only sustains itself in military leadership but at the same time has the responsibility to educate, train and shape the whole nation according to its military mission, it is the responsibility of a political party not only to be the supporting organization of the political leadership but to incessantly train and educate the nation according to its military opinion.

Party comrade Adolf Wagner, who conveyed my greetings to you in the past year, has been seriously ill for many months and is unable to attend the present rally.

The NSKK member is primarily a political soldier of Adolf Hitler.

Since early this morning the German people are at war with the Belgrade Government of intrigue. We shall only lay down arms when this band of ruffians has been definitely and most emphatically eliminated, and the last Briton has left this part of the European Continent.

We ourselves have been able to deal with our internal difficulties without detriment to any other people.

Attention! Attention! Here is the German radio, the German station transmits from the building of the Reichstag in Berlin the 8th session of the Reichstag. We now move on to the meeting room in the Reichstag.

Russians frequently cite this alleged war crime as Exhibit A of German brutality during the war. The peasants were subsistence farmers, barely scratching out a living.

One of the last Waffen-SS units to hold out defending Adolf Hitler’s bunker in Berlin was comprised entirely of Frenchmen.

We want to educate women who, with their natural mode of living, their intelligence, and their real truthfulness raise strong new generations.

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