Thousands of nationalists marched through Warsaw at the country's Independence Day celebrations.

(Daily Mail)

The march organised by patrotic groups was one of a number of marches organised in the Polish capital, which was celebrating Poland's rebirth as an independent nation 99 yeats ago after it was wiped off the map for 123 years.

President Andrzej Duda and European Union president Donald Tusk, himself a former Polish prime minister presided over a formal state ceremony earlier in the day.

Yet this Independence Day march was the largest in recent years, overshadowing other state and patriotic events.

The nationalist presence at the event was visible for all to see, with some holding up white pride banners and chanting anti-liberal slogans. One banner read 'White Europe of brotherly nations'.

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A demonstrator interviewed by state television TVP said he was on the march to 'remove Jewry from power.'

Some marched under a banner which read 'We Want God', words from an old Polish song which Donald Trump quoted during his visit to the country earlier this year. Others spoke about standing up to liberals and defending Christianity.

Vast swathes of the crowd marched with the red-and-white flag while others let off red flares and firecrackers during their march. A banner depicting a falanga, a far-right symbol dating back to the 1930s, was also unfurled by a section of the crowd.

Authorities also had to ensure that anti-fascist protesters were kept away from nationalist demonstrators over fears their could be violent outbreaks.

Independence Day in Poland marks when it regained its soverignty at the end of World War I after it had been partitioned and ruled over by Russia, Prussia and the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski noted that Poland had not always been fully independent since 1918, a reference to Germany's occupation during World War II and the decades spent under Moscow's direction during the Cold War.

Still, he said: 'The Polish state was internationally recognized the whole time and that is a great achievement.'




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