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Nazi spokesmen tell you frankly that they cracked down hard from the start and made things just about as tough as the civilian population could bear.

There were 52 Waffen-SS Brigadeführer, the oldest of whom was Friedrich Tscharmann (an SS HQ staff officer), who was born in 1871 in Saxony, while the youngest was Wilhelm Mohnke (commander of the 1st SS Division "LAH" in late 1944, early 1945), who was born in Lübeck in 1911.

Scarcely six years have passed since the National Socialist Movement, following many years of struggle, was finally entrusted with the leadership of the Reich.

We hear this one all the time; but how few of the people repeating this cooked-up, passed-down, 100-year-old lie realize that the first such smear of Hitler came from an openly pro-Marxist newspaper? It’s true.

At first glance it may seem strange that a poet and writer of fairy-tales has been chosen to write this article on German culture policy, when so wide a choice from among leading politicians was available.

How could it have been otherwise, given the Jews' domination of our culture? It was no coincidence that fine art in the U. S. was trashed at the same moment National Socialism triumphed in Germany.

At the beginning of the Ardennes Offensive which commenced on 16 December 1944, 6th SS Panzer Army command ordered training activities for replacement units to continue at an elevated level in the nearby Westerwald area with the stipulation that these troops would be utilized for combat duties if necessary.

As the National Socialist Movement came to power in 1933, it seemed to me that this area was particularly well suited to open the campaign against unemployment: the problem of motorization!

The great importance of social policy to the working population of Germany cannot be properly appreciated without some knowledge of the changes that have come over the country's economic structure during the last fifty years or so.

Everything now done in Germany is prompted by the conviction that our nation will only be able to assure its future existence if we succeed in maintaining the National Socialist regime.

Effective 1 April 1938, the Reichsführer-SS ordered the formation of 4 Totenkopf Standarten (Deathshead Regiments) from the Totenkopf Guard Battalions.

Today we feel doubly close to those times because first of all, in our midst we see the fighters of the eldest German Ostmark who until recently were subject to a like persecution because of their National Socialist conviction.

The nineteenth century witnessed so much educational progress in the domain of intellectual refinement that it may be justly described as the century of education.

The SS Medical Academy was founded in 1937 in Berlin to train active duty medical officers for the armed units of the SS and Police.

When six years ago I took over the leadership of the Reich one of our so-called “statesmen” of that day said: “Now this man has taken the decisive step. Up to now he has been popular, because he has been in opposition. Now he must govern and we shall see in six or eight weeks how his popularity will look”!

When the National Socialist party acquired power on January 30th, 1933, German agriculture was on the brink of ruin.

It is not easy to give the foreigner a true picture of the State Labour Service, because this is a National Socialist scheme based upon conditions such as exist in Germany only.

According to the popular mythology, World War II was precipitated by the attempt of the Germans under the Third Reich to invade and conquer the territory of their European neighbors, with world conquest as their ultimate goal.

Nevertheless, had not the German Volk in its blindness allowed the civic unrest back then to foment a civil war, then there would never have been a collapse such as that of 1918.

The second year of the struggle with the Bolshevik opponent now lies behind us. This winter, too, the almost constant assault of the Bolshevik masses has shattered on the resistance strength of the National Socialist army.

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