Those brave boys from National Action are in the mainstream news once again, this time with some early morning activism in a Jew-infested area of Birmingham.

(Daily Stormer)

Like garlic to a vampire the sight of a swastika gets the Jews quaking in their boots. Hanging a National Socialist flag on a Jewish lamp stand NA have given them quite a fright. The Jews have been wringing their hands about it and calling the flag draping ‘a threat to national security’ while demanding the police catch the political dissidents responsible.

The Jews are a special privileged minority so they actually have their own parallel police force along with a hotline to the Chief Justice (who also happens to be Jewish).

Would anyone else get a special crime-stoppers number and headline news in all the major newspapers, for a flag being hung off a lamp-post and a couple of bits of graffiti?


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A Jewish monument has been defaced with offensive grafitti and hate slogans by a group of neo-Nazis.

The extremists, from the pro-Hitler hate group National Action, also draped a swastika flag over the memorial in Cannon Hill park, Birmingham.

Police are now investigating after the vandals posted a video of their actions on YouTube.

It was uploaded from an account linked to National Action, a fascist youth group said to have previously been under investigation by anti-terrorism cops.

The video shows figures spray-painting a Jewish Star of David onto the park gates, with the caption “bankers” and ”1%” before they climb a menorah, a seven-branched candle stand used in Jewish worship.

The large menorah, maintained by the Lubavitch Jewish community, has been a popular attraction in the park for years and is lit during Jewish festivals.

Maggie Suissa, campaigns director for the Union of Jewish Students, urged police to find those responsible.

She said: “It’s disgusting but dishearteningly this isn’t surprising.

“Jewish people need reassurance, genuine security and the promise from counter terrorism that this group will not continue to get away with spreading their Nazi hatred.”

National Action has reportedly been viewed by Scotland Yard as a potential threat to National Security. Its ‘official strategy’ documents feature photos of a smiling Adolf Hitler and masked activists performing Nazi salutes.

The group has previously described itself as “the fascists your nan warned you about.”




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