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The remains of ancient civilizations, brought to their knees through the sickening concept of race-mixing, are often some of the most fascinating features of historical study. 

A recent, and possibly groundbreaking, discovery in the deserts of Egypt has yet again revealed the importance attached to biological differences between peoples; as a necropolis of up to a million graves, divided along racial lines, begins to be excavated.

According to those at the scene, the mummies, most of which date to the era of Roman dominance in the area, lie in clusters that take into account blond, red, and black hair colors, and almost certainly skull shape, while future genetic research will likely prove the contrast between Whites, Negroes, and random “mystery meat” creatures during this period.

While the native population of the age in question had already largely succumbed to miscegenation, a dire possibility in our future, infusions of healthy White blood, mainly from the descendants of Greek and Celtic settlers, may account for the massive proportion of mummies that seem to share traits with modern Europeans.

Daily Mail:

A cemetery containing more than a million mummified human bodies has been unearthed in central Egypt, according to archaeologists.

Scientists have already excavated more than 1,700 mummies, preserved by the hot dry desert in the Faiyum region of Egypt about 60 miles (96km) south of Cairo.

But those leading the work believe their could be up to a million similar bodies buried in shafts cut into the limestone rock that are at times up to 75 ft. (22.9 meters) deep.

It is thought that the mummies were buried around 1,500 years ago, between the 1st and 7th Century AD, when Egypt was controlled by the Roman and Byzantine Empire.

Unlike many famous mummified remains discovered in Egypt, these were found in mass graves and appear to be ordinary citizens rather than royalty or other important figures.

Archaeologists have also uncovered a bizarre range of mummies, including one man who is more than seven feet (213 cm) tall.

They have also discovered that the mummies appear to be clustered together by hair color, with those with blond hair in one area and all of those with red hair in another.

Another woman, with long blonde hair, was found buried among a group of other bodies that all had healthy sets of teeth.

Professor Muhlestein said: ‘Quite a few of our mummies had excellent teeth, something that is unusual.

 (Daily Stormer)

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