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The ongoing Third World invasion of Britain will cause the “th” sound to vanish completely from the English language in London by the year 2066, linguistic experts have claimed.

(The New Observer)

There are so many Third Worlders in Britain’s capital who struggle to pronounce interdental consonants—the technical term for the “th” sound—that it will be replaced by a “f,” “d,” or “v” sound.

According to Dr. Dominic Watt, a sociolinguistics expert from the University of York, because London is the “linguistically most influential city in the English-speaking world, we can expect to see significant changes between now and the middle of the century.”

“The major changes in the way we speak over the next 50 years will involve a simplification of the sound structure of words; they’ll become shorter,” he said.

The destruction of traditional English was started with the mass Third World invasion of east London, which effectively exterminated the famous “cockney” English dialect.

East London is now majority nonwhite, and the cockney people—white Britons born within earshot of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow Church, Cheapside—have long since been ethnically cleansed out of the area.

As a result, what is now officially called “Multicultural London English,” or MLE, is now the dominant language in the area, described as being “heavily influenced by Caribbean, West African, and Asian Communities.”

Now, the next step in the ethnic cleansing of white people from London is to take place, as exemplified by the looming disappearance of the “th” sound, with a report in the Telegraph announcing that “within the next few decades immigration will have fundamentally altered the [English] language.”

The “th” sound is likely to change to be replaced an “f”, “d”, or “v” meaning “mother” will be pronounced “muvver” and “thick” will be voiced as “fick.”

Other changes likely to become widespread by 2066 include a habit known as “yod dropping” in which the “u” sound is replaced with an “oo”. It means that “duke” becomes “dook”, “news” is pronounced “nooze” and “beauty” changes to “booty.”

Consonant “smushing” is also predicted where two sounds collapse together completely so that “wed” and “red” will soon be indistinguishable.

Likewise the “l” at the end of words will be dropped so that the words “Paul,” “paw” and “pool” all sound the same. Similarly, “text” will lose the final “t” to become “tex.”

The Telegraph reported that “visitors expecting to hear the Queen’s English spoken on the streets of London in 50 years may need to ‘fink’ again.”

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