The press has caught wind of a man who looks like Adolf Hitler currently residing in Kosovo. 

A top secret National Socialist base in the depths of the Arctic has been found by Russian scientists after more than 70 years.

Adolf Hitler's telephone was sold at auction in the United States on Sunday for $243,000. The winning bid was made by phone but the name of the bidder has not been released.

IKEA has been forced to deny that they are selling a table shaped like a swastika after a doctored image was posted online.

A Hitler lookalike has been arrested in Austria on charges of glorifying the National Socialist era, local officials say.

Adolf Hitler's telephone, recovered from the Fuhrerbunker and kept in a box at an English country house since 1945, will be sold at auction in the United States.

The former secretary of Adolf Hitler's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels has died, aged 106.

In another example of political correctness gone mad, an eBay auction of a 5th Century Thracian coin with a swastika has been halted on the grounds that it was “hateful or discriminatory.”

Polish construction workers have dug up a marble bust of Adolf Hitler by one of the Third Reich's official sculptors during work at a museum in Poland.

Further proof that World War II and NS artifacts are on fire in the collectors world, a watercolor painted by Adolf Hitler before he became Germany’s Führer sold at auction for $35,235, three times the winning bid of an original Picasso drawing. 

Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” has become a continued bestseller in Germany. Hitler’s book was banned in the country following World War II for 70 years. This new version is heavily annotated with Jewish propaganda but its continued popularity is encouraging.

Dodging a major storm of liberal attacks, A&E has decided to cancel its documentary series on the Ku Klux Klan before it even airs.

The principal of a Taiwanese school whose students held a Nazi rally for a Christmas parade has resigned.

The 17th century house in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria, where Adolf Hitler was born, will not be demolished, and will instead continue to be used for a mental health charity as before, the Austrian government has announced.

A northern New Hampshire antiques shop remained closed as its owner continued dealing with backlash over her decision to display an early 20th-century flour sack with a swastika logo.

A day after the Austrian government said it was planning to tear down the house where Adolf Hitler was born, the interior minister now says it is likely to be redesigned.

An art installment featuring a 25ft laughing Adolf Hitler beamed onto an office block has caused unrest among local jews and liberals.

The house where Adolf Hitler was born will be seized by the Austrian parliament next month to prevent it from becoming a shrine to the young National Socialists.

Found in Bassoah / Iraq this 15cm sFH13/1 (Sf) auf Geschutzwagen lorraine Schlepper (f) (Sd Kfz 135/1).

A team of around 35 diggers will start excavating the embankment between Wroclaw and Walbrzych in Poland’s southwest. “There will be a live stream,” a spokeswoman for the team said to the German news agency DPA.

Trousers with leather pockets worn by Adolf Hitler and a brass container that held the cyanide used by a top deputy to commit suicide were among a trove of NS memorabilia sold for hundreds of thousands of euros at an auction in Germany.

Austria's interior minister remarked that a good 'final solution' for Hitler's birth house would be for it to be demolished, speaking on national television.

A rare teleprinter that German Adolf Hitler used to message his top National Socialist officers during World War II was found for sale on eBay.

The Austrian government is pushing a law to seize the house where Adolf Hitler was born. This very important plan is to prevent mean Nazis from visiting it.

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf was recently republished in Germany but with all sorts of nonsensical annotations from Jewish propagandists.

A Texas school district’s request for the public to help rename an elementary school apparently went super cool when it received several suggestions to honor figures like Adolf Hitler.

A sculpture of a kneeling Adolf Hitler by the edgy Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is among the highlights of a special sale at Christie's auction house in New York.

Austria is seeking to seize Adolf Hitler’s birthplace from its private owner. They fear the house could turn into a shrine for “Nazis”.

A copy of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" owned by the Führer and found in his Munich apartment sold for $20,655 (€18,300) in the United States, an auction house said.

The gravestone of the Waffen-SS tank commander has been stolen from a war cemetery in France.

Adolf Hitler’s legendary book Mein Kampf has become a best seller in Germany.

The liberal cowards are literally pissing their pants over Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” getting republished in Germany.

Swastika flags, Hitler Youth knives, and running shoes with swastikas on them are just some of the items for sale on Amazon's U.S. and Canadian websites that have a jew supremacist calling for a boycott of North America's largest online retailer.

For the first time since the end of World War II, Mein Kampf will be published in Germany, this time with more than 3,500 annotations by liberal and jewish scholars.

Adolf Hitler's manifesto falls out of copyright next year, and already annotated German and French reprints are being prepared, a Paris publisher confirmed. 

The film "Look Who's Back" is an adaptation of a satirical novel which has sold over a million copies.

A signed copy of Hitler's political treatise Mein Kampf, which he gifted to a comrade from his time in prison in the mid 1920s, is to go on sale in Los Angeles. 

As the story goes, with Soviet forces approaching in the final days of World War II, an armored train left the city of Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland) in April 1945 and headed west toward Waldenburg (now Walbrzych). 

Almost 20 soldiers struggled to remove the tank from a villa in a wealthy suburb of Kiel, after police searching the property discovered the tank, a torpedo, an anti-aircraft gun and other weapons in the cellar. 

The Moscow prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation into the sale of figurine soldiers in Nazi regalia at the Russian capital’s most renowned children’s store.


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