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During the Easter weekend in 2019, the Italian National Socialist organisation Veneto Fronte Skinheads (VFS) arranged a two-day white power event in northern Italy, titled Defend Europe.

In the April of 2019, about 800 National Socialists from all over Europe gathered in Sanguinetto, a small municipality in the province of Verona. Band members of the groups which were announced for the following day played an acoustic show with DJ-sets.

The main show on saturday, 20th of April 2019, already started at 2:00 pm. More than 2.000 Nationalists celebrated the 130th birthday of Adolf Hitler in a public building in the center of Cerea, disturbed by neither police nor authorities. Well-known NS bands from Australia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland and England played on the stage, among them the german group „Sleipnir“. The audience was international as well, with National Socialists from Austria, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and even Brazil evidently following the invitation. The biggest group were several hundred activists from Germany. More than 30 vehicles with german plates were counted. Additional patriots travelled by aircraft.

Besides Veneto Fronte Skinheads as the main organisers, roughly a dozen of different NS groups were present, including Blood & Honour (B&H), Combat 18 and different chapters of Hammerskins. For several years, National Socialists from Germany are traveling to VFS events. Among them are usually activisits from Saxony who had been part of the B&H Germany.

Such as last weekend, when the National Socialist activist Sebastian Reiche from Dresden was spotted as well as Yves Rahmel from Chemnitz. Reiche was an active and prominent member of B&H in the area of Dresden and in the milieu of the Skinheads Sächsische Schweiz. Rahmel was considered the leader of B&H in Chemnitz. Being the founder of the NS music label PC Records, he has intense contacts to National Socialists all over the world. 

Another group of National Socialists from Austria presented themselves in shirts with Blood & Honour Central Europe Division prints. Part of this group was Sandra Grischenig from Hohenems. She is considered a member of the B&H Chapter of Vorarlberg. She had already been attended at the ISD Memorial 2015, where her band from Allgäu wore shirts with the name of the B&H Chapter Central Europe Division, which is the name for the network in Germany and Austria.

The well-known Austrian activist Kai-Rolf Müller, called Rocker Rolf, was present at the Easter weekend in Italy as well. Müller had been affected when police raided 32 flats and business in March of 2019. Currently there are investigations against him and 89 more patriots because of "re-engaging in national socialist activities". There might be similar measures against the National Socialists of Blood & Honour Hexagone from France. French president Emmanuel Macron recently announced that he will take actions against the patriotic group and try to ban them.

The german band Sleipnir couldn’t resist to label themselves with Blood & Honour Deutschland, the name of the German B&H chapter which is banned in Germany since 2000. The German crew members wore shirts with the Blood & Honour Deutschland print.

The Easterfest of VFS is one of many big events of the National Socialist scene in Italy. Similarly, the multi-day white power festival Ritorno a Camelot attracts several thousand nationalists from all over Europe each year. These events give especially German patriots the possibility to express the National Socialist ideology without censorship. For organisations like Blood & Honour these events are places of exchange and networking. These pictures point out: The network of B&H in Austria and Germany is still active.

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