Coming into Lime Street, the situation seemed calm and the police presence was understated.

Meeting with comrades in the station, where the honour guard of the most hardcore members were meeting, 40 in total. After 11am a group of masked reds entered the station from the main entrance.

When we spotted them coming we formed a box and gestured to them come and get us – seeing this the antis lost their bottle as they stayed a good distance away and were only confident enough to start chanting once police had started escorting them away.

At this point it is worth discussing the earlier skirmishes when the numbers were equal, or at least 2:1. When the reds tried to attack outside the station one of the patrols looking for other activists at a rendezvous left 5 of them out cold in the middle of the road (they were apparently found kicking an old man on the floor) and several more bruised and busted on the slope towards the station doors. During the day none of our guys sustained any serious injuries.

That was to be the only time we were to be met with equal numbers and would be outnumbered for the rest of the day. Some time after the first group were escorted out, a larger and more aggressive group attempted to gain entry to the station. The faggots were happy to give it the big one behind closed gates and lines of police officers, but couldn’t use their numbers to brush aside the handful of police officers blocking them to the smaller group of National Socialists.

We then began to encounter hostiles in the station itself, initially just a hysterical and obese half-caste and a man with an awfully big nose, crying about how we were ‘upsetting children’ when all the aggro had been started by the reds. Before we knew it a large crowd had formed inside the station and the police reformed their lines, also allowing for the group at the side entrance to enter.

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This is when shit began to get real. Initially it remained relatively peaceful, with their cries of “Nazi Scum off the street” being met with the chorus of our song “Glory Glory Blood and Honour is-our-Creed”. Then, when outnumbered at least 30 to 1, the antifa started to throw missiles which consisted of bottles (plastic and glass), coins, and rocks – not just “eggs and milk” as the media tried to delightfully spin it. There were so many reds on the day that only a tiny fraction were ever able to get within missile range, on facebook they openly boasted about bringing knives and potatoes with razorblades inside, and there was probably a lot more on the day, now they are just celebrating the group of blacks who were throwing bananas which I thought was kind of racist. Despite this our guys just stood there we were getting absolutely pumped, ducking and weaving, I didn’t care about the odds or being hit, I felt like I could take on the entire room.

Much was made of the fact we were ‘pushed into a shop’ but the lines couldn’t be held and fighting was breaking out. Completely overwhelmed they were giving up all the ground, and we were already inside the store, they needed 20 minutes to get backup so the police ordered us in the shop with blinders shut, some in there with us.

Getting out was really brutal, there was a rush from the back of the antifa mob and both the police and mob were screaming like mad. Several times they came forward and tried to break the police line – the line contracted and so we formed into ranks and pushed into the back of police aiding them and moved the antifa 1 – 2 meters back giving us breathing room to take control of the situation. At this point we had our backs to the wall so didn’t want to get crushed, shit got pretty medieval. The leftists had these big wooden flagpoles that if pulled off them, made really good weapons.

The outnumbered police were practically useless, they had no authorisation to use their batons of pepper spray even though the situation was clearly out of control. Instead of dealing with the source of the disorder they took their frustrations out on us; we were continually lied to throughout the entire day and our liaison disappeared in the melee. We were detained and ordered onto a train to Wigan with an enormous escort of rude officers. When we reached the station we were told we couldn’t enter the town because we would ‘cause trouble’ and we couldn’t get on any trains. They eventually commandeered two carriages and dropped us outside the city limits for us to make our own way back.

From a ‘trolling’ point of view, it went almost perfectly: Hundreds of pounds worth of ZOG-funded cleanup, over 2000 antifa, with untold thousands of pounds spent shipping them there and sustaining them, etc., mainstream media coverage more vast than all but the biggest EDL (i.e. kosher, i.e. newsworthy) right-wing protests, thousands of zogbucks on providing us with our own train, upwards of 400 police officers at the station towards the end, with untold numbers outside, thousands of zioncoins in providing us our own train and then commandeering the front carriage of another train, untold damage to the wallets of the businesses operating in the train station and even more from all the trains disrupted, and last but not least, we managed to cause the most important train station of one of the most major cities in the country grind to a halt and shut down for a few hours. This was little consolation though for a group which was supposed to make history.

The question is how do we recover from this? I have only one answer. Since our foundation we have been mounting success on success, but NA is not built on its perceived invincibility – it is built on the principle that we must fight for our people no matter what, whether we win or lose is inconsequential. We have an obligation to show that there are still people who believe in our country and will fight for our right to exist, defeatism is not an option. If we require the police to protect us then we have already lost, police should only be present to protect the reds from us. This has been the final straw, there is to no longer be any liaison with Merseyside or Greater Manchester police before a demonstration.

The WMM organiser had been in contact with them for weeks before yesterday and on the day all we were being asked by the Blue Bibs was “what’s the plan?”, “what time are you leaving?” then what is the fucking point of liaising in the first place? I don’t think there should be cooperation with agents of the state. This has always been our attitude, but I feel it needs reiterating. My advice is that when they come to your door, do not answer. When PREVENT approach you, do not talk to them. When they approach you at a demonstration, ignore them. If they are not following our orders then they are working towards the destruction of our race.

NA will continue to build on the momentum that we have built. We’re at Phase 1, building our profile and focusing on gleaning press and media coverage, which we have plenty of. The comradeship that was built yesterday has reinforced what was already a strong bond between our activists. The nucleus has been formed and it is unbreakable. It was also burned into our hearts that White people have no rights in this system. The only rights we will be granted are those that we fight for and win for ourselves. We must learn the lessons of Liverpool and understand that we have overcome our hardest obstacle – to withstand the unified power of our racial enemy. We have done that and there is nothing that we can’t achieve.

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