Between the months of April and May, the German capital Berlin saw more than 100,000 rape cases according to hospital reports, while East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia saw more than 1.4 million rape cases.

The first German book about British aristocrat and Adolf Hitler fan Unity Valkyrie Mitford reveals that the Führer was so obsessed with her that he met her 140 times while in the middle of preparing for World War Two.

Swapping stockings for kisses and teaching girls how to jive, American GIs were meant to be a welcome ray of sunshine in war-torn Europe. But a new book has revealed the dark side of Europe’s liberation after the Second World War.

From the father of National Socialism to the Doctor of Auschwitz, Paraguay has sheltered some well-know ex-NSDAP member.

This story begins with a dive into history, at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

War trophies don’t come much more imposing than the solid bronze statue that once adorned the prow of the Graf Spee, a notorious battleship that sank numerous Allied merchant vessels. 

A secret bunker has been discovered deep in the Argentinian jungle that was likely built by the germans in case they lost the Second World War.

The people of Riga, Latvia, joyfully welcome German troops as liberators from Soviet oppression, July 1, 1941. From the weekly German wartime newsreel, “Deutsche Wochenschau.”

Much of Doctor Mengele's life remains a mystery. After the fall of the Reich, Mengele reportedly fled to Buenos Aires where he is believed to have lived for a decade.

The study, which was recently published in Science, sheds entirely new light on who we are as Europeans.

Most people are familiar with the famous mushroom-shaped cloud picture which shows the famous atomic bomb dropping on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945. But what if Germany also had produced its own smaller-scale mushroom cloud a year earlier in the fall of 1944?

When Adolf Hitler's armies were advancing across France in 1940, the Canadian government put out a story that German troops were damaging the memorial at Vimy Ridge.

The wrecks of a German U-boat and a merchant vessel it sank in the Battle of the Atlantic have been found 30 miles (48 km) off North Carolina in 2014.

A criminal forensics case more than a hundred years old has at long last been solved using the latest DNA analysis techniques and technology, ending the speculation surrounding the identity of Britain’s most vile serial murderer. 

It’s a sizzling July day at Kure Beach. Kids in bathing suits walk barefoot along Fort Fisher Boulevard; moms and dads lug lawn chairs to the sand...

Ben Bernanke has had his finger on the pulse of macroeconomic convulsions, and many have called him the man who “doctored” the financial crisis of 2008, and brought the American economy back into good graces.

Still wearing their boots and helmets, and carrying their weapons, the bodies of German soldiers who died in the Battle of the Seelow Heights have finally been unearthed.

Look at this amazing find that has just been recovered from the river Pilica in central Poland.

A group of Indonesian archeologists has discovered what is believed to be the wreck of a German U-boat.

A WW2 labyrinth of underground tunnels believed to have been used to develop a nuclear bomb has been uncovered.


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