The Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires recently obtained alleged "Nazi treasures" seized by Argentinian police in 2017. 

A Halloween fancy dress store in Sheffield has come under Jewish-Liberal fire for selling a National Socialist costume, The Sheffield Tab can reveal.

The daughter of a so-called "Holocaust survivor" has condemned a Huddersfield shop owner for featuring National Socialist uniforms and weapons in a window display.

A 136-room hotel with a rooftop garden will be built on top of a huge NS-era bunker in Germany.

Audio recordings from the Nuremberg trials of National Socialist leaders will be made available to the public for the first time in digital form after nearly two years of work conducted in secret.

Busts of Adolf Hitler, a Ouija board inscribed with National Socialist symbols and other relics from a hoard found in a collector’s secret hiding place will go on display at the Holocaust Museum in Argentina, where many high-ranking National Socialists fled after the end of the second world war.

Argentina's Holocaust Museum has taken custody of a huge trove of National Socialist artefacts seized in a house raid in the capital, Buenos Aires, two years ago.

Two years ago, it was revealed that several German churches still had bells displaying swastika engravings. One of the them, hung in a church in Lower Saxony, has now been exchanged.

A Dutch museum’s attempt to showcase what it claims is “evil” Nazi design art and architecture has backfired after the exhibition was sold out in the first few days - and the panicked organizers have now banned all visitors from using cell phones in the museum to stop people taking “selfies” with the display.

Silk knickers worn by Adolf Hitler's wife Eva Braun are expected to fetch £800 at auction.

The show focused on how design furthered the ‘development of the evil Nazi ideology,’ but Jews worry the show glorifies National Socialist aesthetics.

German visitors complained on Booking.com and Tripadvisor about pictures of NS-era relatives on the wall of an Austrian hotel. Now the owners of the hotel are suing them for defamation.

Jewish supremacists can’t conceive why the Austrian government would decide against demolishing the building where Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn.

The French Senate said that it was investigating the discovery of a bust of Hitler, left over from the National Socialist occupation of Paris, in the cellar of the upper house of parliament.

Fanta is for many the definitive orange soda. Popular worldwide, the brand has always been owned by Coca-Cola. But the drink was actually created in Germany, and owes its existence to ingredient shortages during Second World War.

A third-party company called "RugzT" was selling what they call a "Holocaust Classic" T-shirt, which featured an oldschool poster for "The Eternal Jew," the name of both a National Socialist propaganda film and a NS exhibit.

An amusement park in southwestern Germany has had to shut down a new ride after Jews and liberals quickly noticed that it looked like a big spinning swastika.

A Melbourne bookshop is under fire after it was spotted selling a photo of Adolf Hitler at the Melbourne Fair.

Austria's government has ended its long disagreement with the building's owner over compensation. The building is now set to be completely altered from its historical appearance.

Remote, hidden in dense forest, protected by nearby lakes and marshes - the Wolf's Lair in Poland was a secure headquarters for Adolf Hitler in World War Two.

Yad Vashem - Israel’s official holocaust memorial center - has admitted for the first time that its “list of holocaust victims” is inaccurate and that the process of collecting names “is not 100 per cent fail- safe.”

A liberal tourist was left shocked after finding souvenirs adorned with Hitler's face as well as National Socialist slogans during her holiday in Italy.

It’s "absolutely unacceptable" for Amazon to allow "anti-Semitic" books and T-shirts on its site, a leader from the Central Council of Jews in Germany stated.

A dagger belonging to Adolf Hitler's personal chauffeur has emerged for sale for £5,000.

The Admiral Graf Spee preyed on merchant ships in the South Atlantic before being damaged and scuttled. The huge eagle recovered from the ship has been the source of Jewish outcry.

Hitler brand headphones appeared on the web store Massdrop.com offering customers “the final solution to the audio question.”

The legacy of the Third Reich still hovers over Zlocieniec, Poland, in the form of two brick towers from a former NS training center that loom over the town.

YouTube has blocked some British history teachers from its service for uploading archive material related to Adolf Hitler, saying they are breaching new guidelines banning the "promotion of hate speech".

Mexico City’s youth department has removed a tweet with an infographic on the famous german propaganda minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

Tucked between other stores on a famous shopping promenade in central Cairo, one shop has something strikingly interesting about it.

A rare surviving example of a Second World War cipher-machine developed by Germany after British forces broke the Enigma code has been sold at auction for €98,000 (£87,000).

Adolf Hitler was allegedly switched with a body double in the final days of World War 2 so he could escape to Argentina, according to FBI files.

Nestled in the hills of Santa Monica along a popular hiking trail – not far from the mansions of Hollywood’s elite and about six miles away from campus – lie the remains of a National Socialist enclave rumored to have been a hotbed of NS  activity in the United States.

More funding has been pledged for repairs to the site where Adolf Hitler propagated the National Socialist ideology and paraded his powerful forces.

The pilot of a World War II-era German-made plane that crashed near an Upland airport was injured, authorities said.

Adolf Hitler continues to fascinate, and a new exhibition in Berlin is proof with its most sensational attraction: a reconstruction of the bunker where the Führer took his life in April 1945.

With its huge cannon and almost impenetrable armour, the German Tiger tank struck fear into the hearts of Allied troops.

This mesmerizing 52-minute video takes you on a walking tour of the picturesque beautiful sites of Adolf Hitler’s mountain hideaway.

French supermarket chain Auchan has admitted that it sold military-style money belts bearing the National Socialist swastika at its Polish stores in what it called an "oversight".

In 2012, rebels of the Free Syrian Army posted a video in which they uncovered an arms cache containing five thousand assault rifles. Though not an uncommon episode in a civil war then in its early stages, what was truly bizarre was that the rebels had uncovered a cache of Sturmgewehr 44s - an assault rifle designed by Germany seventy years earlier.


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