Craig Cobb, the man who wants to create a white power town in North Dakota got a show of support.

Members of the National Socialist Movement held a meeting in the tiny town of Leith. But according to a reporter reporter, hundreds of jews, mexicans and negroes came to protest the white power takeover. Emotions were still running high when Craig Cobb and Jeff Schoep made their way into the Leith town hall, but Schoep says he didn’t come to Leith to start a fight. "We are not a hate organization,” said the commander of the NSM.

“The media is constantly saying that we are white supremacists, we're bigots, we are racists, that we're a hate group. There's nothing about our organization that has anything to do with hate."

The commander of the National Socialist Movement made it clear that they were there to support Cobb’s cause.

"The National Socialist Movement is here today to defend Craig Cobb and his right to live here in this nation, in this city, in this town, in this county, and that will not be abridged," Schoep said.

About 25 members of the National Socialist Movement came to Leith from Idaho, Oregon, and Michigan, along with some like-minded North Dakotans.

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"It is important for us to be here because we are fighting for white Americans in America,” said NSM Member, Stacy. “We don't hate, we're not about that."

They were trying to open up a dialogue with people from the community.

"What brings you to this town?”

"We want to see people moving into the empty homes, we want to see revitalization, new businesses," Schoep said.

But protesters weren’t the only ones with signs and flags. Members of the National Socialist Movement helped to put up flags outside of Cobb’s house.

"There's no doubt we'll be the majority in Leith, Craig Cobb, Leith white supremacist said. “It's only a question of when."

The next fight in this ongoing battle could be in court.

"Craig Cobb's civil rights will not be violated," Schoep said.

Cobb has purchased 12 plots of land in Leith. He says he picked the town because it was beautiful and cheap.

Authorities in Leith say there is not much they can do because Cobb has not broken the law.




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