Polish nationalists have decided to burn effigies of Orthodox Jews during a protest against the Moslem invasion of Europe.

Thousands of patriotic Germans have rallied against the Communist traitor Angela Merkel in Erfurt.

Estonia is a country we do not often hear about in the West.

The Ukrainian nationalists were able to prevent the concert of American chavs in the heart of Ukraine.

Patriotic Germans laughed as PEGIDA protesters demand Angela Merkel be hung for her attempts to genocide the German people. 

By inviting in millions of foreign savages and giving them free stuff, she is literally attempting to change the racial demographic of her own country.

Germany is not dead. There are many people who are protesting this ridiculous Jewish inspired foreign invasion of their country.

The good news is that there are still real Germans left in the zionist-occupied Germany.

Coming into Lime Street, the situation seemed calm and the police presence was understated.

On August 4, hundreds of Latvians and their Baltic allies armed with signs saying “Stop Genocide Against Latvians” and “Stop Genocide Against White Nations” protested against a plan to bring non-white so-called “asylum” seekers to Latvia.

Video taken from a recent Golden Dawn motorcycle rally in Athens. 

Poland and other nations are being ordered by the EU/UN to become non-white, like western Europe.

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’s Pelham, North Carolina, chapter have reserved the Statehouse Grounds in South Carolina for a rally next month. 

Those brave boys from National Action are in the mainstream news once again, this time with some early morning activism in a Jew-infested area of Birmingham.

Nationalists are planning a major demonstration against Jewish Privilege in Golders Green, the heartland of the jew community of London – on the first Shabbat in July, writes Jenni Frazer. 

Hundreds took part in a march to mark the anniversary of the formation of the Ukrainian Waffen-SS division, which fought for the Third Reich against the Soviet Union during World War II, in the city of Lvov in the western Ukraine. 

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Fight Group 2 hung a giant flag from a high-rise crane last night – and filmed it from a drone!

The scene took place in Gullmarsplan, Stockholm. While Sweden is one of the most doomed countries, Nordic Resistance Movement is one of the most dedicated and hardcore nationalist movements in Europe – showing that the worse things get, the more backlash there is.

Hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters, family, and ordinary people gathered spontaneously without any kind of mobilization, outside the trial location.

On Saturday March 21st, National Action staged a demonstration in Newcastle – White Man March.

Up to a thousand Waffen-SS veterans and their supporters have marched through Latvia’s capital, Riga, in their annual commemorating procession.

The National Socialist Movement has scheduled an April 18 return to Toledo, nearly a decade after a planned rally ignited black rioting in the city.

A protest and counter protest at Arizona State University.

League leader Matteo Salvini accused Mr Renzi of substituting the country's interests to those of the EU.

About 500 Lithuanians, some sporting swastikas, attended a march in the country’s 2nd city of Kaunas.

Organizers of march in Stamford Hill, which has biggest haredi population in Europe, say it is time to fight back against Jewification of Britain.

Approximately 15,000 Germans marched in Leipzig, in opposition to the Islamisation of their homeland.

Gary Yarborough, unjustly imprisoned by ZOG in a top security dungeon for 30 years was supposed to be let out in 2014.

Despite pleas from prominent German politicians, the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) staged another anti-Islam protest in Dresden, drawing a record 25,000 patriots on Monday evening. 

Ukrainian nationalists held a torchlight procession across Kiev in honour of an anti-Soviet insurgent branded by Moscow as a "Nazi collaborator".

The anti-Islam demonstrations which have rocked Dresden will spread to Berlin, with the first such anti-islam march being held in the capital. 

On Saturday December 20th, an impressively large conference in Milan took place in defiance of attempts at disruption by members of the Italian Marxist and Zionist underworld. 

More than 17,000 protesters rallied Monday in Dresden against the Islamization of the West, the tenth such demonstration in as many weeks.

For the second time in less than a month, white nationalists from around Europe met in Milan.

