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It’s not a felony to enter the United States illegally — for that you get a green card with all the fixings — but it is (technically at any rate) a felony to be deported and then re-enter the United States.

But if a Vietnamese judge gets her way, and you know she will, no more! You see, those men who crafted that law once used a word like wetback and those men who crafted that law that the law was based on once deemed that dark-skinned defectives had no business being in the land of free Whites. So the Vietnamese judge from her perch in a Jewish Federal District Court has decreed that therefore that law was “tainted” and must be struck down. It’s “unconstitutional,” you see, because the heroism of those law crafters has now been deemed to be a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, the one that was “passed” after over half a million White men were killed to free Negroes, and millions more White men were disenfranchised and placed under a brutal occupation government. It must be struck down because it has a “disparate impact” on those who violate it — almost all non-Whites.

“Disparate Impact,” in case you don’t know, is when White people try to defend themselves — and the Blacks and the Browns cry foul, and Jews stop it cold.

Rule by the alleged 14th Amendment is Jew rule, no more and no less.

Back in the early 1930s Madison Grant sounded the alarm bell in the night about the scandalously open nature of our long southern border. For his trouble, most people looked at him like he had three eyes.

And now a Vietnamese judge says “them old White guys very very bad.”

She’s fresh off the boat, but she’s got the power. It’s a tragedy that this cur is allowed to lecture us on what it means to be an American. So the Vietnamese judge has gone and killed America — and so far there’s nothing we can do. Of course, it should be a felony to enter our country illegally the first time. It should be a felony to enter the United States while not being White. And it should be a felony to make “rulings” contrary to the interests of the White race. But that’s another story.

* * *

On the off chance that you recently crawled out from under a rock, it’s important to know that recently the United States government began bringing in untold number of Afghan boy rapists to live near your sons and pound yet more nails in our coffin. If our leaders wanted to heap our our funeral pyre higher, they wouldn’t do a thing different, and that is what they want. And for those old enough to remember the day before yesterday this is just like back in the 1970s when we covered ourselves in infamy in that crazy Asian war and too many White men did (what they thought was) their patriotic chore. And the criminal nimrods who botched that one also subsequently imported hundreds of thousands of spreaders of the yellow peril. That is: In exchange for our honor and dignity we got a pile of invading Yellow tribes who hate us.

A huge number of these Vietnamese live in a small city called Westminster, California. You’d think that a city with a name with the resonance of royal British blood would be all White. Well, it was not too long ago — but now it’s Little Saigon. The Yellow tribesmen and haters of Whites came pouring in, and the government gave them easy loans that White people would never have gotten, and now they serve dog on a platter, speak their horrific mind-grating dog language, operate nail salons, and sell knock-off Gucci bags. In every strip mall they infest, you can see a sign that reads: “lawyer — immigration.”

At some point in the late 20th century, uber-dweeb and neo-liberal George Will waxed eloquent about how great a thing it was that these invaders were brought in in the 1970s and by the 1980s, all across southern California, high school valedictorians were Vietnamese. This swelled his America-as-an-idea heart — and it is true that it takes an exceptional nation to commit ritual suicide.

But nearly fifty years on from this invasion, the bill is really coming due.

A lady from Saigon is killing us.

* * *

In 1924 America passed an immigration law which made Adolf Hitler stand up and take awed notice. It was meant to keep America White. They strengthened the law in 1929 to make it even more White and then they re-ratified it in 1952 to keep it White again.

Those old guys knew a thing or two.

But now a Vietnamese judge says our guys were “wrong.” And so she has killed us.

Sure glad we brought in those refugees.

Miranda Du (the creature in question) was appointed to the federal bench by the gay Mulatto Barack Obama. Jew David Brooks once went orgasmic over the exquisite crease in Obama’s pants, but that’s not surprising given that Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.”

Miranda Du was born in Ca Mau, Vietnam in 1969. During the Vietnam War her father had been a supporter of the US-backed Army of the Republic of Vietnam. The family left to seek asylum when Du was nine years old, fleeing the country by boat. Du’s family spent nearly a year in Malaysian refugee camps before before being granted asylum in the United States, being sponsored by a family in Winfield, Alabama.

She’s now a judge in a federal district court in Nevada, and her word is the law. (Every single step on that journey should be a felony too.)

And so the bill comes due.

Still the stupid country.

We might as well have thrown live pythons into the nursery where the White children are playing.

A federal judge (Du) in Nevada has ruled that a nearly 70-year-old section of law that makes it a felony to re-enter the US after being deported is unconstitutional, saying it was enacted with discriminatory intent against Latinos and therefore violates the Equal Protection Clause.

Judge Miranda Du issued an order on Wednesday dismissing a case against Gustavo Carrillo-Lopez, who was indicted last summer for being in the US in spite of being deported in 1999 and 2012. It appears to be the first time a court has made such a decision, even though the statute known as Section 1326 has been under consideration by several district courts.

The Mexican she set free was a drug dealer, wife beater, was found with multiple firearms, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin intended for distribution. He had been deported twice, in 2009 and 2012, but kept coming back.

America finally got him on a felony beef but the anti-White judge said that was “racism.”

This has been brewing for some time. The Jews have been stirring the melting pot since forever and know the poisonous stew is bubbling over.

“Because Carrillo-Lopez has established that Section 1326 was enacted with a discriminatory purpose and that the law has a disparate impact on Latinx persons, and the government fails to show that Section 1326 would have been enacted absent racial animus the Court will grant the Motion.”

Yes, you heard that correctly. A federal judge in an American courtroom blithely uses the term Latinx like it’s totally normal, defining deviancy further down. We here at the National Alliance call them invaders, vermin, Mestizos, Amerindians.

