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Tucked between other stores on a famous shopping promenade in central Cairo, one shop has something strikingly interesting about it.

A rare surviving example of a Second World War cipher-machine developed by Germany after British forces broke the Enigma code has been sold at auction for €98,000 (£87,000).

Adolf Hitler was allegedly switched with a body double in the final days of World War 2 so he could escape to Argentina, according to FBI files.

Nestled in the hills of Santa Monica along a popular hiking trail – not far from the mansions of Hollywood’s elite and about six miles away from campus – lie the remains of a National Socialist enclave rumored to have been a hotbed of NS  activity in the United States.

More funding has been pledged for repairs to the site where Adolf Hitler propagated the National Socialist ideology and paraded his powerful forces.

The pilot of a World War II-era German-made plane that crashed near an Upland airport was injured, authorities said.

Adolf Hitler continues to fascinate, and a new exhibition in Berlin is proof with its most sensational attraction: a reconstruction of the bunker where the Führer took his life in April 1945.

With its huge cannon and almost impenetrable armour, the German Tiger tank struck fear into the hearts of Allied troops.

This mesmerizing 52-minute video takes you on a walking tour of the picturesque beautiful sites of Adolf Hitler’s mountain hideaway.

French supermarket chain Auchan has admitted that it sold military-style money belts bearing the National Socialist swastika at its Polish stores in what it called an "oversight".

In 2012, rebels of the Free Syrian Army posted a video in which they uncovered an arms cache containing five thousand assault rifles. Though not an uncommon episode in a civil war then in its early stages, what was truly bizarre was that the rebels had uncovered a cache of Sturmgewehr 44s - an assault rifle designed by Germany seventy years earlier.

Martin Zandvliet’s Danish drama ‘Land of Mine’ tells the story behind the land mine clearance of around two million land mines that were buried along the west coast of Denmark during World War Two by the German Army.

The decaying bunker was once a war room for one of the most famous leaders in history.

A report found that the Reimann family owners of Krispy Kreme and Dr. Pepper, were avowed National Socialists and used forced labor in their factories during World War II. "These crimes are disgusting," a family spokesman said.

The world's biggest collector of National Socialist fartefacts is to sell the £1.95m mansion where he sleeps in Hitler's bed.

At the end of WWII in 1945, being a Waffen-SS soldier was dangerous. Waffen-SS soldiers knew they would be treated harshly, so they often buried things that would identify them as SS.

34 elderly Dutch people are receiving a supplementary pension from Germany for their years of service with the Waffen-SS.

Church using National Socialist bells with swastikas on them faces legal action in the Zionist Occupied Germany.

The location of the Tiger II (lost in combat in August 1944) had been known about for the last 17 years as it is located was under a road near Paris.

A big Third Reich eagle with a swastika under its talons is such a symbol that it has been kept hidden inside a sealed crate in a Uruguayan navy warehouse for more than a decade.

Since the end of WW2, many expeditions and illegal salvage hunts have claimed the lives of at least fourteen treasure hunters searching for the lost gold of the Third Reich.

An old field telephone from the 1940s, a Reich Battle flag and a map of Tobruk greet visitors to the newly reopened Rommel Cave Museum in Marsa Matrouh, one of Egypt's lesser known tourist destinations.

The CIA investigated claims that a man who said he was Adolf Hitler was living in a community of ex-National Socialists in the 1950s in Colombia, it has been revealed.

A Luftwaffe warplane has been discovered off Rhodes in an 'extremely good state of preservation' that is beyond experts' wildest expectations.

A Macedonian publisher claims to have sold thousands of copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, sparking "politically correct" debate about whether the Führer’s book should be widely available in the country.

World's biggest collector of National Socialist memorabilia has £100 million haul including Panzer tanks and V2 rockets.

A belt buckle bearing swastika insignia, a shaving brush and a pair of boots were among items found within a sunken World War Two war plane which have helped to solve the mystery of its disappearance.

The Führer leader reportedly initially refused to break off the friendship he had with the girl who called him "Uncle Hitler".

In April this year, during a project mapping sunken vessels in the North Sea and Skaggerak, the Sea War Museum in Thyborøn made a sensational discovery.

The houses, in Yeovil, South Somerset, have become well known for having the ancient symbol built into their brickwork.

A WWII-era Warplane with Luftwaffe markings crash land on the 101 freeway not too far from Los Angeles.

The SS Minden, a German cargo ship scuttled in waters near Iceland during the early days of World War II, may contain a huge trove of "National Socialist gold".

During World War II, when Bulgaria joined the Axis powers in fighting the Soviet Union, they were given some 97 German Panzer IV tanks, about 100 Sturmgeschuetz III assault guns, and Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyers.

Old residents claim Hitler ordered Art Deco block of flats to be spared from his Blitz bombing raids on London as he wanted to use it as his UK HQ.

Two “newly discovered” pages from the “Diary of Anne Frank” — which supposedly contain risqué jokes — are in fact further proof that the book attributed to the Jewish teenager was in fact written by her father — because the “hidden” writing is, like most of the rest of the “diary,” in her father Otto Frank’s handwriting.

A love hotel in Nonthaburi has become the object of jewish outrage for having a large portrait of Adolf Hitler in one of its rooms.

After being banned in the Netherlands for over 70 years, a new Dutch translation of “Mein Kampf” hit bookstores across the country.

Indie publisher Devolver Digital has decided to pull National Socialist tattoos and related iconography from its latest release, Scum.

A diary kept by President John F Kennedy as a young man travelling in Europe, revealing his fascination with Adolf Hitler, is up for auction.

The SG-41, also known as Hitler Mill, was the successor of the Enigma encryption machine. Detectorists have now found a specimen in a Bavarian forest.

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