A successful labour leader must have a practical knowledge of the conditions under which the workman lives and works, and also of his outlook on life, his ideas, his speech etc.

Just like the army which not only sustains itself in military leadership but at the same time has the responsibility to educate, train and shape the whole nation according to its military mission, it is the responsibility of a political party not only to be the supporting organization of the political leadership but to incessantly train and educate the nation according to its military opinion.

Party comrade Adolf Wagner, who conveyed my greetings to you in the past year, has been seriously ill for many months and is unable to attend the present rally.

The NSKK member is primarily a political soldier of Adolf Hitler.

Since early this morning the German people are at war with the Belgrade Government of intrigue. We shall only lay down arms when this band of ruffians has been definitely and most emphatically eliminated, and the last Briton has left this part of the European Continent.

We ourselves have been able to deal with our internal difficulties without detriment to any other people.

Attention! Attention! Here is the German radio, the German station transmits from the building of the Reichstag in Berlin the 8th session of the Reichstag. We now move on to the meeting room in the Reichstag.

Russians frequently cite this alleged war crime as Exhibit A of German brutality during the war. The peasants were subsistence farmers, barely scratching out a living.

One of the last Waffen-SS units to hold out defending Adolf Hitler’s bunker in Berlin was comprised entirely of Frenchmen.

We want to educate women who, with their natural mode of living, their intelligence, and their real truthfulness raise strong new generations.

Each of us should remind himself daily that the power of his body, soul and mind belong to the Führer, to the Movement and thus to the Nation.

My Comrades! Finally, I am able to greet you now in person. I am so happy to see you here before me, and above all I am so proud of you!

Reinhard Heydrich's outstanding contribution to the National Socialist Movement is the Security Service!

My dear Gauleiter Sauckel, dear Minister-President Marschler! I thank you for your welcome. You know best how deeply I am moved by being able to dwell these few days within the walls of the old city.

Never had so many people been put in prison. The size of the Allied captures was unprecedented in all history.

Today more than ever it is a difficult duty to care for the party and its future. It is the primary demand of our present time that the subdivisions of the party be closely united.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics event was unique in that it boasted the largest number of foreign athletes in the history of the Olympics.

In the aftermath of World War II, the governments of the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and France established an “International Military Tribunal” (IMT) to punish surviving leaders of Third Reich Germany.

Esteemed Mr. President, Gentlemen of the International Olympic Committee and the Organization Committee! It is a pleasure for me to welcome you personally and on behalf of the German Volk.

The fact that you, Mr. Mayor, have presented to me on behalf of the city of Nuremberg the old plans and sketches of the fortifications, towers, battlements, and trenches so familiar to us all, is a particular pleasure to me.