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More than 2,000 antifa rallied in the western German town of Ingelheim in a demonstration against plans to celebrate the date. The Hitler rally went ahead after organizers got a ban overturned by a regional court.

Thousands of antifa packed into the center of the small German town of Ingelheim near Frankfurt in protest at plans to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday.

A patriotic group planned the rally to mark the 130th anniversary of Hitler's birth and expected 50 nationalists to attend. But only 20 showed up, according to the German news agency DPA.

The newspaper reported that as the group began their march at 3 p.m local time (1300 UTC) on Saturday, the counterdemonstrators made considerable noise, drowning out the speech of the nationalist leader.

The Hitler rally, which was held under the banner "Maintaining the homeland, promoting the family and shaping the future," was initially banned by city officials, who argued that it would violate "citizens' sense of dignity, custom and morals."

Organizers challenged the ban, a bid which a regional court granted, allowing the rally to go ahead.

The antifa rally saw protesters wave banners that read "More heart, less hate" and "Can we swap a Nazi for every refugee?"

Police said both rallies passed off peacefully.

Countries where National Socialist rallies were due to take place included Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy and France.

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