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On November 5, 2016, despite many threats of violence from the far left, the National Socialist Movement, along with comrades from the Traditionalist Workers Party, Texas Rebel Knights and others, flying under the unifying banner of the Nationalist Front, conducted a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA.


Although this rally took place only four days ahead of the controversial and highly publicized US presidential election, it was our annual national event that normally takes place on or around the first week of November. Whether it be an election or Kristallnacht , the media desperately tries to spin the timing of our events. Initially, our rally was not going to have a police presence, but the antifascists, self proclaimed anarchists and Communists assembled, by the hundreds, on the street adjacent to the Capitol steps.

Upon our arrival, there were approximately 100 police officers, many clad in armor and tactical gear, from various law enforcement agencies, including the Pennsylvania State Police. The mainstream media labeled these miscreants as "peaceful protesters", but they hurled eggs and bottles at the police, while setting off fireworks in close proximity to horse mounted officers. Typically, the police are present for the protection of the counter demonstrators. True to form, it was the degenerates on the other side of the barricades that became unruly. From where we stood on the Capitol steps, two people were taken into custody and hauled off to jail. It's not uncommon to watch these protesters fight among themselves.

With the presidential election only days away, reporters from around the country and world were present. Commander Jeff Schoep highlighted the political corruption that infests, both the Republican and Democratic parties. This rally also marked the official re-branding of the rapidly growing Aryan Nationalist Alliance, into the "Nationalist Front." The purpose of this transition is to make our organization(s) more inclusive. As the Globalist Movement draws to a close, the rise of nationalism in the United States and across Europe, brings us to a time, where unification and cooperation among our respective groups becomes one of our highest priorities. The days of a "silenced" White America are over, as people are removing their blinders of "political correctness."

Although the controlled media attempted to brand the NSM/NF with the "hate group" moniker, comments on numerous social media sites were far more critical of the counter-protesters, who were supposedly opposed to hatred and bigotry. After all, they were the ones actually spewing hateful rhetoric, while holding signs advocating violence and death. The public is finally seeing through the smoke screen and lies of the corrupt and biased propagandists posing as journalists.

Once the speakers were finished and our rally drew to a close, we took our obligatory group photo on the Capitol steps, broke down our PA gear and formed up a column. Some of the more violent and radicalized protesters attempted to flank our ranks, as we made the quarter mile march to our staging area, at a nearby parking garage. Without incident, we departed downtown Harrisburg and returned to our hotel. That evening, we enjoyed conversation, camaraderie, and food.

SS Capt. Harry L. Hughes III
Director, NSM Region 11/NSM.-AZ Media Spokesman
NSM MEDIA Producer

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