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We are currently facing a massive “surge” of an unbelievably deadly virus, which explains the piles of dead bodies rotting in the streets, the massive popular demand for a vaccine and our Semitic elites wearing hazmat suits and isolating themselves as much as possible.

If you don’t take a syringe full of poison, humanity is going to die off. Then you can have your “covi-pass,” you contemptible slave. Show everyone what a good little goy you are by displaying proof of taking the moron needle, as if your dead eyes and gaping, drooling mouth isn’t evidence enough that you got the kosher pacification. Faced with such a staggering crisis of survival, it’s not surprising that politics have suddenly taken a back seat, which is a shame because an extremely important election with far-reaching consequences just occurred. Of course, I’m referring to the amazing victory of Literal Hitler in the African Heart of Darkness.

A Namibian politician named after Adolf Hitler says he has no plans for world domination after winning a sweeping victory in local elections. 

That awkward feeling when the Namibian all against all can hold an orderly and honest election but my dead sodomite country can’t.

Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected last week as councillor for the Ompundja constituency.

Make Ompundja Great Again. We have the best root wizards, am I right? You’re going to get so many albino amulets you might actually get tired of being defended from witchcraft. 

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, he insisted he had “nothing to do” with Nazi ideology.

This moronic animal is clearly “our guy” and just playing 77 dimensional chess with the lamestream media. The mass deportation of illegal Zambians is going to start any day now, just trust the plan.

Adolf, like other Germanic first names, is not uncommon in the country, which was once a German colony. 

In a few more years there will be more Germanic first names in Namibia than in Germany.

He was elected for the ruling Swapo party, which led the campaign against colonial and white-minority rule. 

Right now our main issue is “Down with Whites!” In ten years it will be “Come back, Whites!” 

Mr Uunona admitted that his father had named him after the Nazi leader, but said “he probably didn’t understand what Adolf Hitler stood for.”

Considering its 60 I.Q. and citizenship in a pathetic failed state, I believe this is true.

“It wasn’t until I was growing up that I realised: This man wanted to subjugate the whole world,” he said, adding. “I have nothing to do with any of these things.”

Dat hitter bee tryin two sub-juh-gayt duh fuggin whirl an sheeet. Anyone who believes this is either a Negro dullard living in mud world hell or a White coward.

The German Empire killed thousands of people during a 1904-08 revolt by local Nama, Herero and San people, in what some historians have called “the forgotten genocide.” 

The precious thousands of living fossils lost. If you’re defending yourself from a tribal revolt I’m not sure how that qualifies as a “genocide.” On the other hand, Whites are bad, so you don’t really need to explain yourself. 

Earlier this year, Namibia turned down a €10m ($12; £9m) offer by Germany for reparations, saying it would continue to negotiate for a “revised offer”.

Modern Germany truly has become the brown animal’s bitch.

The centre-left Swapo party arose from Namibia’s independence movement and has ruled the country since 1990.

Wow. I didn’t know that one.

But support for the party has fallen following bribery allegations over the fishing industry.

Our “Mud and Sticks Plan” of pouring 500 billion rands into this gaping fissure is sure to get the “African-African” off the “Swapo” plantation. Inside every dark savage is a good little conservative “Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters” voter, they just don’t know it yet.

Source: National Vanguard

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