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One of the most suppressed English-language books ever to emerge from Germany: the 1938 authorized biography of Adolf Hitler.

Since British imperialism set out to conquer the world, it was its endeavor to entangle Europe and its folks in ever new internal wars and to thereby weaken them.

The story of the Charlemagne‘s battalion in Berlin is told mainly in the words of their commander and their divisional commander recorded individually several years after the events described.

Delegates! Men of the German Reichstag! In an era when deeds are everything and words are little, it is not my intention to step before you as the selected representatives of the German folk more often than necessary.

Once I observed the building of a bridge for a prolonged time. At the beginning everything looked like chaos until, taking a closer look, I could indeed recognize an inner order.

The longer the war lasts, the more difficult and harder it becomes, the deeper become our insights into its essence, into its meaning and into its inner necessity.

German folk! National Socialists! Distressed by heavy cares, condemned to months of silence, the hour has now come in which I can finally speak openly.

The second series of battles in the East has ended, along the whole front, with the breach of the Stalin Line and the deep thrust of the armoured forces.

On the basis of my intentions for the future prosecution of the war, as stated in Directive 32, I issue the following general instructions concerning personnel and equipment.

by Martin Kerr

There is no region on Earth that Aryans have not at least visited, including remote Pacific islands, sand-choked deserts and steaming tropical rain forests, and most countries today have at least a token Aryan population.

Education always serves higher development. It has roots in the human soul. Its result should be the moral development of the individual; its goal is the joyous formation of the relationships among people.

The popular support for Adolf Hitler that followed the National Socialists’ seizure of power in January 1933 tempted many German manufacturers to employ NS references to boost their products’ appeal.

The memoirs of the legendary Skorzeny appear here in its first unabridged English edition.

The Führer has issued the following orders for the prosecution of operations in the east, supplementary to Directive 34.

by Dr. Fritz Todt – Inspector-General of the German Road and Highway System (1938)

In order to form an adequate idea of what has actually been achieved by the National Socialist Government in their vast road construction programme, it is necessary to make a brief historical survey of the period following the War and bring some light to bear on the general conditions prevailing then, and whence National Socialism sprang into existence.

In recent years, the "true crime" genre has surpassed sports and politics in popularity.

There’s a bit of a dirty dog inside each of us. The first demand on you is to combat and defeat him, if you want to be a comrade to comrades. This demand is the most difficult.

For the ninth time, I appeal to the German folk to make its voluntary sacrifice for the Winter Aid Work.

I worked in Ludwigsburg together with another boy from Tienen (Belgium) in a factory that made small components for engines.

It is impossible to give an all-encompassing interpretation of the nature of National Socialism in a temporary outline, since it is a question of a movement and idea that broke into German public life with dynamic force and fundamentally changed all relationships and relationships between people from the ground up.

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