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SS man! Have you taken a close look at the skull insignia on your cap? Have you during a quiet hour reflected when it has to say to you?

We are not hermits. We do not want to be that – and we cannot. Most of us would perish, if we became hermits. Without others we would be more or less helpless.

My German folk comrades! If I today speak to you again after long months, then it does not happen in order to, say, give an accounting to one of those statesmen who recently was surprised that I had remained silent for so long.

by Martin Kerr

A unique and compelling feature of the National Socialist worldview of Adolf Hitler is that, of all the various political movements and ideologies of the modern era, it alone is based solely on the Natural Order.

Correctly commanding is difficult. New parents already learn this. But if it’s already difficult in family life, which is filled with love, care, hope and joy, so much more difficult is command when ignorance or even stupidity and ill-intent confront us!

Party comrades! German folk comrades! I have again come here a few hours, true to the old custom, to speak to you, my first followers and fellow fighters, and to honor those who back then made the greatest sacrifice that they could make for our movement and hence for Germany.

In 1938 the respected author, engineer and historical novelist, Dr. Helmut Stellrecht (December 21st 1898 - June 23rd 1987) published his short 78 page book, ‘Faith and Action’ (Glauben und Handeln: Ein Bekenntnis der jungen Nation).’

by Douglas Mercer

For all but a few historical figures, historians have a basic handle on who they were, what they did, and what they were about.

All of the larger groups of European volunteers that found their way into the Waffen-SS, had newspapers and magazines that were published specifically for them, taking into consideration their ethnicity, culture and history.

German Volksgenossen! Seven years are a short time indeed. They are only a fraction of a normal human life-only a second in the life of a people.

The SS-Kampfgruppe “Dirnagel” was formed on 25 March 1945 from members of the SS Flak Training and Replacement Rgt. in Munich.

Soldiers! The year 1939 afforded the Greater German Wehrmacht the proud opportunity to prove its worth.

After mastering its internal divisions, National Socialist Germany has proceeded step by step to cast off its enslavement.

by Dr. Erich Schinnerer (1938)

When the National Socialist Government came into office, on January 30, 1933, it was confronted with widespread chaos and confusion in the social, economic and political life of the nation.

Professor Wilhelm Petersen at the Front as Picture Reporter and Artist

Each SS Leitheft has a specific theme. We thus follow a clear intent. It is not our desire to simply make each issue interesting. Whoever seeks distraction and diversion, will seek in vain in these SS Leithefts.

In late February and early March 1945, the Waffen-SS commander-in-chief for the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, SS-Brigadeführer Karl Graf von Pueckler-Burghaus began ordering the mobilization of SS security, training and replacement troops stationed in the territory.

My German folk comrades! 20 years ago, I spoke for the first time in this hall before the broadest public. What led me here, was the hardest and most fanatical decision of my life.

As a young student Horst Ludwig Wessel joined NSDAP because he realised that the only possible way for the salvation of Germany is the way shown by Adolf Hitler.

The third battle for the Kurland Pocket in Latvia in December-January 1944-1945, probably was the high point in the history of the 19th Latvian SS Div. and the VI. SS Army Corps.

It is at a solemn hour that the German Volk celebrates its Heroes’ Memorial Day today.

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