The source: “Die Erziehungsgrundsätze des neuen Deutschlands,” Frauen-Warte, #22 (1936/37), pp. 692-693.

In May of 1941, during a conflict that soon widened into the Second World War, at a time when most people now alive were not yet born, a man flew unescorted from Augsburg in Germany to the Scottish highlands in an unarmed Messerschmitt 110 twin-engine plane which he piloted himself.

Manly virtues determine the basic direction of our way of life, first of all loyalty. We best understand loyalty through the feeling in our blood. This feeling tells us clearly what loyalty is.

It was a provocation the likes of which Berlin had never seen. Marxism thinks it presumptuous if a person with nationalistic sentiments expresses them in a working class district.

Whenever talk comes around to freedom, some of the most vehement disputes in world history arise for our mind's eye.

1. Jewish Marxism and parliamentary democracy related to it; 2. the politically and morally corrupting Center;  3. certain elements in a stubborn, dumb-reactionary bourgeoisie.

There they hang on the wall, one hundred ninety-six little plaques in oval, gilded frames. And there are still far fewer than there ought to have been. All the frames in the upper rows show only a name with a couple of dates on white paper.

Dr. Wilhelm Frick: Speech to the first session of the Expert Advisory Committee on Populational and Racial Policy on the 28th of June 1933.

Alfred Ploetz’ 1895 work, Die Tuechtigkeit Unserer Rasse und der Schutz der Schwachen (“The Competence of Our Race and the Preservation of the Weak”), is credited by Robert Proctor as the book that started the racial hygiene movement in Germany.

National Socialism as a political movement will have reached its goal when the Reich has ultimately secured its proper position among other nations.

It is the goal and task of our National Socialist will to establish an eternal German nation.

Hence there is no such thing as freedom for the individual, just as there is no freedom for a class. What does that mean, my dear peasants, freedom for the individual?

By the summer (1923) we had already realized that the dice would have to fall one way or another in Germany.

Nowadays I do not speak very often. In the first place I have little time for speaking, and in the second place I believe that this is a time for action rather than speech.

I. BE HONEST. A National Socialist faces a fact whether he likes it or not. Dishonesty is the mark of the enemy. National Socialism above all represents living truth in its purest form.

It should be abundantly clear that a sound economic system must rest not on debt or even some extraneous (i.e. useless) metal, but on the productivity of the worker alone.

For the second time, we celebrate in this room our folk’s Heroes Remembrance Day. Even more than a year ago, we have become aware how little words are able to express the worthy gratitude of a nation to its heroes.

Were all the crimes against humanity committed during World War lithe work of Hitler's underlings? That was certainly the impression created by the fact that only Germans were brought to trial at Nuremburg.

To deal with the massive unemployment and economic paralysis of the Great Depression, both the US and German governments launched innovative and ambitious programs.

Originally published under the title “Creeping Genocide,” in WHITE POWER: The Revolutionary Voice of National Socialism, Number 76, July-August 1977 / JdF 88.

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