We humans live in a world in which all becoming, living, maturing and passing proceeds according to unbending, godly laws of nature.

The problems of our life are worse than those of other peoples. Perhaps there are peoples who can afford the luxury of waging war at home, of wrangling and bashing each other’s heads in.

This article is based on a written interview with Oberstrumbannführer E. Raybaud, former commander of SS Grenadier Regiment 58 as given to Jean-Louis Roba. 

The harder this war affects the European folks, the greater the energies which it awakens in these folks and sets into motion.

After the German declaration of war on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, the Reich Commissioner for the Occupied Netherlands, Dr. Arthur Seyss-Inquart, addressed the Dutch nation and called for the creation of a national legion to join the Germans in the struggle against communism.

For us there was the hard choice: either-or! Either relinquishing claim to the remnants of a bad past, remnants that had become as ridiculous as they were harmful-or relinquishing claim to the future of Germany.

This booklet published by the government of the Third Reich contains Adolf Hitler’s speech to the German people concerning his decision to declare war against the Soviet Union, and the official diplomatic message sent to the Soviets, outlining in great detail their crimes and plots against Germany, which violated the terms of the mutual Non-Aggression Pact.

The Karl-Gerät, literally the Karl-Device, was one of Germany’s largest siege mortars, and one of the biggest mortars ever built. It is difficult to overstate both the Karl-Gerät’s size and power.

In these weeks and months Europe’s destiny for all future is being decided. Germanic volunteers with healthy instinct from the Germanic lands of our continent have decided to fight on the side of the Reich.

“You will be my historical witness. The day will come when I will need it,” said the Norwegian Prime Minister Vidkun Quisling to his secretary, Franklin Knudsen. The national leader’s words were spoken with great solemnity as the two men sat in a room of Oslo’s Grand Hotel on the 18th April 1940.

On September 3rd 1939, the Allies declared war on Germany, leading to the subsequent half a decade long world war.

The Bayreuth Festival symbolises Europe’s centuries old struggle for its existence. Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883) the great German composer, chose Bayreuth for a number of sound reasons.

This essay below by Leon Degrelle (1906-1994), was first presented at the Fourth IHR Conference in Chicago (Sept. 1982).

This April 1938 newsreel report of British Pathé and UFA documents the enormous popular support across Germany for the union (Anschluss) of Austria with the Reich.

Our fellow party member Rosenberg began his speech by saying that it is critical for a nation that its territory correspond to its population. As he put it so well: "The nation needs space."

It wasn’t long ago that we used to consider purity and maturity as something curious; we even used to laugh at the notions. Wasn’t the rigour of battle our first command and purity something for young girls? But we have since changed.

A young teenager when Adolf Hitler first rose to power in his home nation of Germany, Peiper joined the SS after serving as a member of the Hitler Youth.

In October 1939 the SS-Verfügungstruppe division was formed, which eagerly participated in battles when the Poland's Campaign began on September 1, 1939.

Audio feature is on the life of SS Panzer commander, Michael Wittmann.

On the morning of June 22, 1941, Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels announced to the world the startling news that German forces, together with Finnish and Romanian troops, had struck against the vast Soviet Union. On German radio he read Adolf Hitler's historic proclamation justifying the attack.

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