Each of us should remind himself daily that the power of his body, soul and mind belong to the Führer, to the Movement and thus to the Nation.

My Comrades! Finally, I am able to greet you now in person. I am so happy to see you here before me, and above all I am so proud of you!

Reinhard Heydrich's outstanding contribution to the National Socialist Movement is the Security Service!

My dear Gauleiter Sauckel, dear Minister-President Marschler! I thank you for your welcome. You know best how deeply I am moved by being able to dwell these few days within the walls of the old city.

Never had so many people been put in prison. The size of the Allied captures was unprecedented in all history.

Today more than ever it is a difficult duty to care for the party and its future. It is the primary demand of our present time that the subdivisions of the party be closely united.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics event was unique in that it boasted the largest number of foreign athletes in the history of the Olympics.

In the aftermath of World War II, the governments of the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France established an “International Military Tribunal” (IMT) to punish surviving leaders of Third Reich Germany.

Esteemed Mr. President, Gentlemen of the International Olympic Committee and the Organization Committee! It is a pleasure for me to welcome you personally and on behalf of the German Volk.

The fact that you, Mr. Mayor, have presented to me on behalf of the city of Nuremberg the old plans and sketches of the fortifications, towers, battlements, and trenches so familiar to us all, is a particular pleasure to me.

My German Nation! In November 1918, when the German nation laid down its arms trusting implicitly in the assurances contained in President Wilson's 14 Points, this marked the end of a disastrous struggle for which some individual statesmen could be blamed but certainly not the people of the warring nations.

I took the first step when I made the decision to found the Movement. And it was a very difficult decision indeed for me to imprison the Bavarian Government and proclaim a national revolution in Germany.

Born in 1912, Otto Ernst Remer enlisted in the German army in 1930. During the Second World War he served as a front line officer in Poland, the Balkans, and in the campaign against the Soviet Union.

Adolf Hitler made his final address to the nation in a radio broadcast on Jan. 30, 1945, the twelfth anniversary of the National Socialist seizure of power.

Trivial incidents of wars are often more important than the unfolding chain of events.

The notion that the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler is a type or variant of a more generally defined “fascism” is a staple of Marxist propaganda and analysis.

Contemporary film report on a mass rally in Lviv (Lemberg), Ukraine, July 18, 1943, for the newly formed SS Division “Galicia.”

Men of the German Reichstag! The President of the German Reichstag, Party Comrade Goring, convened today’s session at my request in order to give you an opportunity to hear a declaration from the Reich Government pertaining to questions which instinctively are regarded not only by yourselves but by the entire German Volk as important, if not to say decisive.

Maria Koppensteiner was arrested at her home in Austria by the Secret State Police, along with her three brothers. It happened when “liberation” came to Europe.

In 1950, Julius Evola wrote Orientations, a pamphlet for a number of his young political associates, intended as a compendium that would set down the most important core values of a traditional rightist group.

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