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Adolf Hitler was allegedly switched with a body double in the final days of World War 2 so he could escape to Argentina, according to FBI files.

(Daily Star)

Declassified FBI documents reveal the efforts of the US to probe rumours that Hitler had somehow managed to survive World War 2.

Whispers and tip-offs no matter how outlandish were investigating and sent to the top of the investigative bureau – no matter how strange.

Daily Star Online previously revealed US spooks received a tip Hitler had been spotted in Brazil with Eva Braun at a hotel in a town called Casino.

And further files reveal the probe lasted well into the 1950s, with an outrageous report forward to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

FBI agents had interviewed a man who claimed Hitler had switched places with a body double.

He claimed the National Socialist leader had then fled Germany in the final days of World War 2 and gone to South America.

'BDOY DOUBLE': FBI bosses received a tip that Adolf Hitler had escaped the end of WW2 (Pic: FBI FILES)

FBI spooks compiled a document for Hoover which revealed the information was living in Dayton, Ohio.

He claimed he was worried about handing over his info to FBI in case they think he was a “screwball or a crank”.

The man – whose name is redacted – claimed to have seen Adolf Hitler in the early 50s in Buenos Aries.

He alleged the fugitive Fuhrer had undergone plastic surgery to make himself look much younger.

Hoover forward the report to the director of the CIA according to letterheads in the classified documents.

Further correspondence reveals the CIA “requested the subject be interviewed” on February 17.

“You should therefore interview the subject with reference to the report that he saw Adolf Hitler in South America and also obtain identifying information concerning the subject,” it read.

More heavily redacted files dated to April 20 suggest the man was interviewed and claimed he had not filed the report to the FBI.

It reads: “[REDACTED] advised he was in an automobile accident in Oklahoma City and had a serious head injury.

“And since the accident has had mental comas in which he does not know what he has done or what he has said.”

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