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An Iraqi who claimed to be a “refugee” in Germany and said that he fled “for fear of his life” fled back to his home country after raping and murdering a 14-year-old Jewess in Germany, a court in Wiesbaden was told - revealing the full extent of the “asylum” hoax that the nonwhite invaders are perpetrating across Europe.

(The New Observer)

The court case—which is only receiving international prominence because the victim was a Jewess (as opposed to the hundreds of other rape and murder victims in Germany, all victims of the mass nonwhite invasion which started in 2015)—has seen Ali Bashar admit to murdering Susanna Feldman, but he has denied raping her.

“Everything went black and then it happened,” Bashar said through an interpreter. “I don’t know how it could have happened.”

Bashar, who “fled from Iraq” with his family in 2015, insisted that he and the 14-year-old had consensual sex before he murdered her.

Prosecutors allege that the nonwhite forced the girl to have sex with him and then killed her after she threatened to go to the police. Afterward, according to prosecutors, he and an unknown accomplice buried her body before he allegedly used her phone to text her mother that she was in Paris.

When her remains were found two weeks later, Bashar and his family had “left” Germany for Iraq.

A verdict in the trial is not expected until May. Bashar faces life imprisonment if found guilty and could be deported back to Iraq, though he will likely serve half of a prison sentence in Germany. He also faces a separate trial from March 19 where he has been charged with twice raping an 11-year-old girl.

Bashar’s application for “asylum” in Germany was rejected in 2016. As is standard for such cases, he filed an appeal against the decision and was given “tolerated” status in Germany pending the resolution of his case. It was while on this “tolerated” status that he “fled” back to Iraq, which he had earlier claimed was “unsafe.”

The fact that Bashar could so easily travel between Iraq and Germany at will reveals the full extent of the “asylum” hoax which he and millions of nonwhites are perpetrating: in reality, there is no reason at all for any of them to claim “asylum” in Europe (or America) and all they are doing is invading those white countries in the belief that they can “make a better life” there than in their own countries.

Of course, the reality is that that their home countries are merely a reflection of the nature and ability of their populations, and once enough of those people “flee” to white nations, all that will happen is that the latter states will also eventually look like the nations from which the nonwhites are fleeing.