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Already many weeks before the birth of a son or little daughter, the parents occupy themselves with the question what name they should call their child.

Most of these speeches here are pre-war (as most during war don't have footage) and have video footage.

If there is a single name that even today strikes terror into the hearts of former Red "partisans" (many of whom today live comfortable lives in the U.S. as "survivors"!), it would have to be "Dirlewanger."

Deputies, Men of the Reichstag! The President of the United States of America has addressed a telegram to me, whose peculiar contents you are aware of.

At certain points on the eastern front there is fighting not mentioned in the armed forces report. The bridgehead P. is one of the countless, nameless places where German soldiers stand iron firm against the vast superiority of the enemy.

My Comrades! It is for the first time today that I partake in a Reich Warriors’ Convention; the first time that I speak before you, the veterans of the old and of the new Wehrmacht.

I most assuredly do not wish to side with those who utterly condemn the artistic achievements of the latter half of the 19th century simply because they hold them to be the more or less glutted reflection of the styles of various past epochs.

by Mark Weber (2005)

Since its founding in 1977, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has grown to become one of the most important and influential Jewish organizations in the world.

I have called you together to give you a picture of the political situation, in order that you might have some insight into the individual factors on which I have based my decision to act and in order to strengthen your confidence.

“No folk lives longer than the documents of its culture!” – these words of the Führer, which are the guiding principle in all matters of cultural nature pertaining to the German folk, also stand over the intention of the SS-porcelain manufacturer Allach-München Inc.

In September 1943, the Training and Replacement Battalion for the Latvian SS Legion was relocated to the city of Jelgava (Mitau), where it was renamed the SS Grenadier Training and Replacement Bn.15 (SS-Ausbildung und Ersatz Btl.15).

SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines is translated directly from the original SS publication Glauben und Kampfen ("Faith and Struggle"), whose subtitle states that it was published for the SS-men from the ethnic German communities in south-eastern Europe.

Deputies, Men of the German Reichstag! For months a problem has tormented all of us. Long ago the Diktat of Versailles bestowed this problem on us. In its depravity and degeneracy it has now become insufferable.

By John Wear

On March 21, 1939, while hosting French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain discussed a joint front with France, Russia and Poland to act together against German aggression.

My Gauleiters! My dear Volksgenossen of Danzig! This moment deeply moves not only you, but the entire German Volk is struck with profound emotion. I myself am aware of the greatness of the hour.

Adolf Hitler himself tells the story better than anyone has told it since.

When the 4th SS Polizei-Pz.Gren.Div. was ordered to relocate from Slovakia to Pomerania in late January 1945, SS-AR 4 was reorganized.

Delegates! Men of the German Reichstag! In a fateful time, you, my delegates, convened here as representatives of the German folk on September 1st of this year.

Translated from the SS Original: Angriff auf die nationalsozialistische Weltanschauung by Dieter Schwarz in 1936.

Party comrades! My German folk comrades! I have come to you for a few hours in order, in your midst, to again experience the memory of a day which for us, for the movement and this for the whole German folk, was of great importance.

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