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by Andrew Hamilton

Houston Peterson, compiler of A Treasury of the World’s Great Speeches (1965), believed that “eloquent speech” (oratory) originated deep in the prehistoric past among men “who cast spells over their fellows with the magic of words.

by prof. Wolfgang Schulz (1939)

All cultural technology is simultaneously cultural policy, and cultural policy the highest, if not basically the solely possible kind of politics at all.

by John I. Johnson

Harold von Braunhut, 77, wealthy Aryan Nations backer and mail order merchandiser of gimmicky novelties such as X-Ray eyeglasses that supposedly allow wearers to see through clothing, died November 28, 2003 in Indian Head, Maryland.

by Werner Beumelburg

The present war daily provides evidence of the most daring intrepidness and unique heroism. Countless as well is the apparently little and nameless heroism of the German soldier.

By Richard Landwehr

The SS Guard Battalion 1 was formed as the SS Guard Detachment Berlin from the VII. Battalion/“Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler” on 15 January 1942.

by Hadding Scott

That Jews married their White slaves, resulting in some blond Jews, was the finding of the respected German-American anthropologist Theodor Poesche.

Delegates! Men of the German Reichstag! Amidst the mighty struggle for the freedom and for the future of the German nation, I have had you summoned to this session.

During a field exercise, a soldier noticed an oak, which he decided to draw due to its distinctive growth.

From 1943-45, 3rd Company of the Recce Detachment of the "Nordland" Division bore the sobriquet, "The Swedish Company," because it contained a nearly all Swedish platoon, and had Estonian ethnic-Swedes scattered throughout the company along with either a Swedish company commander or Swedish officers attached to the company.

by Gerhard Lauck (NSDAP/AO)

Joachim Peiper was born on January 30th, 1915 as the son of an officer’s family in Berlin.

Dear Mr. Minister-President! I understand the reservations that you express. I, too, have never overlooked the great responsibility that is placed upon those who are put over the fate of the folks.

by prof. Wolfgang Schulz (1939)

Two dangers threaten the developing German human being: rearing delusion and education delusion.

The path back - that is what we called the path of the mothers and fathers, the parents, who had lost the son, often the only one; that path that was supposed to lead them back from despair and loneliness to life.

From 24 to 27 December 1944, the “GvB” Div. underwent a brief period of refurbishing in the Saarland at Neunkirchen, St. Ingbert, Homburg and Spiessen.

In these days ends the first war year. The second began, and with it the new War Winter Aid Work. The successes of this first year, my folk comrades, are unprecedented.

by Dr. William Pierce

He fought, and he died. And yet he is not really dead, for he built a Movement and that Movement was not destroyed by the bullet that struck him down.

by prof. Wolfgang Schulz (1939)

One can differentiate: the knowledge about race and folk, and the knowledge that the race, the folk, has acquired over the course of its existence.

In September 1943, Adolf Hitler sent SS commandoes to rescue Benito Mussolini. For the man leading the raid, Otto Skorzeny, this was only the first in a series of extraordinary operations.

We have entered a stage of the struggle that is without mercy. The men who clash there are two types of human beings, are mortal enemies.

The 37th SS Cavalry Div. was listed for the first time on the schematic unit roster of the Waffen-SS on 1 March 1945.

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