Over 150 members of the Svenskarnas Parti (Swede’s Party) [SvP] held a torchlight march and vigil for the Swedish victims of multiculturalism.

Presently, Sweden has one of the highest rates of violent rape in Europe. An overwhelming majority of the perpetrators are non-European immigrants. The epidemic of violent rapes has become known as the “Rape Jihad,” because Muslim immigrants often claim they are justified in raping Swedish women.

The event was held in the old town square of Lidköping on December 7th. Well known leaders of the Swedish far-right, including Lidköping city council member Curt Linusson spoke at the vigil.

Members of Marxist gangs, many wearing masks, tried to violently stop the march. 29 thugs were arrested.

The SvP has had little electoral success. They only hold one city council seat. However, the Swedish media has lamented the popularity of their website. One major media outlet even suggested that SvP gets more web traffic than all the major parties put together., the leading authority on website traffic, supports this claims. It ranks Svp as the 561st largest website in Sweden

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By comparison the Social Democrat Party website is ranked 3,599 despite having 112 seats in parliament. The Moderate Party, with 107 seats, is ranked 6,298. The Green party, with 25, is ranked 8,203. The Liberal Party, with 24, is ranked 7,037. The Center Party, 23 seats, is ranked 4,273.

The anti-immigration Swedish Democrats, who are the 6th largest party with 20 seats, are ranked 1,383. Also far ahead of the major parties.

It is probably accurate to say that the SvP gets more web traffic than the five largest Swedish political parties put together.

It is also noteworthy that this website is currently ranked as the 2,955th most popular website in Sweden. According to this website gets more traffic than any of the five largest Swedish political parties.




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