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An MP in India has attended parliament dressed as Adolf Hitler to campaign for more funds for his state.

Hermann Goering's personal silver bound copy of Mein Kampf which he was presented by Hitler has emerged for sale for £4,000.

Amazon is removing a number of "racist and neo-Nazi products", including a german lego soldiers with panzerfaust, from its site following pressure from a Minnesota congressman.

A veteran teacher in Pennsylvania is under investigation after being exposed as an amateur wrestler who uses National Socialist salutes while performing under the stage name “Blitzkrieg the German Juggernaut.”

The Prora hotel near the German Baltic Sea resort of Binz was built by Adolf Hitler to hold up to 20,000 guests.

On the picturesque beaches of the northern German island of Rügen, along the Baltic Sea, sits an empty 20,000-person resort.

For only $155,000 you can be the proud owner of a World War II bunker on an island complete with a periscope, showers and toilets, gas-proof doors, a sophisticated air purification system and an escape hatch.

Even 70 years after World War II, they continue to do everything in their power to demonize Adolf Hitler.  

The mainstream media is now citing a bizarre claim based off of dubious evidence that Hitler had a micro penis. They are also regurgitating the unfounded claim that Hitler had one testicle. 

Created for Hitler's use during formal occasions, the knives, spoons and forks bear the Reich eagle, swastika and his initials.

A Syrian rebel faction called the al-Tawhid Brigade stumbled on an arms cache of 5,000 German WWII-era Sturmgwehr 44 (STG-44) rifles.

Toys and models manufacturer Revell based in North Rhine-Westphalia has announced that one of their products, an aircraft described as a war machine during the National Socialist period, will no longer be produced.

The globe is marked entirely in German. Notably, borders of Germany include the portion of Poland allotted to them under the German-Soviet Frontier Treaty of 1939, as well as Austria and the Czech Sudetenland.

A vast NS mega-complex meant as holiday homes for German workers and later used by the Soviets as a barracks is about to be turned into luxury flats.

Remains of 1,400 German Soldiers are Re-buried in Russia after Being Found in a Riverside Mass Grave.jpg

German and Russian soldiers have been taking part in the reburial of the remains of more than 1,000 Second World War troops.

In a bizarre revenge, the remains of Dr. Josef Mengele will be picked apart in "scientific experiments".

A Canadian town says it will not remove swastikas from a public park because it has historical significance.

A french plumber who claims to be Adolf Hitler's grandson is undergoing a DNA test to see once and for all whether he's related to the german leader.

A portrait of a French woman believed to have been painted by Adolf Hitler during World War I was sold for 60,000 euros. 

A Swastika and part of a NS-era inscription have been secreltly removed from a church bell in Germany using an angle grinder amid a bitter row over its use.

Adolf Hitler’s favorite artists and artwork, promoted throughout National Socialist Germany and shunned by the jews for decades, are now on fire, with art collectors in America and Europe paying more than $150,000.

Germany still paying pensions to Spain’s National Socialist volunteers during Second World War.

Austrian city planners unable to knock down the huge concrete flak towers built by the National Socialists have solved the problem with one of them, by filling it with hammerhead sharks.

A village in Germany has voted to keep a patriotic church bell embossed with a swastika and the words "All for the Fatherland - Adolf Hitler". - a site that sells rare, historical documents - is selling Hitler’s 1926 tax return. Yep, even Adolf Hitler paid the taxman.

The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are flocking to a clothing store called Hitler 2.

A Mercedes-Benz that was used to shuttle Adolf Hitler around Germany will be auctioned in Arizona early next year and could be worth millions, if anyone steps up to bid on it.

When construction workers unearthed a giant concrete swastika on a sports field in the northern German city of Hamburg, Far Left Mayor Falko Drossmann immediately ordered it destroyed.

The Dutch national institute for wartime documentation said it has been given a rare watercolour painting by Adolf Hitler, believed to be the only one in existence in The Netherlands.

At four-by-four metres in size, the swastika had remained hidden underground for decades. That is, until a construction worker discovered it.

During the Second World War, the German Naval Force and the secret services (Kriegsmarine and Abwehr) planned and performed several special naval missionsoperations along the coasts of North America, Iceland and Canada.

The estate of Adolf Hitler's propaganda chief, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, is suing a publisher for royalties for the use of extracts from his diaries.

An oil painting by Adolf Hitler hanging in an Italian museum has been attacked by a man wielding a screwdriver.

An accomplished architect himself, Albert Speer Jr. struggled to distance himself from his father's legacy, remembers visits to Hitler as joyous events.

Austria's government plans to ban coded Nazi messages on custom number plates on cars.

Adolf Hitler's personal writing desk will be on display when the Saratoga Springs Gun and Militaria Show makes its return to the City Center.

A photo album showing the Duke of Windsor meeting Adolf Hitler while on a state visit to the Third Reich Germany in 1937 is to be sold at auction.

A liberal attempt to "reclaim the swastika as a symbol of goodwill" by putting it on a T-Shirt went awry as some panned the product as being in bad taste while a The Daily Stormer embraced it.

In an awesome discovery, police in Argentina believe they have found the largest collection of National Socialist artifacts in the country's history.

Standing proudly at the center of a tiny village deep in German wine country, from the outside there is nothing remarkable about the church of St. Jacob save its beauty.

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