Germany has seen a sudden explosion in marches against immigration and the Islamification of Europe.

The latest occurred on November 24th in Dresden. The march was organized by a new group called PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West. Another group involved with the march is HoGeSa. This stands for Hooligans Against Salafism, and is a network of German soccer fan clubs.

Yet again, British nationalists have assembled outside the Greek embassy in Holland Park, London.

About 500 protesters, among them National Socialists and angry local residents, protested in the German capital against the construction of a centre for refugees seeking political asylum. 

Hundreds of Spanish patriots gathered in Madrid to honor the anniversary of the death of General Franco.

The good general died on November 20, 1975, making this the 39th anniversary. The rally was organized by multiple nationalist groups, including Nudo Patriota Espanol, Movimiento Catolico Espanol and Patriotas. The rally also marked the anniversary of the death of Jose Primo de Rivera, the founder of Falange Espanola, the party of Franco.

Looks like the German nationalists were able to hold their rally in Hanover after a court over-ruled the police restrictions. 

The National Socialist organization Finnish Resistance Movement held a demonstration in the center of the Finnish capital city Helsinki.

Take a stand with NSM Texas & Patriots from around the Nation.

White people being turned away from a Muslim run cinema, for being White.

A group of angry white people gathered in Portland, Oregon on July 7th, around 9:30am to protest White Genocide outside of the entrance to the “Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization” (IRCO).

National Action is a bold new nationalist initiative formed by experienced youth activists.

The brave lads of Britain First have invaded mosques across the UK and handed out pamphlets about the ongoing epidemic of Muslim “grooming gangs.”

Your land is your blood, you have no right to go out and give it away to anyone.

The party of the Swedes who are the real Nationalist party in Sweden, not like the pro-Israel Sweden Democrats were marching in the city of Jönköping.

Police officers put themselves between the opposing groups as they gathered on Queen Street outside the offices of the Consul-General of Greece.

Ukrainian nationalists in western Ukrainian city of Lviv have held a rally in commemoration of the Galician Waffen-SS division created in 1943, despite a ban asking them to stop.

About 100 patriots were allowed to march 300 meters from their gathering point as left-wingers joined forces to stop the Nationalist rally in Berlin.

Last month, members of white patriotic group Génération Identitaire (GI) launched an anti-scum security tour in the subway system of the northern French town of Lille.

Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.

A great day out was had today at Swansea where about a hundred White nationalists from all over the UK gathered for White Pride Day 2014.

North West National Front held a successful flash demo in Rochdale to protest against the flying of the flag of the anti-Christian Muslim state of Pakistan outside Rochdale Town Hall.

About 1,500 Latvians celebrated Legionnaires Day by paying tribute to World War II veterans who fought in the Waffen-SS.

The League of the South held a demonstration in Tallahassee, Florida against US Senator Marco Rubio‘s support for Third World immigration, amnesty for illegal immigrants and Southern demographic displacement.

Kyle Hunt is one of the leading organizers of the White Man March, scheduled for March 15, 2014.


An antisemitic protest took place on the streets of Paris on Sunday, with thousands of marchers chanting, “Jew, France is not for you,” the French JSS News reported.

Over 150 members of the Svenskarnas Parti (Swede’s Party) [SvP] held a torchlight march and vigil for the Swedish victims of multiculturalism.

3.000 Greeks marched to honor the our two Martyrs, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis.

Most funding for political parties in Greece comes from a public fund.

Every April and November, the National Socialist Movement holds a public rally, meeting and other party related activities in an American city.

On November 18, the independence day of Latvia, patriotic youth organisations from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania signed a common declaration in Riga.

The annual event, held to commemorate Poland's national independence day, breaks down into violence.

Golden Dawn is doing whats best for Greece, as the NBU shall do whats best for Britain.

Thousands of Russian nationalists have rallied in Russia’s capital for National Unity Day, annually celebrated on November 4.