Left-leaning groups have asserted that the Trump administration had weaponized Section 1326 and other decades-old immigration laws as part of their zero tolerance immigration strategy.

In this context, weaponized means “actually enforced.”

Julian Castro, a former Democratic presidential candidate and secretary of the Housing and Urban Development Administration, tweeted that “this law has an incredibly racist history. I doubt the Biden DOJ will want to defend it in the appellate court.”

Oh you know they won’t. They’re whooping and hollering it up in the White House over this “loss.” Whites have declined in absolute numbers, haven’t you heard? And now a judge, a former “refugee” herself, so she knows all about invasion, has greased the skids for more White decline. So they’ll let it stand. Now any greaser can come and go across our border as they please and get, at most, the equivalent of a parking ticket, though he’s more likely to get his ticket punched to the great El Norte with all of its vast riches and privileges. They’ll make themselves right at home in the Estados Unidos.

Until five minutes ago it was a crime for persons to enter, re-enter, or attempt to enter the US if they had previously been denied admission to the US, been removed, deported, or excluded from the US or left the US under an order of removal or deportation order.

That’s ancient history now; it’s old school thinking.

According to Scotus Blog more than 25,000 people were charged under the re-entry statute in the 2019 fiscal year, or roughly 30 percent of all federal criminal cases.

Heading to zero.

The order notes that the law has a disparate impact on Latinos, noting that 87% of people apprehended at the border in 2010 were of Mexican descent.

This bit of Jew logic is rich. Mexicans do all the border hopping so when we catch the border hoppers they are all Mexicans — so we must be discriminating against Mexicans. And Blacks do all the robbing and raping, so now I guess they can rob and rape with impunity. Anything else would be — horror of horrors — “disparate impact.” Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Let the assassins commence.

“The federal government’s plenary power over immigration does not give it license to enact racially discriminatory statutes in violation of equal protection.”

Those goddamned nigger amendments. In in the end they’ll be the death of us all.

Du cited the arguments of Kelly Lytle Hernández, a history professor at UCLA, who traced the legislative history of the law to the 1920s, when the government established quotas based on national origin. Hearings on bills during that time included arguments from proponents of eugenics and compared those crafting deportation laws to successful breeders of thoroughbred horses.

Looks like the dark Yellow judge got a boost from a dark Brown historian.

One look at Kelly Lytle Hernandez and you’ll peg her as one of those Mulattos who have always caused us so much trouble. She’s burrowed her way into one of the “great” public universities in America and she won’t let Americans forget how horrible she thinks they are. Along the way there was not even a quiet “thank you” for all we have (stupidly) done for her.

Kelly Lytle Hernández is a Professor and Thomas E. Lifka Chair of History at UCLA and is the author of several books. She received a MacArthur Fellowship in 2019. Her first book, Migra! A History of the US Border Patrol, was about Mexican immigration to the United States. Hernandez was awarded the Clements Prize for it in 2010. She is a distinguished lecturer for the Organization of American Historians. She is also an elected member of the Society of American Historians and the Pulitzer Prize Board.

The ruling class certainly showers this cretin with a lot of awards for doing their dirty work.

So what this mixed-race enemy of our people did is discover that Kenneth Roberts once said bad things about the Jews. She discovered that Charles Davenport once wrote that his ancestors drove the Baptists into Rhode Island and burned witches, but there is no place to drive to the Jews to and popular feeling will no longer let us burn anyone. She found out that when the 1924 Immigration Act was passed, Madison Grand exulted that we have finally rid ourselves of the Jews. So, of course, the entire edifice that was built on the 1924 Immigration Act must come crumbling down. And in the Vietnamese judge she had not only a receptive audience but a person invested with the authority to do something abut it.

“The evidence clearly indicates, as both parties and other district courts agree, that the Act of 1929 was passed during a time when nativism and eugenics were widely accepted, both in the country at large and by Congress, and that these racist theories ultimately fueled the Act’s passage.”

By that argument, they can strike down thousands of existing laws any time they want to.

While the actual law in question was enacted in 1952, Du says that much of the provisions of the earlier 1929 law persisted in the measure passed two decades later, without substantial efforts from Congress to address the origins. She says Congress in 1952 overrode a veto from President Harry Truman in which the president said he was concerned the latest immigration act perpetuates injustices of the past.

She also pointed to correspondence from the bill’s supporters in the early 1950s — including from the deputy attorney general at the time who used the racial epithet wetback — in rejecting arguments that the law was rooted in economic or national security concerns.

So we have the nightmare scenario. Our ancestors took their charge seriously, and promulgated a law that would forever keep America White. In the 1930s, Lothrop Stoddard was ecstatic with the success of the law and said that no one could envision it being overturned. But lo, these many years which have passed have delivered unto us a viper. All those years ago we imported a snake into our grass who from a bench in one of our courts says that the law was “racially motivated” (of course it was, that’s what was great about it) so the law itself, and all of its derivatives, “must be struck down.”

Now, no matter how many times you cross our border, we can no longer issue you a felony warrant. We can really issue you no warrant at all, unless you count one that comes out of a Crackerjack box.

The greatest crime of all has been forever decriminalized.

And recall that the retroactive criminalization of the past is the surest signpost of a revolutionary dictatorship.

By this logic, the very existence of the border — which by definition is meant to keep out foreigners, and the vast majority of those foreigners are not White — is a crime. So, by definition, all our borders are illegal and their legal existence must be “struck down.”

It’s where we’re headed.

They are legalizing White genocide.

* * *

Around 1900, a German scholar was asked about the future of Mexico. He said that Mexicans would be absorbed into the United States, and then the United States would collapse.

Most looked on him like he had three eyes.

But our great southern border has remained virtually undefended ever since.

Those old guys knew a thing or two.

We should have listened to them.

Source: National Vanguard

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