Estonia is a country we do not often hear about in the West.

It is a small country with around 1.25 million people, but it has a rich history, culture, and genetic inheritance, which need to be preserved. As part of the EU, Estonia is being subjected to all sorts of Cultural Marxism, and Estonians are finding themselves sliding down a very slippery slope.

For example, on October 9th Estonia’s parliament legalized homosexual marriage, following the West’s model for decline. Shortly before this, the EU pushed to relocate 160,000 illegal invaders from the Middle East and North Africa into Estonia, Sweden, Luxembourg, and other EU countries.

However, not all Estonians are going along with this plan for a “new Europe”. On October 14th around one thousand Estonians gathered in Tallinn near the parliamentary building to protest the planned destruction of their precious homeland, showing that the EU program is running roughshod over the will of the people. The protest was organized by the European National Front, the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia and the Party of People’s Unity.

The protest took place near the German embassy and much of the Estonian anger was directed at Angela Merkel, with shouts of “You won’t handle it, woman,” and “It’s not your land, woman!”

In the grand scheme of things, Estonia is not actually being expected to take nearly as many invaders as other EU countries, such as Germany or Great Britain, but they cannot let a trickle become a flood. If you give our enemies an inch, they will take a yard (your yard).

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The EU is convening in Brussels on October 15th, 2015 (the publication date of this article) to pretend like they are actually doing something to address European concerns over the mass invasion. Be wary of any deceptive moves that are made in order to quell the uprising against the EU, while they still continue their policy of destroying the indigenous people of Europe.





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