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by David Sims

A Black male, Darrell Brooks, age 39, rammed his Ford Escape SUV into a crowd of white people attending a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on 21 November 2021, killing five people immediately and injuring more than 60 others, including 18 children.

One of those injured children (Jackson Sparks, age 8) died on the 25th from injuries sustained during the deliberate collision of Brooks’ SUV with his body, bringing the total dead to six.

Darrell Brooks has a long criminal history, and he is, furthermore, a sex criminal. Brooks was arrested on 2 November 2021 for reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct — he punched his girlfriend in the face — bail jumping, and battery, but he was released after posting a $1000 bond. That is what gave him the opportunity to do mass murder a little over two weeks later.

Darrell Brooks is affiliated with Black Lives Matter and is a supporter of The Five Percent Nation (a black Muslim group) and The Nation of Islam. Members of the former group call themselves “Allah’s Five Percenters,” and they preach that White people are evil devils.

Brooks is also an “aspiring rapper” [aren’t they all?] with the stage name Mathboi Fly. He had a “music” video on YouTube that featured the red SUV he used to murder people in Waukesha, but that video has been deleted by Jewish-run YouTube, which is apparently trying to cover for him.

Likewise, Darrell Brooks had Web sites on a number of social media platforms, which were found and archived before the Big Tech hosts could delete them. The likely reason for the censorship of Brooks’ social media accounts is to prevent the public from learning that his vehicular homicide was an act of anti-White, Islamic-inspired terrorism against innocent White people in Wisconsin. The social media Web sites contained endorsements of Black Lives Matter.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is one of these social media platforms which removed Brooks’ account so that you wouldn’t see his posts, one of which read: “Religion is White Supremacy.”

Now, let’s make a comparison.

James Alex Fields is a young White man who accidentally crashed into the back of a car blocked by Antifa rioters near an intersection in Charlottesville, Virginia, on 12 August 2017. He was looking for a way out of the city, and his mapping software sent him in the wrong direction. The crash happened because Fields was distracted [to put it mildly] from his driving by a large mob of bat-swinging Antifa members, who were chasing his car. After being hit by Fields’ car, the car ahead of him moved forward and struck a third car which hit Heather Heyer, causing her to have a heart attack. She died. For this, perhaps Fields should have been convicted of manslaughter. The lying “mainstream” media, controlled by the Jewish minority, tarred Fields as a “racist hater” and presented his accidental homicide as an intentional act. A corrupt jury found him guilty of first degree murder. A corrupt judge sentenced Fields to life plus 419 years.

Now, Darrell Brooks apparently did commit an intentional vehicular attack on innocent people. But Brooks is Black, and the people he hit with his SUV were White. He injured more than 60 people, including 18 children. Six people have died, one of them a child. Since our justice system is corrupt and treats White people as second-class citizens, there is just no way that Brooks is going to be punished as severely as he deserves.

If we were to imagine that justice were fair with respect to race, then what sentence would be appropriate for Brooks, if or when he is convicted? Six times as many people died at Brooks’ hands than at Fields’. Brooks’ act was intentional, whereas Fields’ act was accidental. James Fields turned himself in to police, whereas Brooks tried to flee the scene.

The answer is this: There is no possible punishment that can be inflicted on Darrell Brooks that can match what he deserves, if we go by the same scale of penalties that were used for James Alex Fields. Life in prison wouldn’t be enough to punish Brooks. The death penalty wouldn’t be enough. Perhaps an eternity in Hell would be adequate, barely, but I’m an atheist, and I don’t believe in Hell.

The Jew-controlled mainstream media have begun spinning the predictable false narrative: MSNBC, for example, actually described Darrell Brooks’ actions as an “accident.”

You might not be able to find video showing this mass murder on YouTube because YouTube would be a collaborator in building the false narrative that this was some sort of “accident.”

I found a video of part of what happened, made by someone with a smartphone.

Warning: All of these videos are graphic and should not be viewed by young children or sensitive persons.

This video shows Darrell Brooks’ running over part of the marching band and some of the people lining the streets who were watching the band go by. Obviously, this isn’t an accident.

Here’s another, similar video. Behold, the vehicular mass murder that MSNBC called an “accident.”

Most of Brooks’ victims in the vehicular attack were either elderly women or children. Brooks targeted a group called “the dancing grannies” as he approached the parade.

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