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Patriotic Germans laughed as PEGIDA protesters demand Angela Merkel be hung for her attempts to genocide the German people. 

By inviting in millions of foreign savages and giving them free stuff, she is literally attempting to change the racial demographic of her own country.

Marxist faggots within the establishment cried about the public display of miniature gallows with Merkel’s name on it because they are traitors and have no testicles.

From AFP:

German prosecutors Tuesday said they were investigating after Islamophobic PEGIDA protesters at an anti-refugee rally displayed a miniature gallows with the names of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her deputy.

The probe against persons unknown was on suspicion of public incitement to commit criminal acts and disturbing the peace, charges which carry up to five years jail, said prosecutors in the eastern city of Dresden.

Lawmakers voiced outrage over the macabre stunt at Monday night’s rally that drew thousands of supporters of the PEGIDA movement, short for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”.

“It is repulsive and disgusting. Every citizen can see what spirit prevails here,” said Michael Kretschmer of Merkel’s conservatives. “The rule of law must be brought to bear with full force.”

Germany’s far-right has increasingly vented its fury over Merkel’s decision to open the borders to up to one million asylum seekers this year, and xenophobic hate crimes have spiked.

(Daily Slave)