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Independent journalist and freedom fighter Katerina Janouch wrote a short introduction for an article in her own online magazine “Katerina Magasin”.

(Voice of Europe)

The article, written by another Swedish writer – Madeleine Rönnqvist Lilja, is about the British freedom fighter Tommy Robinson.

In her text, Katerina wrote: “Defending freedom of expression when you agree is a breeze, but if we are to have any freedom of speech worth mentioning, it must also be defended when it is challenged and not all agree.”

She then pointed out that it “may be your turn next”.

And Swedish Facebook took Katerina at her word and suspended her.

Their actions cannot be interpreted in any other way than as a clear signal against freedom of expression – and in particular against the idea that we should accept the views of others even if we disagree with them.

In a comment on the suspension, Katerina writes: “Seven days of suspension was the result when I published an article about the British free speech hero Tommy Robinson on Facebook.

The article was published on March 10, but I was suspended now, twelve days later. Perhaps a censorship committee was needed to conclude that the content was so offensive that it violated Facebook’s community standards?

There is also a threatening tone in which it is pointed out that I can be further penalised if I dare publish something equally inappropriate again.
Madeleine’s article is about freedom of speech, and that all opinions, even the ones we disagree with should be allowed, without the person stating them being threatened and harassed and called a dissident.

“Tommy Robinson’s issue is ours”, was my headline and what do you know, sooner than I could imagine Tommy Robinson’s issue was mine.

Which people can we write about on Facebook? Perhaps the powerful social media platform should provide a list of which individuals we cannot mention by name.

If someone previously doubted that freedom of expression is under attack, this is clear proof that that is the case.

I wish I could write “see you on Facebook in a week” but at the moment I don’t know if I want to come back.

Please continue reading Katerina Magasin! And spread the links. My own platform, no one can take away from me – at least not yet.”

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