Argentina’s Jewish supremacist political umbrella revealed excerpts from tens of thousands of documents about World War II that shed light on the National Socialist influence on the country and the German officials criminals who hid there after WW2.

Forget about Gucci bags, gold jewellery, and fast cars. In the Nordic Roman Iron Age, the best status symbol was a goose. Alternatively a hen.

Historians believe Allied bombardments killed almost as many French people as German bombs killed Britons during the Blitz.

Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun was the greatest scientific genius of the 20th Century. Yet he is arguably the most unacknowledged and undervalued of them all.

A 3,400-year-old palace dating from the time of the Indo-Aryan domination of Iraq has been uncovered near Mosul in that country, in what archeologists have called “one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the region.”

What are the forces and motivation behind the controlled media’s active promotion of King? The ZOG.

The world was introduced to the concept of Tank or Armored Warfare during  the First World War, a time when Trench Warfare was still considered a strategy that could guarantee victory.

A Canadian war museum in Normandy, France, is working to unearth and preserve remnants of Hitler’s so-called Atlantic Wall, despite opposition from those who believe the structures should be destroyed.

In a startling revelation in his so-called “Black Notebooks,” one of Germany’s leading philosophers of the 20th century, Martin Heidegger, blames the Jews for the so-called “Holocaust”.

This remarkable footage captures the day David Lloyd George cosied up to Hitler during a pre-war trip to Germany before hailing him as 'the greatest living German'.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill conspired with Joseph Stalin to hand over Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union as early as 1944, newly-released secret documents have confirmed.

Carla de Vries, from Norwalk, California, asks the Fuhrer for an autograph and manages to give him a quick kiss while sat at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Many assassination attempts were made on Hitler’s life. Yet, not so well-known are the german assassination plans for the Allied leaders – President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the Soviet leader, Stalin.

Otto Skorzeny was one of Germany’s finest commandos. An engineer by profession, he tried to volunteer for the Luftwaffe, in the year 1939, but was declined entry due to his age (31 at the time) and unusual height (1.92 metres).

For many people, the image of a great maritime disaster calls to mind the well-known sinking of the Titanic, which went down in April 1912 after striking an iceberg, taking the lives of 1,503 men, women and children.

It was one of the most perplexing episodes of the Second World War which, more than 70 years on, remains shrouded in mystery.

During WWII, the Germans were developing a wide range of superweapons that would turn the tide and ensure ultimate victory. Most of them never made it off the drawing boards and only a few saw active service but a number of them laid the foundation for weapons that are still being used today.

A vile Soviet state killer with the blood of more than 10,000 people on his hands has been unmasked by a Russian researcher.

An enduring air of mystery surrounds the towering cross emblazoned with a swastika in a cemetery near the remote Brazilian jungle outpost of Laranjal do Jari.

"The firestorm was so strong that it turned streets into wind tunnels. I saw roofs flying through the sky; it was like a film, like science fiction, but real."


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