Deputies, Men of the German Reichstag! I have had you summoned to attend this short session today, myself moved to the depths of my heart, in order to give you a report on the events whose significance you all appreciate.

This video showing Adolf Hitler’s prediction of what would happen to Europe if the Greater German Reich were to lose World War II.

In the Thicket of the Forest at Artois
WWI Poem by Adolf Hitler
(Direct English Translation)

After fifty years of being confined to the Orwellian memory hole created by the Jews as part of their European "denazification" process, the work of the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun -- who died in 1952 -- is reemerging to take its place among the greatest European literature of the twentieth century.

These are the Second World War bunkers that still crouch on the landscape as echoes of the biggest conflict in history.

This treatise by New Order Commander Matt Koehl first appeared in the Summer 1980 issue of The National Socialist, an earlier journal of the World Union of National Socialists.

The significance, importance and effects of martyrs on religious or secular power systems and on revolutionary movements has always been known and exploited by the tyrants of Church and State.

It has often been said that Hitler's greatest mistakes were his decisions to go to war against the Soviet Union and the United States. Whatever the truth may be, it's worth noting his own detailed justifications for these fateful decisions.

When in November 1918 the German Volk-trusting in the guarantees of Wilson’s Fourteen Points-laid down their arms after four and a half years of valiant resistance in a war they had never wanted, they believed they were doing a service not only to tormented mankind, but to a great idea in and of itself.

The source: This was printed in most remaining German newspapers on 20 April 1945.

This is the author’s preface to William Brooke Joyce’s earthshaking book Twilight Over England. 

Reading the universally acclaimed German philosopher Martin Heidegger is a pleasure that cannot and should not be underestimated.

Ernst Wilhelm Bohle (28 July 1903 – 9 November 1960) was the leader of the Foreign Organization of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) from 1933 until 1945.

What was really at the core of Hitler’s being? It was to do God’s work to help Whites evolve as part of God’s Plan.

For seven months in 1944, Estonian, Latvian and German Waffen-SS troops fiercely defended the strategically important Narva Isthmus against Soviet forces.

Jews has condemned him as the "megalomaniac who brought death and misery to millions". But for one woman, the name Adolf Hitler evokes a smile not a shudder.

Virtually every major biography of Adolf Hitler or history of the Third Reich quotes from the memoir of Hermann Rauschning, a former National Socialist Senate President of Danzig.

Thousands gather for this large outdoor celebration and festive parade in 1937, in front of the city hall of the northern German metropolis of Hamburg.

Fritz Christen was born on June 29, 1921, in Wredenhagen, Germany. Due to the hardships that followed Germany’s loss in WWI and the effects of the Great Depression, his family suffered.

Ten thousand incensed Jews swarmed into New York City's Central Park where the man they hated most planned to speak in the "free forum area."