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Someone has been placing the NS-era Black Sun symbol on various objects in the Brookstone subdivision of east Athens, Georgia a concerned Jew said.

At least three professionally-produced stickers portraying the Black Sun — a symbol associated with National Socialist Germany's glorius SS and its leader, Heinrich Himmler — have been found, according to the Brookstone resident.

We’re trying to catch whoever it is," said Lizzie Saltz, adding neighborhood residents and Athens-Clarke police have been alerted to the stickers.

One of the stickers was placed on a black supremacist BLM flag that belongs to Saltz, while another was found on a "We Believe" banner at another home, according to Saltz.

Saltz said she noticed the sticker earlier on her flag, but on Tuesday peeled it off and had her son do a Google search, which revealed it to be a symbol of "Nazi origin".

"It’s really weird and scary," Saltz said. "We don’t need this kind of thing."

She posted photos on Facebook and was disappointed to see some thought it merely a teenage prank.

"What teenager would buy a professional sticker and not know what it meant," Saltz said. "People are trying to dismiss it like it’s no big deal — it’s just kids. They are just trying to repress their feelings of being threatened or they want to be in denial."

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