Thousands of supporters of the Golden Dawn party staged a rally outside its offices in central Athens after riot police blocked a group of anti-fascist demonstrators from marching on the building.

Dozens of nationalist activists from Latvia's National Force movement demonstrated in front of the Greek embassy in Riga.

City officials have revoked the earlier-granted license for an October 19 nationalist rally, saying they could not guarantee the safety of participants after recent racial conflicts in the district of Biryulyovo.

Attention American Patriots, our nation sits on the brink of economic collapse, while our politicians who are suppose to represent us continue to discuss further amnesty for illegal aliens, leaving our borders wide open, and allowing our nation to drown in a free fall of economic collapse.

On 10 October 2013 the people of South Africa will stage marches and gatherings across South Africa and the World to let everyone know that we have had ENOUGH!

Craig Cobb, the man who wants to create a white power town in North Dakota got a show of support.

Over 250 people participated in a march calling for an end to third world immigration in Sweden. 

Members of the NSM, along with myself, and other White patriots will be traveling to Leith, ND., to inspect our land, and property there.

Following an announcement by the Stockholm chief of police that they were not going to fight the rioters, nationalists in Sweden began organizing patrols.

March 30th, 2013. White civil rights rally against the re-naming of three parks in Memphis. 

The NSM 2013 National Meeting in Atlanta was held April 19th.

The incompetence and indifference of local police have caused citizens of Trapezonti Laconia to seek support from the people’s protectors, Golden Dawn. 

On March 23rd, 2013, Right Wing Resistance hosted their annual march and rally for white pride at Abberley Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Veterans of the Latvian Waffen SS and their supporters marched in the Latvian capital Riga to honor Latvian Division of the Waffen-SS.

Just over 100 Nationalists from various right wing groups, gathered in Swansea to celebrate white pride day UK and to make a stand against the discrimination of white people.

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, N.S.M. Arizona attended the 5th annual Oi Fest in Tonopah, Arizona.

Comrades, We have just returned from a highly productive march and rally in Charlotte, NC.

The most prominent counter-protesters were from the Latin American Coalition and Occupy Charlotte, but there were other unspecified groups represented.

Thousands of Russian racial nationalists, some wearing swastikas, marched through Moscow to protest against immigration.

On September 22nd, 2012, the South Africa Project hosted their rally against White genocide in South Africa in Washington, DC.

The great state of Texas is proud to announce that on Saturday, September 8 the NSM North Texas Chapter hosted a White Unity BBQ/Meeting.

The American Nazi Party hosted their two-day national conference in the Detroit Metro Area on July 14-15.

Demonstration, timed to coincide with the 71th anniversary of the day that Waffen-SS liberated the capital of Latvia, took place in Riga.

Saturday the 26th of May a demonstration was performed outside the South African embassy on Kungsholmen in the central part of Stockholm. 

Norwegian police arrested 25 persons described as "neo-Nazis", and fully 23 of them were from Sweden. 

The highly-touted National Socialist Movement rally against illegal immigration took place as advertised in Frankfort, Kentucky and no untoward incidents were reported.

The Trayvon Martin case has created a racially-charged environment in Sanford, Florida.

Two separate groups of White racialists stage White Pride rallies in different parts of Canada.

Hundreds of Waffen SS veterans and their supporters held a march in the Latvian capital Riga to mark Legionnaire's Day, which commemorates Latvians who fought for the freedom during World War II.

This gathering is one of the biggest nationalist demonstrations in Europe and it is also a clear statement that the people of Hellas don’t want Turkey as a member of the European Union.

Saturday 10th of December 2011, marks the day of the first annual manifestation under the banner ”End the anti-Swedish hostility – Safeguarding the North”. 

The first reports on the Aryan Nations rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on June 19th, 2010 are now filtering in, published by the Associated Press and the York Daily Record, and the rally occurred without incident.


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