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The struggle in which the German nation finds itself this time for the first time in its history is a struggle in the deepest sense against the life assertion of our folk in itself.

Party comrades! My comrades! We now celebrate November 9th again just like back then on the eve of the rally.

In their religion our ancestors honored supernatural powers, whose working and administering they believed to feel - certainly also in the field and forest, in the sky and on earth, but above all in their own life.

This is the last in this series of lost articles from Henry Ford’s book The International Jew. In this piece, he brings forth many interesting facts but nevertheless appears convinced of Frank’s innocence. In our view, Ford is wrong here: The facts conclusively point to Frank’s guilt.

In the autumn of 1944, the establishment of a special SS radio company for use at the Führer’s Headquarters-in-the-field, was authorized.

My German folk comrades! My German workers! I speak only very rarely now: first, because I have little time to talk, and second, because I also believe at the moment that it is more correct to act than to speak.

The NSDAP is a movement initiated by the Führer and aimed at the renewal and preservation of the German nation and its living space, according to the principles of the National Socialist view of the world.

On 19 November 1942, a massive Red Army armored offensive shattered the Don River Front to the north of Stalingrad, splintering the Italian, Romanian and Hungarian defensive forces into panic-stricken fragments.

Greatly disconcerted about the future of my Volk, I moved into Wilhelmstrasse on January 30, 1933. Today – six years later – I am able to speak before this first Greater German Reichstag!

The fire raids on Japan started in 1945. The fire raids were ordered by the murderous psychopath General Curtis LeMay, who some see as the ‘Bomber Harris’ of the Pacific War, in response to the difficulty B-29 crews had in completing pinpoint strategic bombing over Japanese cities.

After having spent more than two months in action on the Eastern Front, the SS Inf. Rgt. 4 was pulled out of the lines in November 1941 for a leisurely program of refitting.

We deem it a good sign that the enemy scatters leaflets over air-threatened regions that are directed against the Waffen-SS.

The following is a transcript of remarks by New Order Commander Matt Koehl before a special Midwest seminar on National Socialist ideology and doctrine held on July 31, 1994.

It is not hard to follow the Führer in hours of joy. What faith and loyalty are capable of, is proven only during setbacks and hours of stress.

National Socialists! Party Comrades! National Socialist Germany emerges from the year 1938 with deeply moved gratitude for the merciful workings of Providence.

For the seventh time, I have the pleasure of opening an exhibition which affords us insight not only into the workings of one of the most important branches of industry in our country, but also of a large part of the world.

By SS-Ustuf. Gerhart Schinke

Death accompanied, invitingly, along the path the officers and soldiers carried their mortally wounded king from the ferry-house across the Oder bridge to the castle Reitwein.

The Assault Gun Detachment of the 4th SS Police Division was formed in the autumn of 1943 at the SS Training Grounds in Debica, Poland.

Memel Germans! Volksgenossen! I greet you today in the name of the entire German Volk. I am happy to receive you into our Greater German Reich.

The nurse had just made her last round, and now the three “starving artists” were again alone in their room.

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