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Nonwhite immigration from outside the EU into the UK has increased by 23 percent since the “Brexit” vote, reaching a record 340,000 in 2018, according to the latest official figures.

(The New Observer)

At the same time, increasing numbers of EU nationals left - underlining the fact that Brexit is harmful to Britain’s racial future, and that the real threat to that nation’s existence comes from the parties controlling Westminster.

According to the latest figures issued by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, over the past year, “627,000 people moved to the UK (immigration) and 345,000 people left the UK (emigration).”

Of this incoming number, 340,000 (or 54 percent) were from outside the EU—and although the ONS did not provide details on country of origin, it is obvious that the vast majority of these “immigrants” are from nonwhite countries in Asia and Africa.

The ONS figures showed that this increasing proportion of nonwhite immigration is a trend that has been steadily increasing since 2016, when the Brexit vote took place.

According to the figures provided by the ONS in is “Figure 3: Non-EU net migration was at its highest level since 2004; Non-EU Long-Term International Migration, UK, year ending December 2008 to year ending September 2018,” data sheets, the number of non-EU immigrants in 2015 stood at 275,000. In 2016, this figure rose to 294,000, and in 2017, it rose once again to 326,000. The latest figures—calculated as of September 2018, stood at 340,000—which translates to a 23.16 percent increase since 2015.

As the official ONS statement said: “non-EU net migration was the highest since 2004; this follows a gradual increase in immigration of non-EU citizens over the past five years for both work and study.”

The “number of EU citizens coming to the UK continues to add to the population; however, EU net migration has fallen to a level last seen in 2009 due mainly to a decrease in EU immigration,” the ONS added, saying that “more EU8 citizens, those from the Central and Eastern European countries, left the UK than arrived, as the numbers arriving fell and the numbers leaving increased.”

“Non-EU immigration gradually increased over the last five years, to an estimated 340,000 in the year ending September 2018. This increase was driven by increases in migration for both work and study,” the report continued.

UK Immigration minister Caroline Nokes told the BBC that the UK was continuing to attract and retain highly skilled workers, including doctors and nurses, but was “committed to controlled and sustainable migration.”

A report in The Telegraph newspaper from 2017 announced that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) was hiring “5,000 nurses from India and the Philippines” following a “sharp drop in the number of nurses coming to work in Britain from the EU.”

In addition, the report said, the NHS “has already embarked on efforts to find 5,000 GPs [general practitioners] from overseas in an attempt to address growing shortages of family doctors.”

All of these facts underline the fact that the real threat to Britain’s existence comes from the race-denying parties in Westminster, and that the EU/Brussels threat is actually a side-show in the ongoing destruction of white Western civilization—and that the fake “little Englander” mentality which drives the anti-EU bandwagon has failed to understand the true dimensions of the issues at hand.

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