The highly-touted National Socialist Movement rally against illegal immigration took place as advertised in Frankfort, Kentucky and no untoward incidents were reported.

One unexpected development was that NSM members were joined by members of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, to bring the total of White civil rights activists assembling on the steps of the State Capitol Building to 40. A separate group of 10 other White civil rights activists stood to the south of the counterprotest under a “White Power”, occasionally cheering and pointing their fists in support of the speakers.As many as 200 White activists were originally expected. Police escorted these supporters from the rally before the speakers finished.

While the White activists focused on illegal immigration, they also spoke out on white civil rights, economic recession, homosexuals and crime. At least 150 counterprotesters were present, holding signs saying “White person against racism,” “No hate here,” and “Mexican-American and proud.” At least 70 law enforcement officers from Frankfurt Police and the Kentucky State Police were present to keep order; despite heated verbal exchanges, there were no physical altercations and no arrests. After the rally, the NSM members and their allies were bused away from the site on Frankfort Transit vehicles, the same way they were brought in.

The NSM's East Kentucky coordinator, Sandra Coy, deserves the credit for organizing the rally, but she may pay an economic price for it as her job could be on the line. Her employer, Bob's Hay Barn, is claiming the Coy listed the business as an official point of contact for the NSM rally without his permission. As a result, his business has already been vandalized. According to Lex18, Bob Sparrow, the business owner, hasn't yet spoken with Coy about the incident, but suggested she won't be an employee much longer.

In addition, Sandra Coy has some unfriendly neighbors to contend with. Some of her neighbors have been reporting her to the authorities for alleged animal abuse; whether it's genuine or politically motivated has not been established. The neighbors complain about chained dogs and horses with their ribs sticking. In response, a team including Sheriff Pat Melton, animal control officer Todd Moore, Franklin County Humane Society Director Angie Stewart and a state livestock investigator visited the Coy household on Thursday April 19th to assess the situation. They found food and water bowls for the animals, and there was no evidence the pit bulls had been used in dogfights, as complainants have suggested. And while the horses looked skinny, they weren’t too thin. The livestock investigator said they were healthy by Kentucky standards. Nevertheless, the Sheriff’s Office is compiling information on the Coys and their animals, which will be provided to County Attorney Rick Sparks to determine if there’s enough evidence for charges to be filed.

But these issues did not stop Sandra Coy from organizing a successful rally. Perseverance in the face of opposition builds character.

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Update: The NSM has posted their initial after-action report, and they state that the National Meeting on Friday April 20th was a success, which means the controversy over Jeff Schoep's personal behavior was not an issue. They also report a total of 100 White activists at the rally, and further state that longtime White activist Craig Cobb has donated a building in North Dakota to the NSM.

"This is just a preliminary After Action report to update the Party membership on how things went this weekend. Further after action reports will follow in the upcoming days along with pictures, video, and a double dvd set from the Meeting and Rally. The April 2012 National Meeting and rally on Friday April 20th in Kentucky was one of our best ever, and a smashing success as expected. NSM Kentucky did an excellent job setting up the event, and we provided enough food to feed a small army both nights. This years speeches were excellent, new goals were set forth, and this years special announcement and news was unveiled at the meeting. The donation of of a building in the State of North Dakota by our Comrade Craig Cobb was unveiled and pictures of the property were passed around the hall to a roaring applause from our Folk. In addition to
the acquisition of the property, we have job opportunities and living quarters available to NSM members in good standing in North Dakota. NSM TN. announced they are currently building a community in the Eastern part of TN. and have plenty of job opportunities available in their Region as well.

Saturday was the march and rally at the State Capitol Building in Frankfort. Nearly 100 NSM and Klan members formed up in solidarity for the rally. Our first sight near the capitol was a mob of homosexuals, anarchists, and other anti-White protesters, at the time we formed up their numbers were considerably less than ours, they had approximately 50 or 60 assorted degenerates, just beyond them we noticed a group of about a dozen white supporters holding a White Pride Worldwide flag who saluted as we proceeded towards the Capitol.

There is much more to report, and so many people who deserve to be singled out for their efforts in the NSM over the past years. You all know who you are, your Party salutes you! We would also like to thank and salute all of our friends in the Klan who assisted us in this effort. Activism and solidarity between different factions of the White Movement is a good thing to see and have participated in. These actions will continue, and more announcements will follow. Our vanpool just returned to Detroit, and I wanted to release a quick statement to let everyone know what has taken place and about some of the good things to come!"




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