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Seven nonwhite invader terrorists arrested in the Netherlands after planning a mass shooting and bombing campaign in the country that gave them shelter, had over 100 kilograms of fertilizer stored up for use in car bombings, Dutch police have revealed.

(The New Observer)

According to a report in De Telegraaf newspaper, the fertilizer—suitable for “making a car bomb” was found while premises belonging to the seven nonwhites were searched. The nonwhites, originally from countries as varied as Iraq, Egypt, and Morocco, are all aged between 21 and 34, and were arrested in the cities of Arnhem, Weert, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen and Huissen.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, they wanted to use AK-47s and bombs to carry out “a major terrorist attack on an unnamed event.” They also wanted to detonate a car bomb at the same time.

The group came under surveillance after their online messages came to the attention of the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) last April, when one of the men, an Iraqi living in the city of Arnhem (more famous for a World War II battle), one Hardi N., was detected as being in contact with an ISIS handler.

Hardi N. had been sentenced to prison for 24 months in 2017 for an attempt to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS, but had only served three months thanks to the lax liberal Dutch penal system.

Until his arrest, Hardi N. worked as a “foreigner guardian” in the state’s judicial system. The youngest arrestee was identified as an 18-year-old named Amir. His mother is originally Polish, and his father Egyptian.

Two other arrestees, named as Vadeburg, 26, from Arnhem, and Wail el A., from Rotterdam, were earlier arrested after travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS. They received two and three years in prison sentences but were out on bail pending appeals.

Another arrestee, named as El A., was arrested last year at the Dutch air force base Volkel, where he was working as a gardener. He had been arrested there after being spotted taking photographs of the air force base. The local public prosecutor had however refused to charge him.

The arrestees were in possession of small arms when they were arrested, police confirmed.

The arrests came three months after two other nonwhite invaders were arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of preparing attacks in France and in the Netherlands. Prosecutors said earlier this month they were “close” to launching their attack. The pair staked out and “identified several possible targets” in Rotterdam, including “a police station and the Erasmus Bridge.”

On August 31, an Afghan aged 19 and with a German residence permit stabbed and injured two American tourists at Amsterdam’s busy Centraal Station before being shot.

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